How to Split Screen on Chromebook?

How to Split Screen on Chromebook? - Steps for Tablet ModeHow to Split Screen on Chromebook? - Tablet Mode

How to Split Screen on Chromebook? – Getting Started

How to split screen on Chromebook? Well, split-screen is indeed a great feature that helps in getting work done with better productivity.

It makes work much easier and an individual need not waste time switching back and forth between windows and apps all day long.

It is really simple and easy to set up a split-screen on a Chromebook. The bright side is that the computer automatically resizes the window when it is done correctly.

In addition, a Chromebook offers the ability to split-screen both on desktop as well as tablet mode.

How to Split Screen on Chromebook on Desktop Mode

There are several ways to simultaneously use or align your windows or apps when in the more standard desktop mode. This method can be extremely beneficial for those who want to tick off several tasks at once.

Let us have a look at this simplest and the most-used method.

  1. When you want to open two different Chrome tabs side by side, firstly open one window.
  2. Grab the top bar using a mouse cursor
  3. Pull it down and push it over to the side
  4. Drag the window you want to align to either side of the screen
  5. When you see a highlight, release it
  6. You will get a perfect 50% window on that side of the screen.
  7. Now, grab the other tab you want and do the same thing on the other side of the screen.
  8. Boom! Now you are good to go with a perfect split-screen.

The same task can be accomplished with few shortcuts and less mouse movement.

  1. Long press with the mouse or hand the maximize/minimize button. They are located next to the closed window on the top-right of your window/app.
  2. An arrow will pop up on both sides.
  3. Take the mouse to whichever side you want to move the window, and you will have a perfect 50% window snapped to one side.

What’s more? Well, if you are fond of using the shortcut, and want an even faster method, remember to use ALT + [ or ]

  1. With your tab open in Google Chrome, press Alt + [ or ]. Pressing [ will take your already displayed window to the left and, subsequently, clicking ] along with Alt will take your window to the right side.
  2. Now, clicking on another app will simultaneously split for you and open up on the right.

Note: One can always go back to the typical window configuration. Click on the window-expand button located in the top-right corner of either window.

Resizing your Split-Screen Windows

The chrome splits your screen nicely into 50% and also automatically resizes the content inside each window. Now, once you have your windows split-screen, you might want to change the size of one window.

Well, here is a quick trick to do so!

  1. Hover the divider between the split-screen windows
  2. A small box will pop up beneath the pointer
  3. Grab it, and this will allow you to resize both windows at once without covering each other.

Finally, in desktop mode, you can use a split-screen right from the overview mode. It is the newer addition to the split-screen in Chrome OS.

  1. Launch the apps that you want to use in split-screen mode
  2. Push the Show Windows button (located at the F5 spot) on Chromebook’s keyboard.
  3. With overview mode and apps, drag and drop your mini-app to either side
  4. It will expand into split-view
  5. Choose the other app to drop on the other side.
Steps for Tablet Mode

Tablet Mode

How to Split Screen on Chromebook? – Tablet Mode

When moving to tablet mode, you need to understand how to swap from full-screen view to overview.

  1. To view your open apps, swipe down and hold from the top of the screen until you enter the overview layout.
  2. Once there, let go and drop it with the other small windows in overview mode.
  3. From the overview screen, long-press and drag any small app to either side of the screen to drop it in place
  4. Once it has taken one side of the screen, the other side of the screen will display other open windows.
  5. Touch the other app you want to move; it will automatically take up all the remaining space.
  6. Adjust or modify the size of each split-screen app by dragging the divider bar (a thin black stripe) in the center.

After having your windows in split-screen mode, want to pull up your pinned dock of apps?

  1. Just swipe up or down from the edges to get back to the overview mode
  2. Select a replacement window or choose an app from the shelf.
How to Split Screen on Chromebook? - Let's Do It!

How to Split Screen on Chromebook? – Tips and Tricks

So here you go! The shortcuts can be really helpful in mastering your split-screen setups. Make your Chromebook more useful by utilizing all its features.

Increase your productivity and save time!

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