Affordable Connectivity Program

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Affordable Connectivity Program – Overview

As per reports, over 90% of people in the US have internet access. Are you one of them and want to decrease your monthly internet costs for better savings? If so, ACP (the Affordable Connectivity Program) can be an incredible opportunity for you.

Internet access is becoming increasingly essential as technology and the world move forward. However, some people may find it costly. Here, the ACP can provide several benefits. Before jumping into the details, let’s learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program.

What is an Affordable Connectivity Program?

Nowadays, internet access is becoming crucial for school, healthcare, work, etc. This leads to an increased number of households needing affordable internet connection. Here comes the role of the Affordable Connectivity Program. It is an FCC benefit program that aims to help households get affordable internet access through a 30 USD discount every month. The Universal Service Administrative Company, or USAC, administers this program.

Affordable Connectivity Program

What is an Affordable Connectivity Program?

Types of Affordable Connectivity Programs

There are 2 ways through which individuals can get affordable benefits of this program. Below are the two types of ACP that will help you understand it better.

#1. Discounted Services: Here, the Affordable Connectivity Program will provide a 30 USD discount to eligible households every month for using the internet services provided by the 1300 internet providers participating in this program.

#2. Free Services: In this type of ACP, households can get internet service for free. Under this program, the government partnered with 20 internet providers. These providers will supply high-quality internet with a minimum of 100 Mbps (MB per second) download speed.

Such providers will have to provide these high-quality services for 30 USD or less monthly. As a result, eligible households can enjoy free internet access services.

Am I Eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

You may be wondering whether you are eligible for this exceptional program. Well, certain factors can help you understand whether you qualify for it. Below are the eligibility criteria:

  • Your household income is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • You or one of your household members have:
    • Participation in tribal programs like Tribal TANF, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    • Participating in specific assistance programs like Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, WIC, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Lifeline.
    • Approval for getting benefits as per the national school breakfast or school lunch program
    • Received a Pell Grant from the federal government during the current award year; or
    • Being eligible for the low-income program offered by the participating provider.

Applying For An Affordable Connectivity Program

If you find yourself to be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, it’s time to start availing of its benefits. However, how can you do that? If you have the Lifeline benefits, you can connect with your internet provider without registering for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Suppose you are already in a broadband service program for low-income households without Lifeline benefits. In that case, you can reach out to the internet provider and ask them about the Affordable Connectivity Program. Sometimes, you won’t need to apply separately for ACP if you already have a low-income household broadband service program.

However, if you have neither the Lifeline nor broadband service program participation, then you can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program in the following ways:

Affordable Connectivity Program FAQ

#1. How to Apply for Affordable Connectivity Program Online?

The best way would be to visit You will be in an ACP where you can click on “Apply Now.” This will take you to another page where you must enter details, including your full legal name, birth date, and address.

You will also have to give identity verification either through social security number, tribal ID number, or other Government Ids. Once you fill in the details, you can apply it online directly from the page.

#2. How to Apply for Affordable Connectivity Program via Mail?

This procedure is similar to the first one, with the only difference being that you have to print out the application, fill up your details and send it through the mail.

#3. How to Contact Affordable Connectivity Program Participating Provider

You can also reach out to your preferred internet provider, who is a participating provider in this program. They can help you select a plan and then apply the discount to your bill. You can find your nearest participating internet provider through the USAC’s ACP Provider Locator Online Tool.

Note: You must apply for ACP and reach out to a participating internet provider for plan selection and to receive the benefits of ACP.

#4. Are ACP benefits real?

Low-income households can avail the benefits of ACP, which is getting a discount on their internet access. The benefits of ACP are real, and you can avail of it as long as you qualify.

#5. Is the Affordability Program legit?

Yes, this program is an FCC initiative administered by USAC, making it completely legit.

#6. How long will ACP last?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is long-term, and there are no dates for its ending.


Now that you know what the Affordable Connectivity Program is, you will easily understand your eligibility and how to apply. If you find that you are eligible, quickly go for it and apply right away!

The advantage of ACP (that you can get a 30 USD discount on internet access) is that it can help you clear your other costs, such as buying a new laptop and whatnot! I hope this article helps you get all the intricate details required to get started with the program.

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