Google’s Push Feature to Bring Chromebooks and Android Together

Google’s Push Feature Bring Apps of Chromebooks and Android Together

Apple’s Handoff feature is quite useful for those who work online. This feature allows users to switch between the devices while working on the same project. That means one can accomplish a task from different devices using this Handoff feature.

You can pick up the task from another device and can finish it up. Now, Google has released kind of the same feature for Android and Chromebook users. The new feature called “Push” has been released which looks quite innovative and useful.

What’s Google’s New “Push” Feature?

The tech giant, Google has been working to provide seamless integration between its devices. The company has a set of apps that lets you work from different devices through easy integration. You can use Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, and other Google Drive items to do so.

What’s Google’s New “Push” Feature
What’s Google’s New “Push” Feature

Now, Google has released a new feature that works similar to Apple’s Handoff feature for Android and Chromebook users. Apple’s Handoff feature was designed to integrate their iPhones and Macbooks. Now, Google has introduced this new Push feature to provide seamless integration between Android and Chromebooks.

Back in February, Google had first introduced this new Push feature along with the Android 12 Preview. Today, 9to5Google has discovered something new to this feature with its newest update. This new Push feature is all set to make its debut for Google Phones and other devices including Google Chromebooks.

The blog clears all the doubts about Google’s new Push feature. According to them, the new Push feature will be available as a separate button on the Android 12 Operating System. This new feature will allow the users to use their Phone’s apps directly on Chromebook.

Google’s Push Feature
Google’s Push Feature

This lets you accomplish your project or ongoing tasks easily by simply switching the devices. You can save a lot of time to turn on the other device and open similar apps etc.

On the other hand, the same Handoff feature will be available as a different codenamed i.e. “Eche” for Android Phones. This makes it easier for the users to mirror apps from Android phones to Chromebooks. What’s disappointing here is the new Push feature won’t be available for all Android devices.

The blog says the new Push feature will be made available exclusively for Google’s phones only. That means the Pixel phones will be the first devices to get this new Push feature to use on their Chromebooks.

The company has stated that this feature will be available initially for Google’s first priority phones i.e. Pixel phones. We will have to wait for the same feature to be available for other Android devices. We believe that this feature will be made available for premium-end Android devices only. More details are awaited.

What are the other ways to open Apps from Phones to Chromebooks?

Basically, there are two different ways with which a user of an Android device can open his mobile apps to a Chromebook. Here we have enlisted all the methods with which you can open apps from your device to a Chromebook.

  1. Open the Recents menu and then click on the Push button on the Android 12 Operating System.
  2. Click on the pop-up notification on Google ChromeOS to mirror the app. This option lets you easily mirror the phone’s apps without touching your phone. Just click on the pop-up notification and that’s all!

What makes the Chromebook users confused about this feature is most ChromeOS-based laptops are able to run the Android apps directly on their Chromebooks without even using a native app. Google needs to rework this feature if they really want to bring something innovative for integrating the Android and Chromebook devices.

Currently, only a few Android apps support Chromebooks. With this new feature, the majority of Android apps will be available to work on Chromebooks. However, the developers of those apps need to work with the new Push notification. They need to add the integration of their apps to work with the Chromebooks through updating them.

When will this new Push Feature be Available?

Google didn’t reveal the release date of their new feature called Push. However, Google may release this feature along with the launch of their new Pixel 6 phone as it was rumored earlier.

If we talk about the previous years, the company holds a product showcase event in October month. So we hope to see this new Push feature in the next month. Time will tell us more about this new feature’s availability.


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