What is a Smart WIFI Router?

What is a Smart WIFI RouterWhat is a Smart WIFI Router

What is a Smart WIFI Router? – Overview

In this new age of technology, smart home products are becoming more innovative and accessible. The more you have smart products in your home, the more the Wi-Fi network becomes crucial.

You will require a robust WIFI router for you and everyone in your household to do whatever it is on their smart devices.

The last thing you need is your Zoom call to suddenly stop because your son is guzzling all the internet playing a video game that requires WIFI.

You need a Smart WIFI Router to ensure everything loads fast and reliably.

Smart WIFI router automatically scans frequencies to ensure that a stable connection is always available. It also ensures the internet remains undisrupted by identifying and mitigating risks.

The router will shift your internet to a different physical connection with better internet frequency to achieve this.

A smart WIFI differs from the current standard router you use in your office or home. A typical router will only beam the internet to the connected devices.

It will still allow you and anyone using the internet to surf the internet and remain connected to all their essential apps.

A smart WIFI router is better because it will ensure interaction with mobile devices and applications. Hence, you and your smart home devices will always be connected.

This means that your apps will instantly react to any issues and improve the WIFI experience automatically.

Why You Should Consider Smart WIFI Routers

Besides the fact that we are living in a smart home revolution, here are more reasons why it might be time to upgrade your standard WIFI router to a smart WIFI router:

Easy Management of Devices and Users

There are certain things you can’t do with standard routers, like:

  • Managing users, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Understand the list of network-connected devices.
  • Change the router’s advanced settings unless you have a Ph.D. in programming.

Smart WIFI routers come with accompanying apps that give you control over all the users on your WIFI, and you can be able to:

  • Add parental controls for your children and teens.
  • Decode who can access your network and who can’t
  • Stop devices from getting online or pause the whole network.
  • Receive an alert every time anyone tries to access restricted content. You can decide to grant or deny access.

Better Network Security

Standards routers provide a weak link to your network’s security. With router companies upgrading their game, so should you.

Smart WIFI routers will send all your intelligent applications and device traffic through their network and block any potentially dangerous traffic.

Hence, an intelligent router will protect your online behavior by stopping tracking companies from profiling you and sending you a notification if any of your gadgets suffer a breach.

They also come with pre-installed software from anti-virus experts. Your smart home applications and gadgets will be automatically protected from phishing and malware attacks.

Fast and Better Coverage

Signal failure and dead spots are common disadvantages with standard routers. While you can easily video call your friend from the comfort of your sofa, you will also find that the signal doesn’t get to other parts of the house, such as the bathroom.

A connected smart home needs better and faster coverage. As things in the tech industry are going fast, most people will have smart gadgets in every room in their homes in the next few years. This means that you will need a reliable and stable connection.

Smart routers have more than two antennas, some with even 13. The antennas are circular to broadcast networks in all directions easily. The best part is that they are invisible because they are efficiently tucked away inside the router’s casing.

Some also use an alternative approach where multiple small devices create a mesh network. People with large properties prefer this solution because it offers a better solution than having a single router in a central location.

Some companies sell smart routers in packs so that you can place them around your house, linking them together to create one giant, continuous network.

In Conclusion

Even though intelligent WFI routers are a better option than standard routers, no two smart routers are the same or achieve the same goals.

However, whichever smart router you choose will feature improved security, parental controls and network restrictions, intelligent device monitoring, accompanying smartphone apps, easy management of users, and seamless integration with your existing smart home gadgets.

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