Wireless Power Harvesting Could Power the Smart Home

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Wireless Power Harvesting

At Consumer Electronics Show 2022, we have noticed the best technologies and futuristic devices to revolutionize the tech industry.

One of the surprising things announced at CES 2022 is a new wireless power harvesting technology. Can we power the smart home with ambient waves, then there is hope for us!

Smart Home Security Devices and Smart Home Automation systems are the talks of the town. Most people want to install reliable security systems and smart cameras to secure their properties.

Smart Home Security Systems are designed to keep our homes safe from different things. We can even keep an eye on things remotely using our smartphones through smart cameras.

Smart Home with Ambient Waves

Smart Home with Ambient Waves

Samsung has showcased a new technology that powers the remote control itself through wireless waves. The remote control doesn’t even require an external battery to operate as it keeps on recharging through the wireless waves.

The company may introduce the same technology on all its television range, which can eliminate the need of using batteries in the remote control to control the television sets.

This could reduce the consumption of batteries at least for Samsung TV users. The same technology may adopt by other manufacturers in the coming future.

This could save you a few bucks as you need not replace the batteries of your TV’s remote control. It will ultimately help the planet as there will be no need for physical batteries.

But can the same techniques apply to other smart home devices such as the smart doorbell, smart security cameras, and all?

If we talk about the waves, we all are covered with different types of electromagnetic waves, such as wireless waves, FM waves, and waves that come from the Television.

What if we can use these electromagnetic waves to recharge our smart home devices? Doesn’t it look amazing?

If we talk about the past, Nikola Tesla had thought about the same by providing power to the cities through wireless transmission.

The same idea is now adopted by Samsung with their new Remote Control that can recharge itself through the Wireless Waves.

At least we are nearby this technology to use on a big scale in the coming years.

A few electronics giants have already started utilizing this thought and now coming up with self-recharging devices or battery-free remoted controls on their remote controls.

What is Wireless Power Harvesting?

Power harvesting is a new technology that could fetch power from electromagnetic waves to fuel different devices.

The transmission provides you with the harvested power which means you can harvest the power through the transmission of the waves.

The power we can pull is minimal, we can utilize the same technology to design self-recharging devices such as remote control and other small equipment.

It does look impossible; however, Wiliot has designed a self-powered computer. Yes, the new full-blown computer can recharge on its own through electromagnetic waves or we can say ambient waves.

The printed stickers are designed to recognize such ambient waves from nearby systems. The stickers can communicate with the signals and this is how the computer system can charge.

The stickers cost you a few bucks only, but it is all worth it as you could recharge the entire computer system without the power outlet or charger.

Atmosic has designed Bluetooth 5 Chips that self-recharges through power ambient.

This technology is utilized by the chipmaker to power the keyboard and eliminate the need for external batteries. The company has been working on its new generation of battery-free Keyboards using ambient waves.

The Ambient Power Technology is adopted by many electronics brands and they have already begun working on their futuristic devices using the same technology.

Since the technology pulls up only minimal power, we have to set up a set of transmitters and receivers at both ends to generate more power to run heavy-power devices.

When will the Wireless Power Harvesting Technology Be Implemented?

Many tech reporters have been questioning the implementation of this ambient wave technology at a larger scale. The technology is limited to powering the remote controls and keyboards only.

Smart Home devices and Smart Home Security Systems require a constant power supply.

We can’t use the ambient waves to recharge these devices as ambient waves fluctuate which couldn’t provide the required power to the smart home devices and smart home security system.

Besides this, the ambient waves have to face many obstacles throughout the journey. There has to be a standard to pass the ambient waves generated by other systems.

The Bottom Line:

We have to wait for a couple of more years to see this Wireless Power Harvesting Technology in real-life to power the Smart Home devices.

The amount of power we get from the ambient waves is not sufficient for smart cameras and other equipment.

The technology is being tested by many manufacturers in their upcoming devices. They will surely come up with positive results to bring battery-less smart home devices in the coming years.

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