Is the PS5 Worth It?

is ps5 worth itis ps5 worth it

Is the PS5 Worth It? – Overview

The PlayStation 5 has pushed industry standards with lightning-fast load times, amped-up hardware, and an innovative next-gen controller. It boasts lifelike graphics at crisp UHD resolution. However, thanks to stock issues that continue to this day, the PS5 isn’t as commercially successful as its predecessors.

With the console’s price on the rise, many gamers question the value proposition of the PS5. The last-generation counterpart, the PS4, is still in production, and alternatives are plentiful. 

Microsoft offers the Xbox Series X and S consoles, and tinkerers can build their gaming rigs. At around the same price, players can pick up a portable handheld gaming console like the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch. So, is paying $500 for the PS5 a waste of money? Let’s find out.

Is the competition pulling ahead of the PS5?

is the ps5 worth it

Is the PS5 Worth It

The PS5’s hardware is up to snuff with current standards. It packs a powerful RDNA 2-powered system under its hood. It offers crisp 4K gaming and next-gen technologies like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio that increases immersion. The console is a massive leap over the last-gen PS4 Pro.

However, the competition has some equally impressive offerings worth checking out.

How Does the PS5’s hardware stack up against the competition?

Is the ps5 worth it? – Sony PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo SwitchThe Xbox Series X and S, the Steam Deck, the Nintendo Switch, and gaming PCs are relevant competitors to Sony’s console. These devices come with varying hardware as they target different market segments.

The Xbox Series X is almost equivalent to the PlayStation in rendering prowess. Microsoft’s offering is a bit faster, according to on-paper specs. However, both consoles are based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. 

The Series S is a cut-down version of its older sibling. The $249 console targets 1440p gaming with a few compromises. It is no surprise that the PS5 pulls far ahead of this budget console.

Valve’s Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, are hybrid consoles. While the former runs Steam games on a more portable machine, the Switch is a different ecosystem targeted at casual gamers. The PlayStation is undoubtedly much more capable than these machines. However, you definitely cannot carry a PS5 around in a backpack.

While gaming PCs can be more powerful than the PlayStation, gamers must spend thousands of dollars building a rig that gets close to the console’s capabilities. But a PC is a PC, and you can perform multiple tasks besides gaming.

Thus, the PlayStation 5 offers capable hardware at reasonable prices. Its only match is the Xbox Series X. (see also: PS5 vs Xbox Series X)

PS5 Games

is the ps5 worth it - games

is the PS5 worth it – games

Sony packs its consoles with some of the best exclusives on the market. The PS5, thus, boasts a library of fantastic games. These include Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal, Demon’s Souls, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and more. The list will further increase in 2023.

The PlayStation 5 can play last-gen titles via backward compatibility. This adds the entire PS4 library to the console.

Xbox, on the other hand, is falling short of quality exclusives. Players can enjoy Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, and Microsoft Flight Simulator on the console. These games are pretty darn good. Microsoft is an advocate of “play anything, anywhere.” Thus, gamers can be part of multiplatform titles if they opt for an Xbox.

However, one can build a gaming rig and enjoy the best of both worlds now that PlayStation exclusives have begun releasing on PC. This also applies to the Steam Deck since over 6,000 games are playable on the handheld console.

The Switch is bundled with totally different experiences than these consoles. The Japanese handheld has some of the most popular games, however. Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda series rank among the most notable titles ever.

While every platform has unique games to enjoy, Sony offers some high-quality releases that players cannot enjoy anywhere else. While landing a conclusion can be extremely difficult, the PlayStation 5 boasts multiple must-have games.

Reasons to Choose the PS5

  • Support for the console is expected to last till 2030.
  • Games are optimized to run the best on the PS5.
  • Much cheaper than a gaming PC.
  • Smaller and more power-efficient than an equivalent gaming PC.
  • More quality exclusives than the competing Xbox Series consoles.


In-Game Experience (PS4 VS PS5)

I have not (yet) noticed a significant difference in my gaming experience between the PS4 and PS5 (I will update this post when I have more time with my new PS5). One of the cool features I really appreciate is that I no longer have to use an external microphone, thanks to the PS5’s built-in microphone. However, I don’t believe such a feature alone makes the PS5 worth it. Since I can play all the PS4 games I own on the PS5, I don’t think upgrading from the PS4 to the PS5 is worthwhile (at least not yet).


The controller, when used at maximum capacity, lasted for 9 hours (I used all the features, such as the mic, speaker, lights, adaptive triggers, and vibration). The size and shape of PS5 controllers are quite different from those of the PS4. Initially, it felt a bit challenging to hold (too big) in my hands, but I could adapt within a few days. Unlike the PS4, you do not need to plug the PS5 controllers into your console to charge them. The PS5 gaming console has an independent charging dock, allowing you to place your charging station anywhere (it works with an electrical outlet).

Adaptive triggers:

I believe that the adaptive triggers of the PS5 controllers (L2 and R2) may be one of the most significant upgrades compared to previous PlayStation console versions. These triggers provide you with a physical gaming experience. I tested the adaptive triggers on FIFA 24 and Astro.

Fifa 24: When a player’s fitness level drops low, it triggers resistance, giving you the feeling of exhaustion.

Astro: Adaptive triggers vibrate when the monkey character catches and holds moving items.

Final Verdict

Despite being riddled with stock shortages and rising prices, the PS5 does one thing right: play games flawlessly at high resolutions. It is the most popular ninth-gen console and has sold 21.4 million units.

The PS5 might not be the cheapest current-gen solution. However, its solid hardware can play the latest titles for years. According to previous trends, Sony is expected to support the console till 2030.

Thus, for a $500 bargain, gamers are ensured a future-proof system. This makes the console worth it.

Nintendo might introduce its next-gen Switch anytime. The Steam Deck — although impressive — is not up to par. The Series X and S do not have as many fun titles, and the latter might be discontinued as its hardware falls short.

Thus, the PlayStation 5 is a well-balanced system that meddles decent pricing and experiences in one package.

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