4 of the Best Smart Switch to Use

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4 of the Best Smart Switch – Overview

Smart lighting is the use of technology to increase the scope of functionality of lights in a home. They are quickly rising in popularity.

Smart switches are an important aspect of smart lighting. They widen the scope of light functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best smart switches available.

4 Best Smart SwitchSize (Inches)Wi-FiMotion SensorWorks WithSupports Three-Way SwitchesNeutral Wire
Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit4.6 x 3 x 1.5Via Lutron BridgeNoAmazon Alexa, Apple Himekit, Google AssistantYesNo
Kasa Smart Light Switch‎8.3 x 5.4 x 2.2YesNoAmazon, Google, and MicrosoftYesYes
GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing Dimmer1.4 x 1.7 x 2.8YesYesAmazon Alexa, Apple Himekit, Google AssistantYesYes
Brilliant Smart Home Control5.6 x 3.3 x 1.7YesYesAmazon Alexa, Google AssistantYesYes

1. Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit

Best Smart Switch

Best Smart Switch – Lutron

This is probably the best kit to buy when transitioning to smart lighting. It comes packed with smart dimmer switches, a bridge, and even a remote.

It cannot be controlled when away from home because it uses a bridge that isn’t connected to the home WiFi.

However, it can be controlled remotely through voice commands. It is compatible with Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Installation isn’t very complicated. It doesn’t require a neutral wire to function. This is beneficial to homeowners whose houses don’t have neutral wires.

It works in a three-way setup and includes a remote. This comes in handy when you can’t find your phone.


  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri
  • Easy to install
  • Set schedules and timers
  • It doesn’t require a neutral wire for setup.
  • Includes remote


  • Smart bridge required
  • Hectic design
  • Cannot be operated outside of the home
  • It is pricey

2. Kasa Smart Light Switch


This is a more affordable option of smart lighting and is generally suitable for buyers who are on a budget.

Its installation of this switch requires a neutral wire which may mean slightly more work for homeowners who don’t have neutral wires in their wiring.

However, the installation process is quite easy. Through their dedicated app, they provide step-by-step instructions and support.

The switches can be controlled using voice commands. They are compatible with several voice assistants, including; Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

With a smart speaker connected, users can give commands remotely.

Kasa switches work in three-way setups. They have a dimmer switch which adds to their scope of functionality.

Kasa switches have other functions they perform. Using their dedicated app, you can control other smart appliances and gadgets as long as they are connected to the switch.

Some of these gadgets include; ceiling fans and doorbells.

Kasa switches don’t need to connect with a hub. They can connect with home Wi-Fi networks. This allows for remote controls even when the user is outside the home.

Other aspects of functionality include away mode, which involves lights turning on and off randomly when homeowners are away on vacation.


  • They are affordable
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Away mode
  • Installation is easy
  • Can perform unique tasks such as creating schedules, scenes, and groups


  • Neutral wire required

3. GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing Dimmer

The GE C-smart switch is not so attractive but it has several unique factors. The switch can control C by GE smart bulbs even without dimmers.

The switch comes with a motion sensor. This will automatically turn the lights on when a person walks into the room and go off when there isn’t anyone occupying the room.

It also has an ambient sensor that detects sunlight and will automatically turn lights off when there is enough daylight.

The GE smart switch can be connected to the home Wi-Fi network. This means that it doesn’t require a hub or a bridge to function.

It also means that users can control the switch even when they are not in the house as long as they are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

GE Smart Switch supports several voice assistant platforms, such as Alexa and Google Assistant HomeKit.


  • It doesn’t need a hub.
  • It supports several voice assistant platforms.
  • It has motion sensors.


  • It doesn’t have an attractive design.
  • Using the android app can be a little confusing.

4. Brilliant Smart Home Control


This is a great choice for those who already have a myriad of smart gadgets. It offers premium service, which doesn’t come cheaply.

Other than lighting, it allows control over several smart home devices.

It has a unique control panel that is fairly large, making controls relatively easy. Some of its unique features include; a touchscreen panel, an inbuilt camera, and a motion sensor.

It is fairly intuitive and will turn on automatically when it senses a person nearby.

It normally comes with Alexa built-in, making voice commands possible. It can also support many types of smart bulbs and smart devices. 


  • It works with other smart devices
  • It has an Alexa built-in
  • It can be used to create custom scenes
  • It can work when homeowners are away from home


  • It is quite expensive
  • It requires a neutral wire to function

Final Word

In a marketplace full of smart switches, it is essential to understand what features make a smart switch stand out.

A budget will greatly affect the kind of switch a user invests in but it is also important to keep note of the value it provides as well.


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