Wyze Outdoor Camera Review

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Wyze Outdoor Camera

When looking for an outdoor camera, you want one that keeps an eye on your home but doesn’t look like it’s trying to keep an eye on your home.

The Wyze Outdoor Camera does that by blending in with its surroundings and offering all the features of a high-end outdoor camera.


Reasonably priced at $50

Easy to install

Features an in-built microSD card slot


Person alerts have to be paid for

The battery is not detachable

The Wyze Outdoor Camera is the company’s first outdoor-rated model, and it’s a small, weatherproof bullet camera that easily mounts to the side of your house or garage.

It has color night vision, 1080p video, two-way audio, and an impressive array of features for $50.

It can distinguish between people, animals, and cars; it has a built-in siren, and you can add an optional battery pack ($30) that doubles as a solar panel.

It even has 14 days of free cloud storage, more than most cameras offer.

While it’s not without faults — it doesn’t have person detection, and its motion zones aren’t customizable.

So, if you want to add an outdoor camera to your front or back door at an affordable price, the Wyze Outdoor Camera is a great choice.

With that said, here is an in-depth look into the camera’s good and evil.

The Good

Here is what you enjoy when purchasing the Wyze Outdoor Camera.

Affordable Price

The Wyze Outdoor Camera costs $50, in line with other outdoor cameras. It has a 1080p resolution and can detect people, animals, and vehicles.

You can adjust the sensitivity of these alerts to reduce false positives. The camera also works with Alexa and Google Assistant devices, so you can show the camera feed on your TV using a compatible device.

Wyze Base Station Support

You can use the Wyze Outdoor Camera with the Wyze base station for a more secure operation.

The base station acts as a hub and makes it so your devices don’t connect directly to the internet, reducing the likelihood of hackers getting into your system.

If you already have other Wyze devices connected to the base station, you can bundle them together for a discount on your monthly subscription plan.

In-built Battery

The Wyze Outdoor Camera has an internal battery rated for three months. However, you can keep it plugged in to extend its life.

Like the indoor camera, you must subscribe to an optional plan for advanced features like person detection or cloud storage.

You get two weeks of footage for free, but after that, you’ll have to pay $1 per month, $12 per year, or $30 for three years.


It’s weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about covering it up when it rains or snows. Instead, a rubber cover covers up the USB port when not in use (and there’s even an included USB extension cord).

The camera is made of sturdy plastic that feels like it will stand up to abuse from Mother Nature.

14-day Free Cloud Video Storage

You also get 14 days of free cloud video storage, more than most cameras offer at this price.

You can buy more storage at $1 per month for up to six cameras if you want a longer video history or extra features like person detection and motion zones.

The Bad

This camera also comes with several shortcomings, such as:

Requires Power Adapter

The Wyze Outdoor Camera requires a power adapter to work, meaning you’ll need access to an outlet where you plan to install the camera.

Cloud Recording is Only Available for 14 Days Without a Subscription.

While Wyze does offer 14 days of free recording through its cloud service, after that period, all of your recordings are deleted unless you upgrade to a paid storage plan.

Bottom Line

The Wyze Outdoor Camera is one of the most affordable weatherproof choices for security cameras you can buy. It works seamlessly with its indoor cameras and has free cloud storage.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is an excellent choice for security camera newbies and seasoned pros. A 1080p resolution and night vision at a fair price, plus the ability to use it indoors and out, are valuable features.

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