What is a Ring Bridge? What is the Purpose of Ring Bridge?

What is a Ring BridgeWhat is a Ring Bridge

What is a Ring Bridge? – Overview

Besides bringing out the best of your home, smart and adequate lighting also enhances outdoor security by lighting up possible intruder hiding places.

One of the leading security specialists, Ring, provides a wide range of smart lights for your home’s interior and exterior. Ring Smart Lighting uses the Ring app to control the lighting system.

With the app, you can turn the lights on or off using your smartphone. The lights come with in-built motion sensors that detect any movement around your home.

For even more added security measures, you can connect the lights to security cameras and doorbells.

Ring also provides users with solar-powered options for more flexibility. Even with all the fantastic benefits of the Ring Smart Lights, there is a catch.

For the lights to function, they need a Ring Bridge.

What is a Ring Bridge?

Ring Bridge is necessary if you wish to extend the circle of protection across your property with lighting systems.

In other words, the Ring Bridge is the hub or the central point that connects your transformers, cameras, doorbells, motion detectors, and external lighting system, making communication between them all more effective.

What is the use of a Ring Bridge?

A Ring Bridge-enabled gadget can sense any movement or activity within the compound and trigger the activation of your cameras, smart lights, doorbell videos, and any other system connected to it.

A single Ring Bridge provides enough support for the entire household with a ring of security that comes with a limitless number of possible combinations.

Using the Ring Bridge with the Ring’s innovative lighting system does not limit security management to just the house. You can extend the same measures to cover the whole of your landscape.

Furthermore, the Ring Bridge can also link your smart lights to particular Alexa voice assistant gadgets, enabling you to manage the lights with your voice.

You can also program Alexa to alert you if any of the motion detectors you have in place detect any activity.

If you use the smart lighting systems without the Ring Bridge, they will be nothing but ordinary motion-sensing lights without any connectivity to the other security systems.

How Do You Install A Ring Bridge?

You do not need to be an expert to set up, install, and configure Ring Bridge, as the whole process is easy. However, here is a detailed walkthrough to help you out.

1. Choose a central place for the installation

Before starting your installation and setup, you should choose the most convenient place for the Ring Bridge.

The location you choose for your Ring Bridge should be near a power outlet and have a strong Wi-Fi connection for an effective wireless range.

If you are mounting your bridge on the wall, ensure that you have wall brackets or screws to fix it firmly in place.

If you have a home alarm system, ensure that your Ring Bridge is at least 7 feet away.

2. Plug in the power supply

Power Supply

After you are through with setting up the Ring Bridge on the wall, connect the AC adapter that comes with Ring Bridge to the power supply.

3. Connect Ring Bridge to the power source using the provided USB cable.


4. Set up the Ring Bridge in the Ring App

After powering the Ring Bridge, both its blue and green lights will start flashing. Wait until the only light flashing is the blue one before setting Ring Bridge to the app.

On your mobile phone, open the app

  • Click Set Up A Device

Ring Bridge App

  • Tap Smart Lighting Bridge

 5. Scan the QR code   

On the Ring Bridge base or device packaging, scan the QR code using your mobile phone. Select Set Up Without Scanning if your smartphone fails to scan the code.

6. Connect Ring Bridge to the device you are using

If you are using an android phone, Ring Bridge will connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically. The Ring App will ask you to click Join before connecting you to the Wi-Fi network if you are using IoS.

7. Select your preferred Wi-Fi connection

Choose your Wi-Fi connection, enter the password, and then click on Continue, and you are good to proceed to the last step.

8. Add your Ring Smart Lights

Finally, in the Ring app, select add light and device you want to set up, and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

The Ring Bridge is a component of the Ring Smart Lights. Besides providing adequate illumination for your home, it also reinforces security by connecting several systems.

It acts as the link between all your smart lighting systems, including motion detectors, cameras, and transformers.

The highly innovative product allows you to control and monitor your smart lights using the Ring app from anywhere.

By following the above guidelines, installing and setting up the device will be easy.

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