How to Split Screen on iPhone

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How to Split Screen on iPhone – Getting Started

Despite over a decade and a half of innovation, iPhones still lack native split-screen functionality, a feature that has become a staple on iPads through the “Split View” mode. However, larger iPhone models such as the iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, 11, 12, and 13 have screens sizable enough to feasibly run two applications simultaneously.

Thankfully, there are workarounds, including apps that facilitate handling two tasks side by side on your iPhone, with options available for both non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices.

This article will first examine the iPhone’s split-screen capabilities and then introduce popular split-screen apps available in the iOS App Store, which are accessible to all users.

Split Screen Feature

To initiate split-screen, rotate your iPhone to landscape mode. Apps supporting this feature will automatically split the screen into two panes: the left pane for navigation and the right for content display. This separation allows you to scroll through each pane independently.

How to Split Screen On iPhone

How to Split Screen On iPhone

In the ‘Settings’ app, for example, selecting an option in the left pane will adjust its settings in the right pane, enhancing navigation efficiency. Instead of backtracking to switch tasks, you can use the left pane for quicker navigation.

Certain apps provide an icon to start or end split-screen mode, though the specific icon can vary by app.

Apps like Mail, Messages, and Settings natively support split-screen. Rotate your iPhone to landscape mode to check if an app supports split-screen.

When you switch to the Home screen in landscape mode on a compatible model, the Dock moves to the right side, and the Home screen pages are displayed on the left.

How to Split Screen On iPhone

How to Split Screen On iPhone

Note: The split-screen feature on the iPhone remains underutilized, partly because it’s not supported on all models. However, iPhone 6s through iPhone 13 Pro Max users can experience this functionality, albeit not as intuitively as on the iPad.

Split Screen View Apps

Third-party applications are available for those seeking to run two apps simultaneously on their iPhones since this capability is not built into iOS by default.


CoSurf is a free split-screen browser for iOS 8.2 and above, designed for dual use by two people on a single iPhone placed flat on a table. When picked up, the app transitions into a full-screen browser in single-user mode and automatically enters split-screen mode when laid down.

How to Split Screen On iPhone

Split Screen Dual Window

Split Screen Dual Window lets you view two web pages simultaneously without toggling between tabs. This functionality is particularly useful for browsing social media while watching videos.

Split Web Browser

Split Web Browser allows for splitting the browsing experience into two or more panes, even beyond dual screens. It supports both portrait and landscape modes, offering a versatile viewing experience.

How to Split Screen On iPhone

How to Split Screen On iPhone

Final Thought

Splitting your iPhone screen for multitasking is simpler than you might think. With the appropriate app, this functionality becomes achievable, allowing for efficient multitasking. Until Apple officially integrates native split-screen capabilities for apps, the above solutions offer the best alternatives for iPhone users.

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