How to Program FiOS Remote

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How to Program FiOS Remote – Overview

Verizon FiOS offers a comprehensive suite of services across the United States, including television, internet, and telephone. To enhance customer experience, Verizon FiOS provides various hardware devices, including several models of remote controls. This article will guide you through programming your FiOS remote, ensuring seamless control over your entertainment system.

How to Program FiOS Remote

How to Program FiOS Remote

How to Program FiOS Remote – List of FiOS remotes that you may have at home

Programming your FiOS remote varies depending on the model. Each model follows specific instructions outlined in their respective user manuals. Below is an overview of how to program the most common FiOS remote models:

1. Voice Remote

To pair your voice remote with your FiOS TV, aim the remote at the TV, then press and hold the ‘O’ and ‘Play/Pause’ buttons simultaneously until a blue light flashes on the remote. The flashing stops when the remote is successfully connected, automatically enabling control over HDMI-connected audio systems and TVs.

2. P265 Remote

For the P265 remote, press and hold the ‘FiOS TV’ and ‘OK’ buttons until the red light on the remote blinks twice and remains on. Next, repeatedly press the ‘Play/Pause’ button until the TV turns off, indicating the correct code has been found. To finalize, turn the TV back on using the remote’s power button and press ‘OK’ to save the configuration.

3. P238 Big Button Remote

Ensure your TV and FiOS set-top box are powered on. Press the ‘0’ and ‘OK’ buttons together until the red light blinks twice and stays on. Use the ‘Channel Down’ button to find the correct code that turns off the TV. Once the TV shuts off, use the remote’s power button to turn it back on and press ‘OK’ to save the setting.

4. Philips RC1445302 Remote

With your TV and FiOS set-top box on, press and hold the ‘TV’ and ‘OK’ buttons until the red light blinks twice. Enter your three-digit remote code. Press’ OK’ to save your settings if the TV turns off after entering the code.

5. Motorola 800 Remote

Turn on your TV and set-top box, then press and hold the ‘TV’ button on your remote for six seconds. Press the ‘Power’ button until the light blinks three times and turns off. Use the ‘Up’ arrow key to turn off the TV, then press the ‘OK’ button to save the settings.


Properly programming your FiOS remote is essential for enjoying your Verizon FiOS television service. Verizon’s customer service is always available to assist if you encounter any technical difficulties.

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