Can Alexa Control Z Wave Devices

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Can Alexa Control Z Wave Devices – Overview

Are you into voice assistants and high-tech smart automation altogether? In 2021, there were around 120.4 million users of voice assistants in the USA, as per reports. Thanks to its simple voice interface and intense routines, Alexa is a brilliant smart home hub.

The new Echo even includes a Zigbee hub, bringing Amazon Alexa one step closer to controlling all of your smart home devices. However, the question here is, “Can Alexa control Z Wave devices? Is there compatibility?”

In short, Z-Wave is not directly compatible with Alexa smart speakers. However, if you have a separate Z-Wave hub that can integrate Alexa through wifi, you can add Z-Wave devices to your Alexa system.

We’ll cover the question, “Can Alexa control Z-wave devices?” in this article and a few Alexa-compatible Z-wave hubs.

Does Alexa Work With Z-Wave Devices

Can Alexa Control Z Wave Devices

Can Alexa Control Z Wave Devices – Does Alexa Work With Z-Wave Devices

Z-Wave isn’t supported by any of the current Amazon Alexa smart speakers. Instead of using wifi, Echo devices handle most smart home technology. Although some current Alexa speakers (such as the 4th-generation Echo) feature Zigbee controllers, they still lack Z-Wave.

Despite Alexa’s lack of native Z-Wave capability, it can still control Z wave devices. To bridge the connection, you’ll need to use a third-party Z-Wave hub like SmartThings or Hubitat.

Alexa-Compatible Z-Wave Hubs and Controllers

Let’s look at a few Z-Wave hubs that you can use to directly control your Z-Wave devices or get Alexa access to your Z-Wave network. If you already own one of these devices, ensure it’s connected to Alexa, and you’re set to go.

Aeotec SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings is the most widely used ecosystem for Zigbee and Z Wave devices. It works well with Alexa and Google Assistant, and there are a lot of Z-Wave devices that are SmartThings compatible.

You may have noticed that these newer hubs are labeled Aeotec instead of Samsung. This is due to Samsung’s decision to discontinue producing hubs and instead rely on third-party vendors.

So, although a Samsung-branded SmartThings v3 hub may still be available, there’s no incentive to buy one when the Aeotec version is just as good.

This is our advice for the simplest way to control and integrate your Z-Wave devices with Alexa.

Hubitat Elevation Hub

Elevation by Hubitat is a more powerful Z-Wave Hub than SmartThings, but it comes with a steeper learning curve.

Habitat’s software is constantly being improved, with more granular settings and better connections with Alexa and other smart home hubs being added. In addition, Hubitat Elevation can control Zigbee devices in addition to Z-Wave, which is helpful if you don’t have a 4th-generation Echo.

Hubitat saves all your smart home setups locally, so they can continue working even if your internet connection is down. However, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee if you want cloud backups and remote access to your hub.

This is merely a recommendation for advanced users. However, smart home novices and beginners should stick to the SmartThings Hub.

Ring Alarm Base Station

The Ring Alarm Base Station isn’t your standard Z-Wave hub, but it’s ideal for individuals already familiar with the Ring ecosystem.

You may already have a Ring Alarm Base Station if you use Ring cameras, alarms, or illumination. In addition, it’ll be the most accessible Z-Wave hub to add to your system even if you don’t.

Furthermore, since Amazon owns both firms, ring devices and Alexa work together flawlessly. Ring even offers an Alarm Pro Base Station with integrated Eero wifi-6 routers, allowing you to use it as a Z-Wave hub and a wifi router to simplify your smart home setup.

Wink Hub 2

Wink is another well-known Z-Wave brand that specializes in sensors and alarms. The Wink Hub 2 is the company’s most recent Z-Wave controller and comes standard with most of its beginning kits.

There’s no reason to choose the Wink Hub 2 over SmartThings or Hubitat Elevation unless you already use Wink products. However, the Wink Hub 2 gives another simple option to link Alexa to your Z-Wave devices if you currently own or are contemplating purchasing Wink security products.

The gadgets listed below are Z-Wave and Alexa-compatible and can help you make your home smarter. Find out if Alexa can control Z-Wave devices by reading further.

Light Switches with Z-wave Technology

Z-Wave light switches provide you with complete control over your home’s atmosphere. Z-Wave smart lighting allows you to turn on, turn off, dim, brighten, or change the color of your lighting from the comfort of your sofa or even while you’re away from home.

You may also program your smart lights to turn on at specified times, such as when you arrive home and lift your smart door lock.

With the help of your smart controller or hub, you can easily incorporate voice automation into your Alexa-enabled light switch settings. Using a smart controller, incorporating voice automation into the Alexa-enabled light switch settings is easier.

Linear WD500Z-1 Z-Wave 500-Watt Wall-Mount Dimmer Switch

It’s a simple Z wave compliant switch that can handle up to 500 watts of LED bulb lighting and is reasonably priced. In addition, it’s a straightforward switch replacement with a dimmer that your hub or app can control. Unfortunately, Alexa or other voice control isn’t supported directly; however, it’s likely to be used indirectly.

Z-wave Thermostats

All homeowners will benefit from voice-activated Z-Wave thermostats. A Z-Wave thermostat is crucial for any smart home since it can monitor and control the ideal environment in your home.

It can keep the house at a reasonable temperature while also conserving energy by turning it off when no one is home.

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell programmable Z wave smart thermostat does everything, including a few extra features that make it the best thermostat for your home. Thanks to the built-in programs that keep it connected to you, it’s simple to use both with and without the Z wave feature.

Z-wave Smart Locks

Smart locks provide you peace of mind by allowing you to watch who comes and goes from your home.

After connecting your smart lock to the smart hub, you may now control it remotely to lock or unlock your doors and windows from anywhere on the planet.

Kwikset Obsidian Amazon Key

It works with Alexa, and you can tell Alexa to lock or unlock your door if you enable the Key smart home skill. The skill is highly responsive and will carry out your instructions in a matter of seconds. In addition, it has SecureScreen technology, which prevents fingerprints from identifying user code on the touchscreen.

Furthermore, users must enter two random digits before clicking the button, which safeguards against unauthorized access.

Can Alexa Control Z-Wave Devices Without A Hub

Alexa requires a hub to control the Z wave. Unfortunately, Alexa is only available through wifi (and ZigBee if you have the EchoPlus).

Due to its remarkable speed and minimal interference with other connected devices, it currently lacks compatibility with Z-Wave, the famous home automation protocol.

This means that a -Wave switch or plug won’t be able to connect directly with your Echo. You may, however, use a smart home hub to link your Z-Wave devices to Amazon Alexa.

What’s Next?

A Z-Wave hub isn’t the only method to give Alexa more power. Trying out the latest Alexa Roomba instructions is sometimes part of that. Unfortunately, it entails putting Alexa battery packs through their paces on road trips.

Did you know you can connect Blink cameras to Alexa and watch them with Fire TV using Alexa voice commands? Likewise, you can link additional Spotify accounts to Alexa and control them individually using Alexa Spotify commands. Hence, “Can Alexa control Z Wave devices?” The answer is yes but with modifications.

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