12 Best Gaming Headset for Kids 

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How to Choose the Best Kids Gaming Headsets

Kids love gaming headsets because headsets give kids the freedom to engage in creative entertainment without limitations.

Gaming headsets for kids are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the growing interest in gaming across all age groups.

Key features to look for in gaming headsets for kids include comfort, balanced sound, volume limiting for hearing protection, sound clarity, noise cancellation, and value for money. Kids love gaming headsets!

The List of Best Gaming Headsets for Kids

Kids have an exceptional craze for playing games, listening to music, or watching their favorite TV programs. To enhance their entertainment time, choosing the best accessories would be a plus.

Let’s round up the list of the best gaming headsets for kids to make it easy for you.

Kids HeadsetsAudio DriversAudio Compatibility Weight
Frequency ResponseWirelessMic
KOTION G900040mm neodymiumPC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, VR, Mobile
Column, Laptops
330g / 11.6oz15Hz-20KHznoyes
SteelSeries Arctis 340mm neodymiumPC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, VR, Mobile294.8g20Hz-20KHznoyes
Bengoo G900040mm magnetic neodymium PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, VR, Mobile272.1g15Hz-20KHznoyes
NUBWO N7Dual 50mmPC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, VR, Mobile400g20Hz-20KHznoyes
RUNMUS K850mmPC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, VR, Mobile300g20Hz-20KHznoyes
Beexcellent GM-140mm magnetic neodymiumPC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, VR, Mobile430.9g15Hz-20KHznoyes
Riwbox CT-7S40mm neodymiumPC, Laptop, Mac, Mobile, Kindle210g20Hz-20KHzyesyes
Simolio Bluetooth Headphones40mm neodymium PC, Mac, iPad, Smartphone, Kindle, Laptop187g15Hz-20KHzyesyes
SOMIC G951S Stereo 40mm neodymium PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Smartphones, & Tablets499 grams20Hz-22Khznoyes
VANKYO CM700050mm large PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Gamecube, Nintendo, Smartphones, & Tablets612 grams20Hz-20Khznoyes
Beexcellent GM-3BB40mm neodymium PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Smartphones, & Tablets544 grams20Hz-20Khznoyes
ZIUMIER Z-66 Gaming Headset50mm neodymium magneticPS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Smartphones, & Tablets300 grams20Hz-20Khznoyes

There is a reason why this one is the most popular among kids. PuroGamer gaming over-ear headset is safer and has a mic, dynamic sound, and noise-canceling feature.

Compatible with all major gaming consoles, computer operating systems, and mobile devices.

1. KOTION G9000

Best headset for kids - KOTION G9000

Best headset for kids – KOTION G9000

Nothing can match kids’ passion for good sound clarity while playing their favorite games. And this is what you get in KOTION G9000, the over-ear gaming headset with LED lights to enhance kids’ gaming time.

The headset is all-platform compatible, which means your kid can enjoy gaming on Xbox One, PC, laptop, iPad, mobile, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

These professional-grade gaming headsets have an adjustable headband that comfortably fits kids’ heads.

The head beam pad is made of a breathable memory foam pad to enjoy prolonged gaming hours.


120 degrees flexible mic with great sensitivity

All platform compatibility to support Xbox One, Nintendo, PlayStation, PC, & mobile

Strong bass for crisp sound clarity and quality

In-line controller to adjust volume and one-key mute

Lightweight and skin-friendly ear cushions for maximum comfort

Durable and adjustable headband to fit different head sizes

2. SteelSeries Arctis 3

SteelSeries Arcits 3

SteelSeries Arcits 3

A bit pricey but the best in this category, SteelSeries Arctis 3 is the world-class choice. Designed for sound and comfort, the headset is the ultimate option for playing games on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones.

When choosing electronics for kids, it’s important to remember comfort and durability. This is why SteelSeries Arctis headsets are our top choice for kids.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 has a ClearCast microphone, considered the best for gaming. The mic delivers premium sound clarity with background noise cancellation.

The gear can be easily connected with a 3.5mm detachable cable. The audio drivers provide impressive sound clarity, making it a must-buy for kids.


Compatible with all gaming platforms – Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, & smartphone

Lightweight and durable design for maximum comfort

Built-in audio sharing jack for group gaming

On-ear controls to adjust volume and mute for ease of access

AirWeave ear cushions are made with ultra-lightweight materials to keep ears dry

S1 audio drivers for incredible sound clarity

3. Bengoo

Bengoo is an over-ear headset that used to be popular among shoppers. The advanced innovation in the kids’ headsets industry has gradually lowered the ranking of this model in the competition.

Bengoo may still be a good choice if you are okay with not wearing these headsets for longer than an hour.

Note that for some models, any LED lights may only function when the headset is connected to a device via USB.

These gaming headsets are designed with adjustable headbands to comfortably fit kids’ heads, making them suitable for long gaming sessions. The head beam pad is made of a breathable memory foam pad to enjoy prolonged gaming hours.


Flexible mic with some sensitivity

Compatible with mobile

Mute button

Somewhat comfortable

The headband can be adjusted to fit different head sizes


Best Gaming Headset for Kids - Nubwo n7

Best Gaming Headset for Kids – Nubwo n7

If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable, and multi-platform compatible kids’ gaming headset, NUBWO N7 is the deal for you.

The headset has special tech traits to make your little one’s gaming time magnificent.

This is undoubtedly the best gaming headset for kids, from soft-leather ear cushions to auto-adjust headbands.

The headband is 180 degrees expandable, and the microphone is 120 degrees adjustable to make the most of gaming sessions.

To avoid unwanted background noise, the noise-canceling mic is there to make it a perfect deal.


180 degrees expandable headband for maximum comfort

120 degrees flexible microphone with a noise-canceling feature

Ultra-durability guaranteed with robust material used in construction

In-line audio controls to adjust volume and a one-button mute for ease of access

All-platform compatibility to support Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo, and mobile

Soft and skin-friendly ear cushions for comfort


When you wish to get the best bang for your buck, RUNMUS K8 would be an affordable option in this category.

It comes with highly responsive 50mm audio drivers to make the most of gaming time.

The headset delivers surround sound and powerful bass to ensure the kid enjoys their favorite games to the fullest.

For utmost sound clarity and quality, these headsets have bass surround sound with noise isolation features to let your kid enjoy the most of the gaming session.


Ergonomic design with a self-adjusting padded headband

Lightweight and robust material for extra durability

50mm audio drivers that deliver surround sound

Multi-platform compatibility– Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Mac, & mobile

The noise-canceling headset eliminates unwanted background sound

Quality tested to enhance the gaming experience

6. Beexcellent GM-1

Another outstanding gaming headset for kids, the Beexcellent GM-1, is a wonderful choice and is available at an affordable price.

This headset delivers excellent sound quality with supreme comfort, which makes it the best gaming headset for kids.

It is one of the most comfortable and reliable options at this price. This is one of the professional-grade gaming headsets that deliver 3D sound to hear the footsteps of enemies approaching you.

These are all-platform compatible and connect with multiple gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation, Mac, iPad, tablet, mobile phone, laptop, and PC.


3D gaming sound for a fantastic game experience

Noise-canceling mic with 120 degrees of flexibility

Soft and comfortable ear cushions for all-day gaming

Multi-platform compatible

Lightweight and adjustable headband

7. Riwbox CT-7S Headset for Kids

Best Gaming Headset for Kids - Riwbox CT-7S

Best Gaming Headset for Kids – Riwbox CT-7S

Kids love wireless headphones because they allow them to move freely. Because of its shape and design, this headphone is the kids’ favorite.

Riwbox CT-7S is a cat-ear Bluetooth headphone with powerful speakers and rich bass.

These foldable headphones with LED-embedded lighting are enough to make your kid’s daily life blissful. The LED lights blink and change colors according to the music.

This Riwbox headphone also has a cat carton on the side to add a nice touch. Besides the shape and design, you get quality natural sound and rich bass with balanced audio in these headphones.


40mm speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 for top-notch performance

Cat-ear design with a cat cartoon on the side for complete entertainment

LED embedded lighting theme that changes color with the rhythm

Easy to connect with a smartphone to check battery life and change music

ON/OFF LED Light with simple button controls

Wire and Wireless mode to use headphones as per convenience

Compatible with smartphones, PCs, tablets, and music players

8. Simolio Headphones for Kids

Best Gaming Headset for Kids – Simolio Headphones

This is one of the finest options on the list for kids and toddlers. The Simolio headphones have three-level volume limiters (75db—85db—94db).

These limiters are essential to monitoring high volume levels. They effectively protect the sensitive ears of kids, eliminating the risks of hearing loss.

These wireless (Bluetooth) headphones for kids come with a flexible headband and super-comfy memory foam earmuffs. The adjustable headband has stainless steel strips for extra durability.

The 3.5mm wired cable with a built-in microphone can be connected to the headphones for making calls or playing games.


Up to 15 hours of battery life with a single charge

3-volume limiter levels to monitor volume (75db – 85db – 94db)

Wired/wireless headphones with an in-line and built-in microphone

Two headphones can be added with an additional sharing port

Flexible and comfortable over-ear headband and ear cushioning

Foldable design and shape for easy carrying while traveling

Compatible with smartphones and gaming devices

9. SOMIC G951S Stereo Gaming Headset

SOMIC is emerging as the favorite headphone brand in the market. Many gaming enthusiasts appreciate the SOMIC’s G951S stereo gaming headset’s amazing audio quality.

It comes with 40mm premium high-fidelity speakers, which make these an ideal choice for gaming and music sessions.

G951S is a wired headset with a 3.5mm universal audio jack connector that makes it compatible with most smart devices.

Kids will admire the headphone’s cat-ear shape and ergonomic design. The cat ears are detachable, and the headband is self-adjustable, offering supreme comfort.


Large 40mm audio drivers that produce stereo sound

3600 flexible microphone to adjust accordingly

Super-soft earpads made with skin-friendly leather

Breathable earmuffs for maximum comfort

Detachable cat ear shape

Lightweight earphones with adjustable headband

High-quality surround stereo sound

Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Smartphones, & Tablets via 3.5mm audio jack

10. VANKYO CM7000 Gaming Headset

VANKYO CM7000 Gaming Headset

VANKYO CM7000 Gaming Headset

The CM7000 by VANKYO is probably the best gaming headset to gift your kids this season. This masterpiece delivers incredible sound quality with the 7.1 virtual surround sound and 50mm audio drivers.

The sound effects in these headphones are loud and clear, so you can hear the enemy’s footsteps and gun reloads.

VANKYO’s CM7000 gaming headset has a noise-canceling in-line microphone with buttons to adjust the volume.

The double-padded headbands and breathable earmuffs offer the desired comfort to wear for longer gaming sessions.


Large 50mm audio drivers for crystal clear sound

7.1 virtual surround sound

USB Port and 3.5mm universal jack for enhanced compatibility

Noise-canceling in-line microphone with controller

Double padded adjustable headband with soft earmuffs

3600 adjustable and flexible microphone

Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobiles, Nintendo, & Tablets

USB port and 3.5mm audio jack connector

11. ZIUMIER Z-66 Kids Gaming Headset

ZIUMIER Z-66 Kids Gaming Headset

ZIUMIER Z-66 Kids Gaming Headset

You won’t regret replacing your kid’s gaming headphones with ZIUMIER Z-66.

This headset has brilliant tech specs to make your child’s gaming time more exciting. The RGB LED lighting and ergonomic design of these headphones are the most loved by kids.

It also has a 900 swivel microphone for communicating with other gaming partners during the gaming sessions.

This headset has a lightweight design, flexible headband, and breathable protein ear cups, making it a comfortable kids’ gaming headset for longer gaming sessions.

The wired headphone also has an in-line volume controller and mute button.


50mm neodymium magnet audio drivers

900 swivel noise-canceling microphone with 3600 coverage

Ergonomically designed headset made with lightweight material

Breathable protein earmuffs for all-day comfort

Padded and flexible headband

Multi-platform compatibility with a 3.5mm audio jack

In-line mic controller and On/Off switch

Why headset for kids is important?

Kids love gaming headsets because they offer the freedom to immerse in their gaming and multimedia experiences. Considering how the creativity of kids is directly related to the level of their freedom, giving them space is important.

Children should be encouraged to have fun in their world in moderation. So your choice for the best gaming headset for your kids should be the one that checks the boxes below:

Safety: Wired vs Wireless

Comfort: Protein-based or regular

Reliability: Flexible (bendable)

Fun: Noise-canceling

It’s also important to think ahead when introducing new tech equipment to our kids. There are countless VR (virtual reality) games available for kids.

While you can choose a VR console such as Oculus Rift or Play Station, you can also find cheap VR headsets that work with PCs.

Not all kids are the same regarding sound sensitivity, the shape of the ear, and skin sensitivity. While some kids like certain types of headsets, others may not.

Get your kids a good headset and let them be free while playing games and listening to music.

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