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Best Alexa Skills – Overview

Smart Home Technology is growing its popularity as more and more people adopt this technology to make their home a “Smart Home”.

We have almost all types of smart home appliances powered by the latest technologies.

Most of the appliances are now Wi-Fi enabled making it easier for the consumers to use them through voice commands and other automatic functions.

If we talk about voice commands, then Amazon’s Alexa comes first.

It is the most intelligent Voice Assistant present in the market. Today, we have compiled a list of the 25 Best Alexa Skills.

The following list of the Alexa Skills will help you do your routine tasks much faster.

What are Alexa Skills?

Just like Google’s Google Assistant, Alexa is Amazon’s own Voice Assistant service. The service comes as a default voice service on Amazon’s smart speakers and other appliances.

It is widely adopted by third parties making it easily available for third-party devices.

Alexa Skills are nothing but small apps that you can download and combine with your Alexa Voice Assistant to do specific tasks.

You can customize these skills as per your requirements. The following list includes the most useful Alexa Skills that can help you with your day-to-day activities and other routine tasks.

Let’s jump onto the list now!

40 Best Alexa Skills of 2021

1. Exclusive Deals for You

Being an Amazon product, the Alexa voice assistant is always there to help you get some attractive discounts. Yes, you can ask Alexa for exclusive deals on Amazon.

The assistant will help you with the list of deals that are available for Amazon Prime members on Amazon. You can also ask Alexa regarding the status of delivery.

This skill is very useful for those who love shopping online. This Alexa Skill helps you save hundreds of bucks on your daily shopping. You can activate this skill by using the following command.

Command: “Alexa, What are your Deals?”

2. Big Sky

Just like every other assistant, Alexa Voice Assistant has several forecasts skills as built-in skills to help you know about the current weather conditions.

However, this Big Sky skill is quite innovative and gives you real-time updates on your command.

What’s unique about this skill is it gives you real-time updates as per your street address. You can get regular updates from this skill if you customize it on your smartphone.

It can provide all types of information that you might want to know about the weather such as rain, wind, storm, sunshine, etc.

Big Sky

Big Sky

Get Big Sky Skill from Amazon

3. Change Alexa’s Language

Alexa Assistant comes with a useful feature that helps you talk to Alexa in your regional language. Yes, you can change and enable the language you are comfortable with using a built-in Alexa Skill.

If you live in a different country where your native language is not widely used, you can talk to Alexa in your native language. Or if any of your households don’t know about the current language, you can change it as per their preferences.

Alexa has a special mode called Multilingual Mode. The service is limited to a few countries only, hence it supports a few languages only.

The company is planning to make it available in more regional languages. Currently, you can set its language to English, Spanish, Hindi, and French.

Go to: Alexa’s Settings page and then select the Language option and choose the preferred language from there.

4. Play Your Favorite Music

Did you know you can give the command to your Alexa-enabled device to convert them to a music player? Well, you can do so by just using this Alexa Skill.

Make sure that you have your Amazon Prime membership active with Amazon Music Library prepared to make this Alexa Skill work for you.

Once your account is registered, you can start listening to or playing your favorite music library through the Voice command right from the Amazon Music app.

Besides Amazon’s Prime Music app, you can also use third-party apps such as Spotify and others to enable them through your voice command.

You can also adjust the music of the time as per your sleeping schedule. The music will be stopped playing at the set time once enabled.

5. Get Nutrition Tips

Alexa is a good companion for those who love to keep people on the healthy side. The app helps you stay fit and healthy by providing regular healthcare tips.

You can get nutrition tips from Alexa by giving a command.

The diet plan may vary from person to person and for that reason, we would like you to discuss things with your healthcare provider.

The nutrition tips provided by Alexa are derived from the web. They are generic tips and are not recommended for everyone. Still, you can get these tips to add some nutrients to your daily diet.

Command: “Alexa, Give me Nutrition Tips.”

6. TED Talks

TED Talks is the most used command not on Alexa but other Voice assistants also. Alexa can help you listen to the most recent TED Talks from the popular TED Talks show.

This command helps you to access millions of talks available from the TED Talks.

You are allowed to explore the different categories and shows that you want to play. There are no bounds to picking your favorite show from the library.

The best thing about this skill or command is it helps you pause, play and stop the TED Talks through voice commands and Alexa supports all the commands.

Ted Talks

Ted Talks

Command: “Alexa, ask TED Talks to play the latest Talks”- Amazon

7. Fitbit

Fitbit is a popular brand in the Fitness world with a range of Fitness tracking devices to keep an eye on your daily activities.

Fitbit’s devices are quite popular as they help you keep track of your fitness activities, such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.

You can integrate your Fitbit account with Alexa to make them work for you through your voice.

You can get fast and real-time updates by enabling this voice command of Alexa with your Fitbit device.

You will get regular updates on various stats set by you on the official Fitbit app. The app can be customized as per your requirements and Alexa will work accordingly.



Command: “Alexa, ask Fitbit to start cycling.”- Fitbit

8. Translated

Translated is yet another useful Alexa skill available for those who want to learn different languages.

This skill helps you translate short sentences into the desired language, all you have to do is just give a proper command and that’s it.

The Translated Skill support over 36 different languages. This means one can translate English sentences in any of the 36 supported languages.

The skill is fully customizable which means you can change the translation speed of the sentence so that you can hear it properly.



Command: “Alexa, ask Translated to greet in Hindi.”- Amazon

9. Listen to Podcasts using AnyPod

AnyPod is the best companion for those who love to listen to Podcasts. This Alexa skill allows you to explore the huge library of Podcasts that they can play as per their needs.

The skill supports 1000’s podcasts which are readily available for the users.

Moreover, users can play/ pause/ skip/ fast forward podcasts using different commands. Yes, just like any other skill and command, this skill is also customizable.

The skill updates regularly, with new podcasts added daily.

Listen to podcasts using anypod

Listen to podcasts using anybody

Command: “Alexa, ask AnyPod to play Art Juice.”- Amazon

10. Ask Alexa to Find Your Phone

Alexa’s Find My Phone Skill is there to help you find a missing phone. There comes a time when we can’t locate our cellphones.

This is when you should try out this Alexa Skill. The skill also supports real-time voice calls when you have added numbers to it.

The skill is easy to use and lets you add numbers to it so that you can easily find out the missing phone. The setup procedure is a bit annoying; otherwise, the skill is very useful for everyone.

Ask Alexa to find your phone

Command: “Alexa, find my phone.”- Amazon

11. Easy Meal Ideas

If you love to cook delicious dishes for your loved ones, then Alexa’s this skill can help you create new recipe ideas. There are many such skills available for professional and household chefs.

The Easy Meal Ideas Alexa Skill provides easy-to-cook recipe ideas and recommendations as per your preferred category.

Alexa’s this skill will ask you a series of questions so that you can find out the suitable recipe to cook.

Easy meal idea

Easy meal idea

Command: “Alexa, Open Easy Meal Ideas.” – Amazon

12. Relaxation Music

Did you know Alexa can help you fall asleep or feel relaxed? Yes, you heard that right, this service can help you fall asleep quickly by playing relaxation music.

There are over 50 high-quality songs that this service plays in a loop just to make you feel relaxed.

The service has built-in relaxation music with an excellent mix-up function to mix up the sound as per your preferences.

The service adds up regular music to its library so that you can listen to more of them in your free time.

Command: “Alexa, open Sleep Sounds.”

13. 7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout is a revolutionary service for those who want to keep themselves fit and healthy. This fitness skill lets you explore over 45 different types of exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Skill includes three different levels of workout style; depending on your level, you can choose the suitable level from the given options.

The given set of exercises is proven to help you boost your metabolism and remove stress from your body.

You can start living a healthy lifestyle by using this skill. It’s a must-have Alexa Skill for everyone.

7 minutes workout

7 minutes workout

Command: “Alexa, start a low-impact workout.” – Amazon

14. 6- Minute Full Body Stretch

Stretching your body parts daily is crucial as it keeps you relaxed and out of stress. If you are adding new Alexa Skills, then this 6- Minute Full Body Stretch is a must-have skill for you.

You can incorporate these stretching exercises into your daily routine to keep yourself energized.

Stretching exercises given in this skill improve your flexibility and also boost your metabolism. It can prevent injuries and help you do your routine tasks effortlessly.

6 minute full body stretch

6 minute full body stretch

Command: “Alexa, tell full-body stretch to start.”- Amazon

15. 5- Minute Plank Workout

Plank is a good exercise to keep your belly flat. If you have developed extra fat around your belly, then you can start doing plank as it gives you quick results.

You can reduce your belly fat in a couple of weeks by performing this exercise daily.

This Alexa Skill has six sets of planks with a short resting time in between. You can enable it as per the scheduled time. It can also be customized as per your needs.

5 minutes plank workout

5 minutes plank workout

Command: “Alexa, ask five-minute plank to start.” – Amazon

16. Guard Dog

Guard Dog is an innovative and useful Alexa Skill that comes as a security feature. This skill plays barking, snarling and growling sounds when you are not home.

You can easily enable this skill by giving a command to the Alexa-enabled device.

Gaurd Dog

Guard Dog

Command: “Alexa, tell guard dog to guard.”- Amazon

17. The Magic Door

The Magic Door is yet another useful Alexa Skill that is not a security function but a game. You can explore different regions by giving Alexa an appropriate command.

You can explore forests, the ocean, castles, gardens, and many other places using this skill.

The skill is there as a puzzle game where you have to find out the hidden thing as per the place you select.

The Magic Door

The Magic Door

Command: “Alexa, open the magic door.” – Amazon

18. PayPal

PayPal is everyone’s favorite online money transfer app, just like the original PayPal app, the Alexa PayPal skill acts as an app for you to receive or request money using your voice commands.

You can check the account updates, transfer money, receive money, and request money using your voice.



Command: “Alexa, ask PayPal to send 20 dollars to Niv.”

19. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a popular weather forecast Alexa Skill with accurate forecasting reports and updates.

It is the world’s most trusted weather forecasting platform that provides accurate and real-time weather updates based on your search.

You can check the current temperature, high and low temperature, rain, snow, weather condition on particular days or weekends, etc.

The weather channel

The weather channel

Command: “Alexa, open weather channel.” – Amazon

20. My Chef

Bring the futuristic kitchen into your home by installing this My Chef Alexa Skill. This is your kitchen assistant which is there to keep an eye on your kitchen’s pantry, meal planning as well as a shopping cart.

You can ask this skill about the available food items in your fridge etc. You can customize this skill as per your daily requirements.

Command: “Alexa, ask My Chef what I have in my Pantry.” – Amazon

21. Uber

Uber is an essential service that we all use for a variety of reasons. With Uber, you can get a reliable ride with professional service.

Well, you can now book your ride and get other information from Uber by using your Voice Command.

Yes, Uber Alexa Skill is now available to help you do your tasks related to Uber using your voice.

Command: “Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride.” – Amazon

22. Short Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories can help you fall asleep faster. When Alexa’s Short Bedtime Stories Skill is there, you should not be worried about your sleeping schedule.

This skill offers you a list of short bedtime stories which you can select and schedule as per your sleeping time.

Short bedtime stories

Short bedtime stories

Command: “Alexa, ask Bedtime Stories to play all stories.” – Amazon

23. OpenTable

Alexa’s OpenTable skill helps you book a table at your favorite restaurant hassle-free.

Once you set up the skill by entering your email Id, mobile number, and other personal details, you can start using this skill to book a table that using your voice command.



Command: “Alexa, launch OpenTable.” – Amazon

24. MakeMeSmart

MakeMeSmart helps you keep up to date with the latest trends by playing what you select. You can get updates about the economy, tech, current events, cultures, pop culture, etc.

You can get your queries resolved or can build up your knowledge base by using this Alexa skill. It’s the most productive Alexa Skill available for all types of users.

Command: “Alexa, ask MakeMeSmart What’s New.”

25. Ask My Buddy

Ask My Buddy is an emergency app that lets your friends know how you are doing or sends them an alert message when you are in a difficult situation.

The skill works only with your voice after a proper setup. You can set up this skill to receive instant help from your close ones.

Ask my buddy

Ask my buddy

Command: “Alexa, ask my buddy to send help.” – Amazon

26. Song Quiz

Song Quiz is one of the most addictive and funny Alexa Skill out there for those who want to spend some productive time with humor and fun. Song Quiz is a quiz game that lets you choose the songs of your era. The built-in voice assistant would ask you a few questions before setting up the game for you.

Best Alexa Skills - Air Horn

Air Horn

This is a fun game that you can play with your friends and colleagues at your free time. Your answers will be saved and the other person will play against you. The only thing you need to care about here is you need to speak clearly and slowly so that the assistant can recognize your input.

Command: “Alexa, open Song Quiz”

27. Baby Groot

Baby Groot is everyone’s favorite character. Did you know you can hire Baby Groot as your assistant? Well, Yes. As soon as you are using Amazon’s Alexa, you can bring this character into your life by simply using the Baby Groot skill on your Alexa-enabled device.

Best Alexa Skills - Air Horn

Baby Groot

It’s a great skill for kids who can ask anything to this little Groot and in return, he would respond in his voice. The skill is 100% safe for kids as it is a kid-friendly skill that doesn’t require any type of parental control. You can customize it as per your needs.

Command: “Alexa, ask Baby Groot What’s up?” –

28. Air Horn

Most people get annoyed when they hear the sound of an air horn. If you want to annoy someone by playing the sound of a real air horn, then Air Horn skill is here for your Alexa-enabled device. This skill is quite popular as it comes with five different types of air horn sounds that you can change as per your needs.

Air Horn

Air Horn

You can annoy anyone by simply playing the annoying sound of an air horn using the skill command. The ability to customize the sound of an air horn makes it more user-friendly. You can change things as per your needs from the Settings option. It is full of entertainment and everyone would love it.

Command: “Alexa, open Air Horn.” –

29. Chicken Nuggetry

Chicken Nuggetry is yet another funny Alexa skill that you can try out to entertain yourself and your family members. We all love chicken nuggets and when you have this skill installed for your Alexa device, you can listen to the funny haikus.

Chicken Nuggetry

Chicken Nuggetry

This Alexa skill has tons of Chicken Nugget haikus to entertain yourself. The haikus read by Alexa in a funny voice will make you go laugh. The best thing about this skill is it is there for everyone. Anyone can use this Alexa skill by using its command.

Command: “Alexa, open Nugget Haikus.”-

30. Crazy Fact

The crazy fact is free-to-enable Alexa Skill to crack you up! The skill gives you regular updates with crazy facts. The crazy facts spoken by this Alexa Skill might put you in trouble as some of the facts are not family-friendly. The skill speaks all types of facts that surely bring a smile to your face.

Crazy Fact

Crazy Fact

Since the Skill works on its own, we don’t know what fact the device would speak. It’s not a kid-friendly skill; however, if you are searching for a funny Alexa Skill to entertain yourself, then Crazy Fact is a must-have Alexa skill. You are allowed to customize the skill by setting up the schedule.

Command: “Alexa, open Crazy Fact” 

31. Fart Sound

Fart Sound is a hilarious Alexa Skill for every adult. Many people love to hear fart jokes. This skill is for them. What makes this skill so much popular for youngsters is it can also play different types of fart sounds.

Best Alexa Skills - Fart Sound

Fart Sound

The only thing you might not like about this skill is it has a set of limited jokes. You may hear the same jokes again and again if you use this skill more frequently. If you are going to use it to make your guest shocked, then this is for you. You can even spend some fun time with your family members as this skill has got everyone covered.

Command: “Alexa, open Fart Sound.”

32. Who Is Right?

Who is right? Is a must-have Alexa skill, especially for those who live with friends. Alexa’s this skill there to back you up when no one agrees with you. Whenever you are in trouble, just ask this skill and it will back you up by saying Yes to your answer.

Who is right

Who is right

You can ask anything with a question and then add the command, and the device will respond with Yes. If you argue with your friend who paid the last dinner bill, then just ask Alexa, “I paid the last dinner bill, Alexa, Am I Right?” Then she’ll agree with you and this is how you can cut the argument with your friend.

Command: “Alexa, am I right.”

33. Worst Roommate

Worst Roommate is a must-have skill for those who live in hostels with their friends. As the name suggests, you can ask the skill who’s the worst roommate. For that, you have to create a list of friends in the skill.

Worst Roommate

Worst Roommate

Whenever you ask Alexa about the worst roommate, the skill will pick a random name from the pre-made list and will respond to you with it. Sometimes it picks up the right name from the list.

This skill is there to cut many arguments between your friends or roommates. Just ask Alexa and she’ll reply with the name. It’s entertaining, you must give it a try!

Command: “Alexa, ask worst roommate who’s the worst roommate”

34. Gollum

If you are a big fan of Gollum then you can bring him to your home with Alexa’s skills. Yes, Gollum is there for you with this popular skill, Gollum. This skill is there to help you have a fun time.



You can simply ask Gollum about his personal life or can ask him for a challenge for a game of riddle. The only thing you will not like about this skill is Gollum will not repeat the riddle for you again. You have to hear it clearly to work with him.

Command: “open my friend Gollum.” “Alexa, ask my friend Gollum what you love?.”

35. Peanut Butter Trivia

We all love to have peanut butter. It is healthy and gives us protein and other essential nutrients. Did you know you can test out your knowledge about peanut butter with this Alexa skill, Peanut Butter Trivia?

Peanut Butter Trivia

Peanut Butter Trivia

Playing Peanut Butter Trivia is fun as the skill asks you a few questions randomly and this way, you can increase your knowledge. You can use this skill in your free time as it is not that important; however, it can increase your knowledge which you can share with your loved ones.

Command: “Alexa, open Peanut Butter Trivia.”

36. Meanie

Meanie is a funny skill, but not for everyone. Meanie has always been angry and won’t respond nicely. If you ask Meanie about something, she will not respond promptly. This skill is not for everyone, as it is for adults only.



The skill has got a set of roasts that would surely make you laugh. Just ask Meanie to play the roasts and she will start the roasts to make you laugh. As I told you before, this skill is not for everyone. You have to be strong enough to play around with this skill.

Command: “Alexa, start being mean.” “Alexa, resume being mean.”

37. Akinator

Akinator is a free-to-use Alexa Skill for those who want to spend some entertaining time with the Alexa device. Akinator is designed to read your mind. Yes, this skill can actually read your mind.



Akinator will first ask you a series of questions. After collecting answers from you, he will speak out the name of the character you are thinking of. The main character of this skill is Genie. The skill is not ideal for kids, keep them away from using it. It’s really a fun skill as it picks up random names that would definitely make you laugh.

Command: “Alexa, start Akinator.” “Alexa, play Akinator.”

38. Escape the Room

Escape the Room is for productive minds. It’s a challenging game that can sharpen your mind. It’s a fun game to try out if you get bored and want to have some fun time while staying alone.

Escape the room

Best Alexa Skills – Escape the room

There are different types of rooms that you need to escape one by one. You have to escape from one place to enter into the other. A jail cell, garage, office, car, spaceship, airplane, and many other places are there for you to explore and have a fun time along.

Command: “Alexa, open Escape the Room.” “look right.”

39. Question of the Day

Question of the Day is one more innovative skill that you should try out on your device. As the name suggests, Question of the Day is all about asking you questions daily. The subject of the question would be different each day.

Question of the day

Question of the day

This challenging game lets you earn daily points. It also lets you compete against other fans by customizing the skill. This skill is for everyone as it is available for free. Anyone can start using this skill to sharpen up their mind as it picks up random questions which can help you increase your knowledge.

Command: “Alexa, ask Question of the Day.” “Alexa, start Question of the Day.”

40. Pikachu Talk

Want to have a conversation with your favorite Pokemon? If your answer is Yes, then Pikachu Talk is here for you. This Alexa Skill lets you communicate with Pikachu in his own voice. Yes, you can ask Alexa anything and Pikachu will respond to your queries and questions.

Best Alexa Skills - Pikachu talk

Best Alexa Skills – Pikachu talk

You can ask him about telling you a funny story or asking about the current weather condition etc. You can ask him about the recipes or nutritional information about foods etc. Everything will be answered by Pikachu. It’s a must-have Alexa skill if you love Pikachu.

Command: “Alexa, ask Pikachu to talk.” “Alexa, ask Pikachu to tell me a funny story.”


Depending on your basic needs and routine, you can pick the suitable Alexa Skills which can help you do your tasks using your voice commands.

Alexa is not there only to do basic tasks, but you can get most of this service by making use of the Alexa Skills listed above.

There are hundreds of other skills available for you to try out, just explore the most popular and useful ones listed above to kickstart.

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