Why is Your Verizon Router Blinking White? Here is What It Means

Verizon Router Blinking WhiteVerizon Router Blinking White

Verizon FiOS routers have different color-coded lights to indicate the condition of the network and connection. Every light on this router symbolizes the different status of the router. Many customers have complained that their FiOS router has been blinking white for some time.

This article will discuss what that white light means and how we can resolve the issue it indicates.

Verizon Router Blinking White: Reasons Behind

If the white light on your router is blinking, it generally indicates that your router is rebooting. It can happen when your router is resetting or there is a firmware update available by Verizon. The white light will keep blinking until the update is finished.

The network in your house can be down for the time being. But there is nothing to worry about. Once the update is complete, your router can reboot itself. After that, the network will be re-established and the blinking will stop.

Sometimes if your FiOS router is not working properly for some reason, the best way to resolve this is to perform a hard reset. It can clear up all the glitches and bugs in your software. Your router will reboot itself and everything will be just as new. But that white light will keep blinking until your FiOS router is turned back on.

How Long Will It Take To Turn off the Light?

It does not take much time to update and reset the FiOS router, so it should take hardly 30 seconds to 7 minutes to turn off the white light. If the white light in your router is blinking and the network is down, do not panic. Wait for some time; everything should be fully operational again, almost in around 30 to 60 seconds.

5 Steps to Solve This Problem

We have certain tricks for you if the white light of your router keeps blinking.

Step1: Check the Cables and Connection

When you are experiencing problems with your router, you first need to check the connection and the cable. For some reason, if the cable is not connected properly, it can create a connection problem with the internet. It can happen if you have moved your router recently for some reason. Check carefully if there are any breakage or abnormal bends in the cable.

You can disconnect all cables and try reconnecting them once again. If you are still experiencing the same problem, follow the next step.

Step 2: Reboot the Router

The most straightforward trick to resolve any router-related problem is rebooting the router. If the white light on your router is blinking, it generally indicates that your router is rebooting itself. But sometimes, it may face some problems with rebooting automatically. So you can complete the process manually step by step.

Unplug the power cable from your wall socket, leave your router in that way for at least 5 minutes, and then replug it. Then give some time to reboot the route. If you cannot see a solid white light on the router, follow the next step as instructed.

Step 3: Factory Reset

FiOS router blinking white

FiOS router blinking white – Factory Reset

Factory resetting your router can delete the custom settings like your IP address, port number, etc., so if you want to follow this step, ensure you have all the login details.

To reset your router, first, find the reset pinhole in the back of your router to reset your router. After turning on your router, take a paper clip, press the reset button, hold it for fifteen seconds, then release it. Give it some time to reset your router and stabilize itself.

Step 4: Check the Network Again

If the issue is still not resolved, check the network once again. It is possible that sometimes the network is down and the white light is blinking because of it. You need to check whether the service pack you are using is expired.

If yes, then contact your internet service provider to recharge again. If the network is okay, there is nothing that you can do. Contact the Verizon support team to know more about the status of the network and your recharge.

You can find this information by signing in with your account details to the Service Outage Page or by checking out the website downdetector.com.

Step 5: Find the Verizon Support

If you have tried every step and the issue you are experiencing is not resolved, you must contact Verizon support. You will have to give your details; they can find out more about the problems you are experiencing and help you to resolve them.


Generally, the blinking of this white light on your router is nothing to be panicked about. Most of the time, your router takes care of this problem itself. But if the light blinks for a long time, these steps can help you to resolve the issue manually and enjoy your internet connection.

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