Ultimate Street Photography Guide

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What is Street Photography?

When you hear the term “street photography,” you probably think of a photo of a stranger strolling down the street in a city like London or New York.

While these shots are an important aspect of street photography, the genre is far wider.

Street photography, after all, is about capturing life and human nature openly. It’s a means for you to show your surroundings and how you relate to them as a photographer.

A street photograph does not have to include people as subjects, nor does it need to be taken in a city.

It can be taken virtually anywhere and represent almost anything – as long as it isn’t manipulated or staged.

While technical excellence is always essential in photography, it is not emphasized as much in street photography as is the case in landscape photography.

Shots taken on the street can be blurry or out of focus. Now, let’s take a look at this photography genre in more detail.

Is Street Photography Legal?

Street photography without authorization is prohibited in some areas. In certain regions, it’s outright prohibited. In some areas, photographers may be able to get around the rules.

Street photographers in certain jurisdictions continue to capture candid photographs, but only when obscuring the subject’s face.

For instance, there is no right to privacy in public in the United Kingdom and the United States. This means that you can legally film anyone in public.

Although the meaning of ‘public place’ varies by jurisdiction, it often refers to parks, roads, sidewalks, and the outside sections of common places such as office buildings.

Types of Street Photography

Street Art Photography

Have you ever wandered around your city and been inspired by the art on display? Another type of street photography that can be endlessly inspirational is street art.

Keep in mind that photographing street art or graffiti has its own set of ethics and rules.

Street Fashion Photography

Depending on where you live, there may be particular areas in your city where you can count on seeing people putting on a fashion display on the street.

Many people find street style inspiring, and the way an individual chooses to dress often tells a story about them.

As a result, capturing intriguing street-style looks is a popular segment of street photography.

Street Night Photography

You have a far wider range of subjects when shooting at night than when shooting during the day.

Of course, since you’ll have less light to work with, night street photography demands familiarity with the fundamentals of night photography in general.

Street Portraiture

Street portraiture is an intriguing street photography genre because when people think of portraits, they normally think of a person aware that their photo is being taken.

Since the subject of the shot is usually uninformed, street portrait photography is different from other genres of portrait photography.

Street portrait photography needs an entirely different set of skills than standard portrait photography.

Street Urban Photography

Instead of capturing a single person, your street shots may capture a whole urban landscape.

Learning how to capture street photos in an urban context requires you to spend some time in the location you intend to shoot and be patient with the surroundings.

Street Photography Tips

After Taking the Shot, Keep your Camera Up

Most photographers will lower their arms and let their cameras dangle once they’ve captured an image. This will alert the subject; it’s an obvious indication that you’ve taken their photo.

Therefore, make an effort to change your habits. Don’t drop your arm after you’ve taken a picture. Instead, keep the camera still until the subject has left the scene.

Find A Good Spot and Wait

Find a suitable location; after you’ve found one, sit tight.

You’ll come across many beautiful sites if you shoot while walking; however, you’ll only have a couple of moments to capture the perfect shot. Instead, find a wonderful spot and wait for the perfect moment.

Shoot Anywhere

What are the best places to shoot people on the street? Most amateurs assume that to capture impressive street photos, they need to be in an ‘interesting’ place, such as New York.

But here’s the truth: capturing good street photos doesn’t require you to be in a highly populated city. Photographers at the top of their game can capture stunning photographs virtually anywhere.

Final Thought

After reading our street photography guide, you know how to take fantastic street images. So grab a camera and get out there!

Remember that you don’t need to shoot in flashy places or with top-of-the-line gear. Instead, learn how to observe and simply capture what you see.

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