What is Wifi 6 Router?

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What is Wifi 6 Router – Overview

In this fast-paced world, what could be worse than a slow internet connection? As the world is switching from the physical to the virtual world, a fast web can prove to be a boon in improving your social and professional life.

Wifi enables people to work, get knowledge, study, connect with people, and whatnot. Hence, having high-speed wifi is becoming essential nowadays.

As per a 2018 survey, more than 87% of people were using home wifi, which has probably increased by now.

Wifi has been around since the late ’90s and was created by the wifi Alliance. A group of wireless network protocols that are based on the IEEE 802.11 network standard.

With each passing year, its features are improving.

What is Wifi 6? How is it Different From Wifi 5?

Most homes have 5 years old wifi connections. With more devices in the house, the speed gets significantly slow.

The wifi alliance recently adopted a more traditional convention for a more simplified version to make it easy to recognize which wifi standard your devices support.

This makes working on the devices comparatively easier and way faster than the previous versions.

Most of the wifi at home or in the workplace was the wifi 5 (802.11ac ) standard. However, wifi 6 is the next generation of this wifi.

The significant difference between wifi 5 and wifi 6 is that it is way faster than wifi 5 and one can connect. It works on more devices simultaneously without slowing it down.

It has an unexceptionally faster connection speed up to 9.6 Gbps, with ultra-smooth streaming.

GenerationTechnology a device supports is
Wifi 5802.11ac
Wifi 6802.11ax

How Fast is Wifi 6 Router?

Another thing to know here is the speed of the wifi 6 router. Let’s check it out below:

  • While it will not be humanly possible to achieve a speed of 9.6 Gbps in wifi 6, which is up from 3.5 Gbps on wifi 5. You can achieve close to this speed if you have a standard router and devices that support the standard.
  • Wifi 6 helps achieve 75% less latency- it handles more traffic more efficiently. Gamers and multitaskers are benefited from this.
  • Better speed means the faster upload and faster download speed. As the size of files increases, there is a higher demand for high streaming video and audio quality. Wifi 6 makes this possible.
  • Wifi 6 is wireless, so it saves you the burden of wiring your devices to the modem. This further allows for bridging the gap between the wire and wireless community.

What Makes Wifi 6 Faster Than Its Predecessors?

If you think you missed out on the last 5 wifi systems, here is your time to upgrade and the best for yourself.

So, before you make a decision, let’s see what makes wifi 6 faster.

Wifi 6 Router

Wifi 6 Router

  • OFDMA( Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) works by subdividing channels into subcarriers and allowing the transmission to multiple devices simultaneously. This results in faster speed and saves time instead of each connected device waiting its turn as the router serves up data across the network.
  • OBSS(Overlapping Basic Services Sets) feature enables the access point to use color to the network instead of the listen before talk process. They had to listen for noise on a channel before transmitting an earlier version of wifi.

Both the features OFDMA and OBSS are working together to make wifi 6 more effective.

The statistical data published in September 2021 provides the technical contribution of wifi 5,6,7 as of 2020.

7 Benefits of Upgrading to a Wifi 6 Router

Stated below are the top 7 reasons why you should upgrade to wifi 6.

  1. If you believe in watching crystal clear quality videos, wifi 6 is the perfect choice for you. From streaming 4K to 8K resolution videos, a consistently high-speed high-speedless is mandatory. No hindrances of buffering like it was seen in the earlier systems
  2. In offices /corporate offices and homes where multifunctional devices are used simultaneously, the 9.6 Gbps provides the best service till now. Wifi 6 uses OFDMA technology which increases work efficiency on multiple networks.
  3. Wifi 6 provides faster speed on multiple devices, around 12, across the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, whereas its the number of devices to 8, with dual-band dual-Bandon.
  4. With smart homes and IoT applications on the rise, everything from doorknobs, switches, cameras, and television wifi 6 provides high-speed to all the devices connected without uninterrupted light connectivity.
  5. If you have bought the latest mobile phones, you will benefit from working well with the latest Wifi technology.
  6. Wifi 6 promises improvements in security. WPA (wifi Protected Access) 2 has been the standard, but with Wifi 6, it will be WPA3.
  7. Another development is the incorporation of TWT (Target Wake Time). Wifi 6 communicates with the device being used and is activated only during use, thus enhancing battery life.

What is Wifi 6E?

Along with the wifi 6 comes wifi 6E. This enables devices to utilize the 6GHz frequency band that provides 1200 MHz bandwidth.

It has all the advantages of wifi 6 and the added advantage of delivering a high amount of data at shorter distances.

When purchasing a new device, ensure that the device supports wifi 6 E while upgrading.


With each passing day, we need to upgrade ourselves with advanced science and technology. This will improve our lives and make things simpler and more efficient.

Technological advent has also led to the enhancement of wifi.

The wifi 6 routers are the next generation of wifi 5. Hence, if you want a higher speed for wifi, you should adopt wifi 6 Reuters.

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