Screen Mirroring iPhone to Projector

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How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Projector

There are various reasons to perform screen mirroring iPhone to the projector- you may want to watch a movie or show or want to go through an official presentation.

There are two ways to connect an iPhone to a projector- via Wi-Fi or with an adaptor cable. Let’s see how to implement screen mirroring from the iPhone to the projector.

Connecting iPhone to Projector via an adaptor cable

This can be deemed as the easiest and most convenient way to connect an iPhone to a Projector. All you need is an adaptor cable to help you establish the connection between both devices.

Most projectors come with a video cable that helps them connect with random peripherals and devices like Laptops, smartphones, or others.

The iPhone doesn’t come along with a video port. So, you may require any of the below-mentioned types of adaptors sold separately by Apple to create the connection between the iPhone and the projector.

Lightning to VGA adaptor: Helps connect the iPhone’s lightning port and a standard VGA video cable plugged into the projector.

Lightning Digital AV adaptor: This adaptor helps you create a connection between the iPhone and the HDMI cable of the projector.

Before starting with the connection process, check whether the projector or your iPhone is compatible with any of the two cables.

If you are doing this for the very first time, you can locate the VGA port on the projector as a thick and 30 pin cable coming with screws on both sides.

HDMI cable, on the other side, can be identified as a thin and wide plugged cable usually brought in use for HDTVs.

Just in case you don’t know much about the cable thing, try to get help from a technician or read the user manual provided with the projector.

Once you have located the required cables, go ahead with the following steps regarding screen mirroring the iPhone to the projector.

Recommended steps for screen mirroring iPhone to the projector

Step 1. Connect the cables to the ports

Plug the respective ends of the VGA or HDMI cable you are using to the projector’s given port. Please ensure that this is the same projector you are using for screen mirroring with the iPhone.

Step 2. Establish the connection

Once done, connect the other end of the VGA or HMDI cable to the adaptor. For best results, try using the Apple Digital AV adaptor (for HDMI cable) and Apple VGA adaptor (if using a VGA cable).

Afterward, plug in the 30 pin connector from the adaptor to the 30 pin port placed at the lower end of the projector. This way, both devices are now being connected.

Step 3. Switch on the Projector

Power on the projector and make the required adjustments to accommodate the input received from the video cable connected to the adaptor. Remember that the settings will be different in the case of VGA cable and HDMI cable.

Set the Input source as iPhone, and the projector is now ready to receive the video input from the iPhone.

Step 4. Start screen mirroring

Power on the iPhone and simply tap on the screen mirroring button located at the Control Center.

You can now see its screen mirrored to the projector in use. You can easily start ahead with the required presentation or video streaming according to your needs and requirements.

Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or any other Apple device, the procedure will remain the same.

Still, you have to use the required cables according to the available ports and input/output capabilities.

The bottom line for screen mirroring iPhone to the projector

Before you start ahead with the screen mirroring iPhone to projector process, you first need to have t the required accessories handy.

Apple devices aren’t compatible with standard accessories, so you must use a high-quality Apple VGA or Digital VGA adaptor.

Also, check for the availability of the required ports on the projector, and the rest of the process is as easy as a cakewalk.

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