12 Fun Coding Apps for Kids

Coding Apps for KidsCoding Apps for Kids

Coding Apps for Kids

Coding apps for kids have become the easiest way to teach programming. These application programs are easy to use and enable children to learn to code before reading.

For kids, coding is fun and imaginative with these applications. What makes such coding applications so effective is that they are accessible to children.

In addition, these applications enable simple steps to learn programming skills.

Codification teaches not only technical skills but also leads young people towards creative thinking and logic.

These coding applications teach troubleshooting, patience, creativity. And persistence through puzzles, riddles, and challenges.

These applications will allow your children to take their first steps into the coding world.

Why is it Important for Children to Encode?

It has become almost essential to learn how to code in today’s world, and it probably will be vital in tomorrow’s world.

Programming is one of the most popular skills in nearly all industries, with the most experienced coders winning the roles.

Code learning is a practical skill for children that learn from trial and error, meaning that the early they start, the better they will be in the field.

Therefore, it makes only sense to learn to code at a young age. And helping your kids learn to do code is the best thing you can do as a parent to support your child’s future.

Fortunately, there are abundant coding apps for children, and you have no shortage of instruments to support them.

Many great code-coding apps for children are available for most Apple and Android smartphones devices.

Children can enjoy free and paid coding for games, solve problems, practice logical thinking, and develop vital skills for the world of tomorrow.

Coding Apps for Kids - Why is coding important for kids

Coding Apps for Kids – Why is coding important for kids

Coding Apps for Kids – Here is the list!

  • Daisy the Dinosaur
  • Lightbot
  • Box Island
  • Box Island
  • Algorithm City
  • Mimo
  • Coding Safari
  • Code Spark Academy
  • Code Spark
  • mBlock
  • Hopscotch
  • Spritebox
  • Cargo-Bot

Let discuss each of these 12 coding apps for kids one by one.

1. Daisy the Dinosaur

This is a free iPad and iPhone programming app. It is made specifically for children aged 4-7, making it perfect for younger students.

It’s a great choice for children. The same team that developed Hopscotch, another coding application for children, has developed the Daisy application.

You will find Daisy useful because this app has all the essential features that are a must for beginners.

Daisy, the dinosaur, provides the world of programming for young students in the most comprehensive and easiest understanding.

It uses functions such as conditionals and loops without making the child memorize its names and understand the logic of how to use them.

The Daisy is made by drag-and-drop commands to jump, move, or dance.

2. Lightbot

Lightbot is not a free application, but it is worth it for those who want advanced options. This app has two versions: a $2.33 Android version and a $2.99 iOS version.

The app is ideal for children and young people between 4 and 13 years of age.

Lightbot is one of the most demanding programming applications, so it is best used for fast students or those already at an advanced level.

The app starts with more handy levels. But it can be not easy even for adults when a user starts getting to the top. At the start of each level, users receive brief instructions on what to do.

3. Box Island

Box Island offers necessary programming lessons like many other coding apps accessible for children through a simple and engaging game.

This app separates itself from the high-quality graphics competition that plunges children into a magnificent 3D game world, perfect for children who enjoy or play very graphic games.

This app feels almost like a video game with its use of narrative gameplay. The children can monitor the sequences using loops and conditions.

Box Island is certainly an app worth checking out, winning many awards and earning high praise.

4. Algorithm City

The Algorithm City is a 3D model game in which children have to choose an animal. It teaches children to code in a very entertaining and playful way.

The concept of the game is to collect gold by making the character solve problems.

The child can learn coding concepts like function, loops, sequence, and other basic and advanced concepts in this game. You can install it on the Android platform for free.

5. Mimo

Mimo is an application that supports children in the development of an IOS app. In this app, children can learn computer programming through numerous lessons.

In addition, children can also learn various languages such as Javascript, HTML, and SWIFT. The app includes many courses with interactivity-based learning.

6. Coding Safari

This app has a fantastic approach to educating children from 2 to 10 years.

It leads to coding learning by getting the children to learn the basics of coding, such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

This coding app drives a child to think logically and rationally while resolving problems and learning to code.

7. Code Spark Academy

This award-winning application helps children with language fundamentals through various interactive activities.

The app offers different puzzles, games, and step-by-step creative projects with several endearing characters.

This coding app for kids is a game that is ideal for children aged 4 to 9. In addition, it assists kids in difficult programming language concepts and makes them code their projects.

Everyday work changes based on your child’s progress, and you can rest assured that kids’ brains stimulate with new challenges. If it’s not a great option, you can feel sure that the app has no ads.

8. Code Spark

Code Spark is another great app for children to learn code. Coding for children is fun with the game interface, and they don’t even recognize they are learning.

Children learn to code with a lovely character called “The Foos.”

Every world explores a fundamental concept of coding where children use logical thinking and problem solving to help the children achieve the task.

The app enables young thinkers to learn to create stories and games of their own.

Pre-readers can easily start coding before learning how to play with the word-free design. The puzzles, which were carefully designed, enable children to learn and develop without the adult’s help.

The open play area allows children to code and shares their games with the children’s coders.

Children can also use custom voice recordings and photos as a code in interactive stories.

9. mBlock

This app is based on STEAM programming software designed to teach students how to code.

It is based on the well-known Scratch 3.0 and Arduino languages and supports block and text-based programming.

With mBlock, kids can create robots that do nearly everything they want, and secondly, mBlock is a coding app for kids that is built to create fun animation and games.

10. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is one of the most popular coding applications for children because it uses both STEM and art.

It is very versatile with numerous story-making options using characters, designs, and pictures. This application is perfect for creative students.

Hopscotch rewards children for learning coding logic without concentrating on boring bits. It uses a visually stimulating and engaging drag-and-drop interface.

11. Spritebox

In the 2D Super Mario, Spritebox is an advanced coding app that gradually teaches children real code.

Children change from drag and drop to syntax on various levels and challenges, from quite basic to very advanced.

In contrast to many applications on this list, the Spritebox follows a lively narrative adventure that keeps children interested.

12. Cargo-Bot

Lastly, the cargo bot is a free coding app for Android and iOS devices. Suitable for the child aged 9 and over. This application specializes in the challenge of puzzles.

And also include a robotic arm programmed for various tasks, moving colored boxes to create specific designs or patterns.

Initially, Cargo-Bot was built on an iPad using a coding app called Codea based on touch. Codea, on the other hand, is based on the programming Lua.

Coding Apps for Kids - The List of Apps

Coding Apps for Kids – The List of Apps

Final Words

Coding apps for kids are applications to enrich and engage children of all ages. Encouraging kids to get grips with the concept of code earlier can help them become self-sufficient and capable in the future.

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