How to Connect Ring to WiFi

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How to Connect Ring to WiFi – Overview

The Ring Doorbell, in appearance and function, resembles traditional doorbells. What sets it apart is the built-in livestream camera, which allows you to see who is at the door from your smartphone, even when you are not home.

Unlike typical doorbells, the Ring doorbell is not dependent on a wired electricity connection, thanks to its rechargeable battery. Additionally, it allows the connection of WiFi chimes throughout your home to ensure the bell is audible whenever it rings.

Connecting the Ring Doorbell to WiFi and installing it is straightforward. This guide will walk you through the process.

The Setup Process

  1. Begin by downloading the Ring app on your smartphone. The app is available on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iPhones.
  2. Install the app, launch it, and select ‘Set up a Device.’
How to Connect Ring to WiFi

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

3. If you do not have a Ring account, create one by entering your first and last names and clicking ‘Continue.’ If you already have an account, choose ‘Login.’

4. Continue the account creation process by entering your email address and creating a password for your Ring account. Click ‘Continue’ when finished.

5. Select the Ring device you wish to set up and connect to WiFi. For this tutorial, we will choose ‘Video Doorbell’ from the list.

6. Assign a name to your Ring Doorbell by selecting a pre-set option or clicking ‘Custom’ to enter a unique name.

7. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the back of the Ring Doorbell. The QR code is also included in the Quick Start Guide that comes with the doorbell. Once a green box appears around the QR code, proceed to the next step.

8. If scanning the QR Code is impossible, select ‘Setup Without Scanning.’

9. Input your address to set your location and click ‘Confirm.’ This step may disable certain features, such as emergency service dispatch and light scheduling, even when connected to WiFi.

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

10. Press the orange button on the doorbell’s rear to activate pairing mode. A rotating white light will appear on the front of the doorbell.

11. Click ‘Continue.’

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

12. To connect your doorbell to WiFi, if using an iPhone, open the Settings app, tap ‘WiFi’, and then select the Ring WiFi network. Android users should swipe from the top of the screen, tap on WiFi, and choose the Ring WiFi network.

13. It’s important to connect your doorbell to WiFi in the location where it will be installed. Enter your WiFi password when prompted and click ‘connect.’

14. Once connected to the Ring WiFi network, return to the Ring App, select your home WiFi network from the list, and enter your WiFi password.

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

15. The doorbell will connect to your WiFi network within a few minutes.

16. Click ‘Continue’ once the doorbell successfully connects to the internet.

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

How to Connect Ring to WiFi

Note that the doorbell may begin updating its firmware once connected to WiFi. A white light will flicker on the front of the doorbell during the download. Wait until the light stops flickering before proceeding.

After the firmware update, test your doorbell by pressing the front button to initiate a test call.

Why Won’t My Ring Connect to WiFi

Low Battery

A low battery can prevent your Ring Doorbell from functioning correctly, including its ability to connect to WiFi. Ensure the battery is charged or replace it if necessary.

Poor WiFi Reception

Poor WiFi reception is another common issue. To troubleshoot, check your router’s network status and attempt to connect your smartphone to WiFi. If successful, try reconnecting your Ring Doorbell. Note that if your network operates on a 5GHz band, the Ring Doorbell may not connect as it supports only 2.4GHz. Adjust your router settings to enable 2.4GHz if needed.

Final Thought

The Ring Doorbell is a valuable smart device for monitoring your doorstep and granting access remotely. Following the steps outlined above will ensure your device is properly connected to WiFi.

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