Sony XP700 (SRS)

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The Sony SRS-XP 700 is among the most popular speakers, with good volume and customizable RGB lights. You can use the preset features and graphic EQ of its companion application to customize the sound profile of this speaker.

Review – Sony XP700

I have been using the Sony SRS-XP 700 speaker for a few weeks at the time I wrote this review. The build quality of this speaker is very premium and is mainly made of polycarbonate.

It is a tall speaker with a simple design and a firm bottom. Bumpers at the bottom and on the side allow users to position the device vertically or horizontally.

I have tested the compatibility of this speaker with the Fiestable application. Like all other Sony speakers, it is highly compatible, and you can control its extra-party features with this app. This speaker is also rated IPX4 for water resistance.

The Sony SRS-XP 700 also has two inputs where you can connect external microphones or a guitar to the speaker.  It has a large metallic mesh grille on the front, flanked by sleek handles with LED glow lights. Once you turn it around, you can notice a flap concealing all the ports and the power socket.

Basic Features

Sony XP700

Basic Features of Sony SRS-XP 700

#1. The dimensions of the Sony SRS-XP 700 are around 14.44 x 12.32 x 27.28 inches.

#2. It offers excellent sound quality with an integrated rear tweeter.

#3. It has a quick charging facility, and the battery life is up to 25 hours.

#4. The speaker has an IPX4 splash-resistant design.

#5. It has LED indirect illumination lighting in the front. 

#6. It has two inputs for the microphone and guitar.

#7. You can carry it around with the in build integrated carry handles.

#8. You can connect your device to it using Bluetooth or a USB port.

Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series Wireless Portable-BLUETOOTH-Karaoke Party-Speaker IPX4 Splash-resistant with 25 Hour-Battery

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as of May 18, 2024 11:51 am

Design and Features

This device’s volume and weight are around 4,783 in³ and 16.9 kg, respectively. You can place the device both horizontally and vertically. The built-in handles on the sides allow you to carry the speaker easily. It also has customizable RGB lights underneath the handles.

It has texturized buttons that are easy to operate. The ‘MEGA BASS’ preset, play and pause, Bluetooth, power, and volume buttons are on the speaker’s top. In pairing mode, the speaker generates auditory feedback and rapidly flashes its Bluetooth indicator light to indicate the status.

You must double-click the play and pause buttons to play the next track and triple-click the button to go back. The indicator light can flash once, twice, and three times to indicate the changing status in the speaker’s level.

You may activate the Stamina mode by pushing and holding the “MEGA BASS” button or by turning it on in the speaker’s companion app. The indicator light will turn orange to indicate the Stamina mode.

You can find out the speaker’s battery level by pressing the Battery button and switch on the RGB lights by pressing the Light button. You may turn on the guitar mode by pressing the Guitar button and attaching your guitar to the speaker.

The packing box of the Sony SRS-XP 700 speaker contains a polarized power cable and a reference guide.


It takes around 2.6 hours to fully charge the battery of the Sony SRS-XP 700 party box. To test the battery, I used XP700 3 days in a row with maximum volume, mega bass enabled and connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth. The average temperature outside was 70 Fahrenheit. The battery lasted 12.2 hours in total before I had to recharge it. So, as you may guess, the volume level and usage of mega bass are significant factors in determining battery life.

I wanted to see how long the battery would last with an average use. This time I turned “mega bass” off and set the volume to medium level. This battery lasted around 18.2 hours after a full charge. It also has a power-saving feature that turns off the speaker after 15 minutes of inactivity. The power-saving mode may extend the battery life up to 25 hours as advertised, but I have yet to test it.

What I love about XP700:

The maximum volume was so powerful that we could barely hear each other in a large backyard.

When I placed the XP700 on my deck, the ground shook with mega bass activated.

I was easily able to connect my bass guitar and play along with any song I wanted.

I was able to connect my Bluetooth microphone and sing.

What I Didn’t Like

Moving a 17kg party box around the backyard as a mid-sized man was not a very pleasing experience. The Sony XP700 SRS does not come with wheels, unfortunately.


You can connect your device to this speaker using Bluetooth connection within 334.6 ft. The Sony SRS-XP 700 supports the 5.0 Bluetooth version. The Bluetooth latency for iOS and Android is around 32 ms and 59 ms, respectively.

It can pair up to two devices simultaneously and switch between audio sources. The speaker may receive different inputs. You can connect older devices to the speaker using the AUX port. You may also use the mic input and the mic and guitar input for connecting this gadget to external microphones or a guitar.

The USB-A charging port of the Sony SRS-XP 700 allows you to recharge the battery. You can also connect your tracks using the USB port of the speaker.

Why Should You Buy Sony SRS-XP 700?

  • It has Graphic EQ and presets
  • This device can produce loud, balanced, and quality sound
  • Its glow LED lighting can create the vibe
  • It has a long battery life and a quick charging facility
  • The device is quite sturdy
  • You can connect external devices like a microphone or guitar to the speaker.

Disadvantages of the Sony SRS-XP 700 Speaker

  • At maximum volume, compression is visible.
  • It lacks some low bass.
  • The device is bulky and big.

Things to Consider Before Buying SRS-XP 700 Party Box

Sony XP-700 reaches 99dB (decibel) at maximum volume. The allowed noise regulation may vary based on your location. I live in a residential area in New Jersey and the established sound-level standards are 65dB during the day and 50dB at night. Please check the regulations for your state and neighborhood before using powerful speakers such as Sony SRS-XP 700.


The Sony SRS-XP 700 speaker can be a great option if you are searching for a good speaker. It has multiple unique features that can offer you a great experience.

The device has two handles on the side, which allow you to carry the speaker around. You can also conduct a house concert by connecting your microphone and guitar to the speaker.

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