How to Turn off Voice Assistant (Google, Siri, and Alexa)

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How to Turn off Voice Assistant – Overview

Voice assistant devices have become increasingly common in households. Easy to use, they respond to voice commands, allowing you to do almost everything from playing music to controlling electronics, checking bank balances, and more.

Since their launch in 2014, voice assistant devices have seen significant evolution, with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) easing our everyday lives, especially for those who are infirm or disabled.

What is a Voice Assistant?

A voice assistant is a software system in a device that operates using voice commands. It harnesses AI and machine learning to recognize spoken commands, performing various tasks. Voice assistant software is commonly found in smart devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Furthermore, dedicated voice assistant devices are available from major tech brands, including Google’s “Google Assistant,” Apple’s “Siri,” Amazon’s “Alexa,” and Samsung’s “Bixby.”

These devices are pivotal in controlling other home aspects, such as lighting, air conditioning, and washing machines.

Benefits of Voice Assistant

Having a voice assistant at home offers several advantages, including:

  • Controlling devices – Voice Assistant software can connect with and control other smart devices and appliances at home with simple voice commands.
  • Playing music – These devices can connect to your home music system and play any track or tune with a voice command.
  • Getting the news – Voice assistants can retrieve the most relevant news and updates from the internet, from traffic routes to weather forecasts.
  • Checking bank balance – Many banks now allow customers to access their account details and request credit cards using voice assistant devices.
  • Improving security – Voice assistants can also connect to your home’s security system, providing live feeds on your smartphone.
  • Scheduling – Creating appointments and reminders is more manageable with voice assistant systems, even without access to your phone, watch, or diary.
  • Helping the disabled – For those with mobility restrictions or disabilities, voice assistants can control almost every home task with simple voice commands.

Despite these benefits, privacy concerns arise with the belief that voice assistant devices may listen to private conversations.

How to Turn Off Voice Assistant

Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa do not typically record or transmit data until a voice command “wakes” the device. However, privacy and security are paramount, even over convenience. Here’s how to turn off voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri:

How to Turn Off Google Assistant

To deactivate Google Assistant on your Android smartphone, Google Home, and Chromebook, you can utilize the mute button to prevent the device’s microphone from listening to private conversations.

To turn off Google Assistant:

  • Open the Google App.
  • Navigate to SETTINGS.
  • Select VOICE.
  • Choose “Ok GoogleDETECTION.

This allows you to activate the software only via your voice command. Disabling the “Trusted Voice” feature stops active listening even when the device is locked. However, the voice search feature remains accessible through the microphone icon in the search bar.

For iOS devices, the “OK Google” command works only within Google apps. You can disable active listening by adjusting settings within the Google app.

How to Turn Off Apple Siri

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant system, is available on iOS devices, watchOS, macOS Sierra, tvOS, and soon on the Apple HomePod smart speaker. To turn off Siri:

  • Open SETTINGS.
  • Select SIRI.
  • Toggle the “Hey Siri” switch to the desired position.

For hands-free operation without plugging in the device, an iPhone 6S or newer model is required. Older versions will need to be connected to power.

How to Turn Off Amazon Alexa

Deactivate Alexa on Amazon Echo devices by pressing the microphone button, turning the voice assistant into a Bluetooth speaker only.
The device will not record voice or audio during normal conversation unless directly addressed with “Alexa.” You can also change the wake word on your Echo devices.


Remember, these voice-activated digital assistants store the history of voice commands and searches to anticipate future commands better. If you are uncomfortable with recorded voice commands and search history, you can delete the record log to enhance privacy.

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