How to Add Z-Wave Device to Ring

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How to Add Z-Wave Device to Ring – Before You Start

The Ring Alarm has rapidly become one of the leading home security systems, offering significant expansion potential, low monthly costs, and robust hardware.

One of its key advantages is Z-Wave, a low-power mesh wireless networking technology found in millions of smart home devices and gadgets.

Adding a Z-Wave device to Ring is relatively straightforward. However, before investing in devices, it’s important to know which third-party sensors are compatible and which are not.

What’s Possible with 3rd-Party Z-Wave Devices

Before purchasing third-party Z-Wave devices, such as sensors, understand that Ring does not integrate them as seamlessly as its branded sensors.

Third-party Z-Wave sensors cannot trigger your Ring Alarm when the system is armed. If an unauthorized entry occurs while you’re away, Ring will not alert your neighbor, even if you’ve enabled this feature.

These sensors cannot activate a local alarm or notify the third-party monitoring center. This limitation exists because Ring aims to avoid responsibility for the performance of poorly designed or malfunctioning sensors.

Despite these restrictions, Ring is gradually adding third-party Z-Wave devices to its list of approved devices. Currently, the First Alert Z-Wave smoke and carbon monoxide detector is the only third-party Z-Wave device capable of triggering the Ring alarm.

Adding The Z-Wave Device

Adding a Z-Wave device to your Ring alarm mirrors that of incorporating a Ring-branded sensor.

1. Open the Ring app on your Android or iOS device.
2. Tap the plus (+) icon to ‘Set up a Device’ from the app’s home screen.
3. Select ‘Security Devices.’

4. Then, choose the type of device. For this example, we’re adding a sensor, so scroll down and select ‘Sensors.’

5. You’ll see a list of Ring sensors. To add a third-party Z-Wave device, select ‘Add Manually’ at the bottom.

6. You’ll find Z-Wave, which is the only option available.

7. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Z-Wave pairing menu to pair your device. In this example, we’re adding a ‘General Electric door hinge sensor.’

8. Check the devices menu under the three-line ‘hamburger’ menu after pairing to ensure your new device is listed.

From here, the sensor’s status should update when you open and close the door, confirming the Z-Wave device has been successfully added to Ring.

Troubleshooting Connection Problems


If your Ring sensors frequently go offline, first check the batteries. Extreme weather conditions, physical damage, or simply old batteries can lead to rapid power depletion.

Replacing old batteries with new ones is often the most effective solution if quick fixes fail.

Check the Z-Wave Device’s Distance from The Ring Alarm Base Station

Ensure your device is within the Ring Alarm Base Station’s range. The connection between the Ring Alarm and your Z-Wave device relies on Z-Wave technology, which has a limited range similar to WiFi and traditional radio frequencies.

Distance limitations are partly due to the small battery size of the device. Devices out of range may go offline, compromising home security.

Factory Reset Everything

As a last resort, perform a factory reset on the Ring app, the Ring Alarm Base station, and your Z-Wave device. This action can resolve bugs and glitches, restoring online connectivity.

Resetting devices to factory settings and reconnecting them to your smart home ecosystem is typically a straightforward fix for issues in Ring technology.

Note: Be aware that Ring does not fully support third-party Z-Wave sensors. This policy is in place to prevent false alarms triggered by faulty sensors.

Final Thought

Adding Z-Wave devices to Ring is a simple process akin to integrating Ring’s own devices. However, the list of fully compatible third-party devices is limited, so consider this before expanding your system with new devices.

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