How to Use iPhone as Hotspot for Laptop in 5 Steps?

How To Use iPhone As Hotspot For LaptopHow To Use iPhone As Hotspot For Laptop

How to Use iPhone as Hotspot for Laptop? – Overview

How to use the iPhone as a hotspot for laptops? – Life without the internet makes you feel disconnected from the rest of the world.

Regarding internet connectivity, a person will choose Wi-Fi as the first preference. But what if something goes wrong and you are unable to access it?

Secondly, you were traveling somewhere and took a break at the restaurant. You need some urgent work to be sent via email.

But, all in vain. No Wi-Fi, no internet connectivity. Here, your iPhone comes in handy by giving you the connection you need with the hotspot feature.

Personal Hotspot Feature – Things You Should Know

The hotspot feature comes in handy when you don’t have access to or no free Wi-Fi. In this case, the iPhone’s mobile data connection connects laptops or tablets to the internet.

The personal hotspot feature connects to laptops using a Wi-Fi-based tethering, Bluetooth, or USB cable.

However, it depends on if the carrier has allowed you to use it. If the cellular data doesn’t permit using this feature, it won’t show on the iPhone’s settings screen.

The other word of caution is that you tend to use a mobile data plan when using a hotspot.

The user must ensure the data doesn’t exhaust or count towards extra billing. An unlimited data plan or a large data cap will not be an issue.

Meanwhile, the subscribers can ask for high-speed tethering data and might pay extra.

That is a personal preference or what the cellular carrier has set for you.

The hotspot is a good feature but drains the iPhone’s battery faster. Specifically when using a Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot.

Keeping the iPhone connected to a power source is advisable, and you are good to go.

How To Use iPhone As Hotspot For Laptop? – Ways To Connect & Steps To Follow

You get three options when connecting your laptop to an iPhone’s hotspot. With these options, your laptop can connect to the internet using mobile data from your phone.

The three ways to connect hotspots:

  • Using a Wi-Fi tethering connection
  • Using Bluetooth connection
  • Using the USB cable to connect to your laptop

The first thing is to make sure you have a good mobile data plan on your iPhone. Further, you need not do any of the advanced settings. Well, it isn’t rocket science, but simple steps to follow.

Steps for Connecting to Personal Hotspot

1. First, go to Settings on your Iphone

2. Tap on the ‘Personal hotspot‘ settings to see more options

How To Use iPhone As Hotspot For Laptop? - Go to Settings!

How To Use iPhone As Hotspot For Laptop? – iPhone personal hotspot settings

3. In this window, you can see two options. One option is to turn on the hotspot using ‘Allow others to join.’ The next thing is to give your hotspot a secure password.

 Give a Secure Password

iPhone personal hotspot settings home

Note: Always give a secure password (minimum of 8 characters) using alphanumeric symbols. Don’t share with others unless required.

The ‘allow others to join’ option is required for other users or Windows-based laptops that don’t use your iCloud account.

They will need the given password while connecting to a computer. Having your iCloud account signed in for devices or laptops (MacBook, iPad, etc.) doesn’t require a password.

Options to Use

iPhone personal hotspot wifi, Bluetooth, USB

4. You will see the prompt When you tap on the ‘Allow others to join’ option. The prompt says that your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are off.

Here, you get two options to use the personal hotspot.

a. Either turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (to connect your laptop using a wireless interface) or

b. Use the USB-only option, and you will require a data cable to connect with the laptop (It is the USB-A to lightning cable)

5. When you turn the switch, you see different options in the personal hotspot settings window.

Take a look at the following three options.

iPhone Personal Hotspot Turned On

iPhone Personal Hotspot Turned On

Connect Your iPhone Hotspot to Your Laptop Using Wi-Fi

You have to turn on your computer’s Wi-Fi and search for your iPhone’s name. Here, the phone’s name is kept as ‘My iPhone.’ Just enter the password, and you will get connected to the hotspot.

Personal hotspot over Wi-Fi is the most common and more straightforward method. You need not pair your phone with a laptop. Just entering the password gives you online access after connecting to the mobile data internet.

How To Use iPhone As Hotspot For Laptop? - Use Wi-Fi

Connect the laptop to the iPhone hotspot using Wi-Fi

Connect Your iPhone’s Hotspot Using Bluetooth

To connect your laptop using Bluetooth tethering, you must pair your iPhone.

Once the pairing is done, you can connect to the internet using your iPhone’s Bluetooth hotspot. You will be required to join the personal area network on a Windows laptop.

Secondly, you have to add your iPhone to the devices list and then be able to connect. However, it is a lengthy process and not much used these days.

Meanwhile, some users can also install device drivers, which can become frustrating.

Connect to Your iPhone Hotspot Using a USB

Pick the USB option if you already have a cable and don’t want to use the wireless options. Just plug your iPhone into the laptop, choose My iPhone from the list of network services, and you are online.

Yet another easiest method is where the prying eyes cannot see your hotspot name. Just plug in the USB cable, and you are online in seconds.

This method also saves battery compared to other ways it drains a lot. Further, your iPhone battery charges up while you surf the web.

How To Use iPhone As Hotspot For Laptop? - Use USB

Connect the laptop to the iPhone hotspot using a USB

Note: When you connect to your iPhone’s hotspot, the time shows in a blue rectangle bar. It is a notification to alert you that your mobile data is being used. It also shows how many connections there are actively using a personal hotspot.

Based on the three ways to connect your iPhone to a laptop, the user is ready to use the internet. You can now check your emails, browse the websites and complete the work.

Is There a Best Method Out Of The Three?

Based on the doubt in your mind about the best hotspot option, it is a user perspective. However, USB is the simplest method to connect an iPhone to a laptop.

Meanwhile, the safest way is using Bluetooth.

At the same time, Wi-Fi can also be considered a safer method until your password is not shared with strangers.

Secondly, you need not enter the hotspot password if you own an Apple laptop such as MacBook Air, Pro, or iMac. However, Windows users should ensure to use a secure password that is not easy to remember.

That’s All!

There you are. So, you finally found the best way to stay online while connected to your iPhone. Without free Wi-Fi access or during times of no Wi-Fi availability at all, a hotspot saves you.

Our verdict is that the Wi-Fi hotspot tethering is the favorite of all. But one can also use USB tethering if you have issues with battery drain.

While connected to the laptop, your iPhone keeps on charging. Give yourself the option of a backup internet wherever, whenever.

Something interesting happened here; the iPhone’s hotspot was used while writing this article. What a coincidence!

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