Google Home Vs Alexa (FULL COMPARISON)

Google Home Vs AlexaGoogle Home Vs Alexa

Google Home Vs. Alexa – Which One is for You?

Are you planning to buy a smart speaker for your home? What is it going to be – Google Home or Alexa?

If you’re not sure, don’t worry about it! We can help you make the right decision. But before that, let’s discuss all the features you must have in your smart speakers.

Your speaker must have an integrated AI assistant to be a smart speaker. The built-in system responds to weather-related queries, traffic updates, news, appointment reminders, etc.

You can also use such assistants to play music from your Spotify list or help control other home devices with your fingers.

Now let’s discuss how Google Home is different from Alexa

Google Home vs Alexa – both are fantastic voice assistants; however, they have many differences regarding compatibility, prices, and features.

We’re sure knowing these differences will help us make a well-informed purchase.

Now let’s discuss how Google Home is different from Alexa

Now let’s discuss how Google Home is different from Alexa

FeaturesGoogle HomeAlexa
Cheapest Smart SpeakerThe cheapest Google Smart Speaker is Google Nest Mini. It is available at the price of £29The cheapest smart speaker from Amazon is Echo Dot
LaunchThe second-generation ‘Nest Mini model’ was launched in October 2019.The 4th Generation Amazon Echo was revealed in September 2020.
Expensive Smart SpeakersIn this category, we have Google’s Nest Hub max available at a price between $70 and $100.Here, we have Echo show 10 at the cost of $100.
DesignGoogle Nest Mini is slim, taller, and oblong-shaped with rounded corners. It is available in two different colors: chalk, white, and charcoal.The 4th Generation Amazon Echo is spherical in shape. It is available in three different colors: glacier white, charcoal, and twilight blue. This speaker also features a LED light at the base, offering additional visibility.
Environment friendlyGoogle claims that the Next Mini’s fabric top is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Also, the external enclosure is made from at least 35% post-consumer recycled plastic.The Echo’s fabric and aluminum are 100 percent recycled.
Wake Words for voice activationIt’s “Hey Google” for Google devices.For Echo speakers, it’s simply Alexa.
Multiple CommandsGoogle Home can understand multiple commands in one go. For instance: Okay Google, play “Peaches by Justin Bieber,” and turn up the volume.Alexa devices can’t process multiple commands.
Voice ModeGoogle Home is multilingual. You can switch between two voices male and femaleAlexa doesn’t offer any voice alternative. But you can change voice to different accents or languages.
Short Commands Set UpGoogle Home allows you to set up short commands and make your life easier. For example: “Okay, Google, activate Date Night!” Google will help you set the room exactly how you want it – from lights to temperature and music.Alexa doesn’t offer any short commands.
Music StreamingGoogle devices are compatible with Google Play Music and YouTube musicAlexa is compatible with Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and Spotify, but not with YouTube music.
Compatible DevicesGoogle Home supports over 30,000 productsAlexa works with 100,000 products.
SkillsYou can’t add skills to Google Home as you do with Alexa.The Skills Blueprints portal allows you to create and publish your skills to the Alexa Skills Store.
Sound QualityGoogle speakers sound better than Alexa, but 3.5 mm Audio jack is missingAlexa does have a 3.5 mm Audio jack, but the sound quality is not richer than Google Home.
Call functionalityBoth devices can make outbound phone calls to regular phones, but Google Home can’t receive incoming calls.Alexa or Amazon Echo can receive incoming calls from other Echo devices and regular phones via a $34.99 Echo Connect box.

Google Home vs Alexa – What should you buy?

You must know about the right voice assistant if you’ve read this far. Both of the devices – Google Home and Alexa shine in their territory.

However, choosing the best one for your home isn’t straightforward.

There is no doubt that Alexa offers more functionalities than Google Home. However, if you want an intelligent assistant with specific capabilities, Google Home is your option.

Google Home is much better at offering relevant replies to free-form, web-based queries. However, Alexa depends on Wikipedia for general queries and gets limited to exact wordings.

If you’re worried that you will miss out on some functionalities with Google Home, don’t worry about it.

Google is constantly updating the device to make it better. And we’re sure Google will soon catch up to Alexa and could surpass it one day, too.

However, if you’re an audiophile who craves superior sound, we recommend you use the Alexa device. The Echo uses an adaptive audio system for premium sound and tends to control Zigbee gear.

If you still have doubts about Google Home and Alexa, stay tuned to our blog!

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