What is Chat GPT?

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What is Chat GPT – Overview

Chat GPT is the most searched term as per the latest report shared by Google. Many people talk about Chat GPT on the Internet. But do you know the actual meaning of it? What is Chat GPT? How does it work? If you are eager to know more about this term, this article will help you do so. The detailed Chat GPT article clears all your doubts.

Chat GPT is nothing but a language machine or generative language model designed with the help of the latest technology AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to help you get the most common answers on its own. Yes, it is a Chat Bot. It has created a great buzz around the technology world.

Chat GPT was designed by the research company named Open AI. The company was founded by Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Shutkeshwar, Wojciech Zaremba, and Elon Musk in 2015 in San Francisco.

What is Chat GPT Used for?

Chat GPT

What is Chat GPT Used for?

You might want to know about the applications of the Chat GPT. Well, here we have prepared a list of the applications where you can use Chat GPT to make things hassle-free.

Chat GPT is an advanced Chat Bot that helps you design your model of the most common and common questions. It includes a wide range of texts, languages, styles, and more to make it look more impressive.

Chat GPT can be used to design news summaries, stories, product descriptions, etc. This solution is designed to generate answers more precisely to the most common questions.

Chat Bot can utilize it to generate more accurate texts and appropriate answers.

Chat GPT can be used to generate classy posts for different social networks.

Moreover, it can also be used to generate emails, reposts, and other productive applications for professional use.

It also acts as a data analyzer to extract useful texts and information from big data.

Chat GPT is Trained On?

  • Chat GPT is based on Natural Language Processing which most researchers and tool developers use. Developers work on Natural Language Processing Projects with numerous applications, tasks, and domains.
  • Chat GPT uses Artificial Intelligence to collect data from texts, books, articles, websites, and other sources. It is trained on big data of both biased and unbiased.
  • What makes Chat GPT different from others is it can reproduce answers from the data collection. The answers’ reliability is crucial as different apps require different types of answers and that’s how Chat GPT works!
  • Chat GPT is a revolutionary app pushing AI technology’s limit. We all know the impact of using Chat Bot on websites. It can help users get the most common questions answered instantly.
  • The program can understand human languages through speaking and writing. This way, the program collects huge amounts of data and creates texts and phrases that are ready to use by the users.
  • The program is designed to give human-like answers through data collection. People like to get quick answers when they visit an unknown website. Chat GPT is something different than its competitors.

Chat GPT Platform

The Chat GPT program is coded on GPT- 3 language model. The GPT-3 language model is developed by Open AI. Sources suggest that the GPT-3 language model is based on the same GPT- 3 models i.e. Python. We can say that the Chat GPT is coded in Python Language.

How to Register on Chat GPT?

The registration process for Chat GPT is quite easy. All you need is an active email address and a current phone number. Let’s see how you can register on the Chat GPT program and use it.

Steps to Register on Chat GPT

#1. Open the official website of Chat GPT and click on the Signup option.

#2. Create your account by entering your email ID. If you have a Gmail, click the Gmail option to redirect and create an instant profile on Open AI.

#3. Press the Continue button. Enter your mobile number when asked.

#4. You will receive an activation code on your mobile number. You may be charged for the code.

#5. Go to the SMS registration option, and enter the code here.

#6. Go to the upper right corner, click the top-up balance option, and recharge your account.

#7. Once you recharge the account, go to the homepage and select the AI Services option.

#8. Click the Shopping Cart option. Copy the mobile number from here and paste it into the Chat GPT section on the same page.

#9. Now, send the code via mobile SMS.

#10. A code will be received on your mobile number. Enter this code in the Open AI box to complete the process.

#11. Select the reason for registration.

That’s all you have to do to create a new account on Open AI to use the Chat GPT program.

Can I Use Chat GPT on My Mobile Phone?

Of course, you can use Chat GPT on your mobile phone. The mobile web version of the app is available for mobile devices to use Chat GPT while on the go. You can use this service through the mobile web version just like you use it on the desktop.

For logging in, you must use the same mobile number you used for registering an account.

The Bottom Line:

Chat GPT is the simplest form of using a Chat Bot through Open AI. The program is there for free to test out. If you are eager to try out this program, go ahead and register your account by following the above-given steps.

The program is not yet made available for mobile users through its mobile app. However, mobile users can use it through its mobile web version. Explore the details, create an account, and start testing it out!

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