How to Update Apps on Android?

How to Update Apps on AndroidHow to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – Overview

Reports show that in the US, there were 129.1 million android smartphone users.

The increasing number of users may also want to know a lot about using android and downloading/updating applications.

Knowing how to update apps on android is essential for keeping your smartphone software up to date and allowing access to all the latest features.

While Android applications can improve over time via over-the-air updates after you’ve downloaded them, there are still several settings that might alter how they update depending on your setup.

It’s not difficult to change these options; they’re all available on the Google Play Store.

You only need to know whether you’re launching the updates manually or allowing automated updates to take care of everything in the background.

Below you’ll find guidelines for each of these methods.

How to Update Apps on Android – Automatically?

There’s a more manageable approach if you don’t have time to log in to Google Play and manually update your Android apps.

You may manually update your apps by navigating to Settings on your Google Play profile. When you’re in, go to Not General, then Auto-update apps.

How to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – Automatically

Generally, all Android apps will be updated automatically. Although this is the simplest way to update Android apps, it does not allow you much control over how they are updated.

Use the below steps to do that.

You may enable automatic updates per app on Google Play if you want to be more choosy about which apps update themselves. This is how it works:

  • In the Google Play Store app, go to the top right corner of the home page and tap on your profile symbol.
How to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – Apps and games

  • Select an app to update automatically from the “Manage” page. You’ll be transported to the app store page for that app.
How to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – Manage Apps

  • Tap the “More” menu (the three vertical dots).
How to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – Enable auto update

  • A menu will appear. Tap on Manage applications and devices from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, check the “Enable auto-update” option. You can keep using steps 3 and 4 for as long as you want.

You may now enable automatic updates on Wi-Fi networks only, on any network, or let Google Play ask for permission every time it wants to update.

Choose the option that best suits your needs. Allowing apps to update via any network could eat up a significant portion of your data allocation over time.

How to Update Apps on Android – Manually?

If you’d instead handle updates independently, this is the easiest way to go about it. Manually Updating Android Apps.

Suppose you want to control which Android apps get updated and when; you can always do it manually. You can do so by accessing Google Play and tapping on your profile image.

To access My Apps and Games, go to Settings, then My Apps and Games. In the following screenshot, you should see all of the apps that need to be updated.

  • Open the Google Play Store app and go to the “Manage apps and device” option (if you can’t locate it, go back to step 1 of this section).
How to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – My apps

  • Tap the “Updates available” button on the “Manage” page to view a list of all the apps you can update right now. Now, you have the option to choose whether you want to update apps one by one or in bulk.
How to Update Apps on Android

How to Update Apps on Android – Update apps manually

  • To update individual apps, tap the app you wish to update, and you’ll be directed to its store page. After this, you can click the green “Update” button at the top of the page.
  • To update several apps, hit the checkbox on the right side and select the apps you want to edit. Then, at the top of your screen, press the update icon. It has the appearance of a tick with an arrow surrounding it.


You must keep up your Android app to date. These updates include bug fixes as well as new functionality. Keeping your Android apps up to date minimizes troubles, which is always a beneficial move.

You may update your Android apps manually or have them update automatically. The steps should teach you how to manually upgrade your Android applications or have Google Play do it for you.

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