How to Setup Wyze Cam Outdoor

How to Setup Wyze Cam OutdoorHow to Setup Wyze Cam Outdoor

Before you proceed with the setup of the Wyze cam outdoor, make sure to complete the Wyze base station setup.

The camera will communicate via the base station while being positioned at your preferred location outdoors. Afterward, simply follow the below-mentioned process.

Recommended steps regarding How to set up Wyze Cam Outdoor (Basic setup)

How to Setup Wyze Cam Outdoor

How to Setup Wyze Cam Outdoor – Recommended steps

Unbox the camera package and check out every provided device, tool, and accessory. Once done, download and install the Wyze app from the App Store( for IOS devices) or Play Store( for Android devices) and go by the following steps.

  • Select Home on the Wyze app and then tap the + plus sign located on the top left.
  • Select Add Device.
  • Select Cameras > Wyze Cam Outdoor > Begin Setup.
  • If you have yet set the Wyze Base Station on your account, or your Wyze Base Station already incorporates 4 cameras, you may be required to set up another Wyze Base Station.
  • Check for the charging cover on the backside of the camera. Once located, open it up and turn on the power switch.
  • The device will prompt you with a solid yellow light.
  • Carefully split the magnetic base from the camera body.
  • Go to the Wyze App and tap on Begin Setup.
  • Tap on the SYNC button located at the bottom part of the Wyze Cam Outdoor.
  • The camera will prompt you with a message- “Pairing is in progress. Please wait.”
  • The device will now prompt you with a yellow and blue status light.
  • The device will automatically finish the pairing process with the Wyze Base Station.  
  • Once completed, the status light will go Solid Blue.
  • The app will prompt you to the next screen, and you must provide a name here for your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Setting up Wyze cam outdoor with Amazon Alexa

To proceed with the task, you first need to add Wyze Skill to your Amazon device. Once done, you can use voice commands to manage your Wyze cam outdoors.

Please note that no details regarding your password and account information are shared with Amazon during this setup process.

As you have added the Wyze skill to your Amazon device, follow the below steps.

  • Tap on the Wyze app and go into your Account Settings. Afterward, tap on “Works With” to link Alexa to your Wyze account.
  • You can also ask Alexa to “Enable Wyze skill” to establish the same connection with the Wyze account. Please ensure that you have already downloaded and installed the Alexa app on your smart device and further enabled the Wyze skill.
  • Once done, go by the on-screen instructions to link your Wyze account to Alexa. The app will prompt you to enter the Wyze username and password to provide access to your camera to Alexa.
  • Tap on Add Device so Alexa can discover your Wyze camera. Instead of tapping, you can also say, “Discover my devices”.
  • Once Alexa discovers your camera, it will list down your device in the Smart Home section of the Alexa App

Setting up Wyze cam outdoor with Google Home

You can also sync your Wyze cam outdoor with Google Home by following the below steps:

  • Try updating the camera’s firmware to the latest version ( for Wyze Cam v2 and for Wyze Cam Pan). To start ahead, check on your camera’s live stream from the Wyze app. Afterward, tap on the icon in the top right to check into the Camera Settings > Device Info > Update firmware
  • Download and install the Google Home app
  • Tap on the app and go to the Home screen
  • Select Add
  • Select Set up device.
  • Select Works with Google
  • You will find the Wyze Home listing there. Simply log in with your Wyze account, and Google will automatically sync all the devices available in the list.

Frequently asked questions regarding How to set Wyze cam outdoor

Q1. How do you set up Wyze cam outdoor with Smartthings?

A. The Wyze cam outdoor is currently incompatible with Smarthings or Homekit. You can always check our posts and blogs for further updates.

Q2.Can Wyze cam outdoor be hacked?

A. Just like any other technical device and accessory, Wyze Cam outdoor can also be hacked. Still, you must keep your login IDs and Passwords secure and protected to be on the safer side.

Bottomline for How to Set Wyze Cam Outdoor

The process regarding How to set up Wyze cam outdoor is quite simple and easy. Just ensure that you have read the user manual to understand all the provided accessories and tools better.

Additionally, let us know in the comments section if you want us to bring similar ‘how-to guides related to your favorite security cameras and devices.

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