Do Wireless Security Cameras Slow Down Internet?

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So, you have just installed a wireless security camera and are concerned with the question- do wireless security cameras slow down the internet?

The concern is quite apparent as we all need the internet for various other day-to-day activities. Hence, the same activities may get hampered due to the slow internet speed.

No matter if it is a wireless security camera or a wired one, they slow down your internet speed a bit. But wait, the impact is not as huge as you think it to be.

You don’t need to worry about the internet speed if you do not access the wireless security camera remotely via a PC, Mobile, or any other device.

On the other side, the industry has recently witnessed some highly advanced security cameras that adapt well to any given internet network. 

But yes, certain factors largely impact the internet usage ( upload bandwidth and download bandwidth) of a wireless security camera.

Factors impacting the bandwidth consumption of a wireless security camera

Do Wireless Security Cameras Slow Down Internet

Do Wireless Security Cameras Slow Down Internet?

Camera resolution

A wireless security camera with higher resolution requires more bandwidth during its functioning. This is because it requires more storage space, with a better image and video quality altogether.

So, technically, a 4MP or 5MP security camera would require more bandwidth than a 2MP wireless security camera.

If you want to manage the same internet usage, you must also take the security and safety aspects of your assets into consideration.

Hence, it is always recommended to purchase a wireless security camera that caters to your security needs while also managing internet usage. 

Let’s say you have to monitor a larger area like the parking lot or the lawn. It is recommended to go with a 1080p security camera capable of capturing every small detail around.

On the other side, if you need to cover up a smaller area like the door or the hallway, there is no point in bringing a 1080p camera into usage and putting an unnecessary load on your Internet network.

Compression format

Now, here comes one of the most critical factors that majorly impact your camera’s internet usage.

If we talk about the security devices industry, it largely uses two compression standards in most of the devices- MJPEG/MJPEG-4 and H.264.

Hence, you have to opt for the compression format that best suits your security needs.

While you do that, you also need to ensure that the safety and security of your assets are not being compromised in the process.

For example, if you want a security camera with higher storage space, going with a security camera with H.264 compression format is a better idea.

This way, you can reduce the security camera’s storage requirements which eventually slows down the internet speed.

Frame rates

Frame rates establish the overall quality of the images and videos captured by your wireless security camera. So, with a higher frame rate, you can expect better-quality videos or images.

Now the same aspect can also impact your overall internet usage( higher frame rate triggers increased internet usage).

Hence, you have to play smart while avoiding any unnecessary load on your internet network.

This is where 15fps is considered the standard frame rate to capture any unusual activity around your home or office.

While it would efficiently serve your security needs, it won’t have a significant impact on your internet speed alongside.

Number of cameras installed

Last but not least, the number of wireless security cameras installed at your home or office also plays a significant role in slowing down Internet speed.

While you can’t do much about that, you can replace these standard wireless security cameras with high-end motion detection cameras to avoid that unnecessary load to your internet network.

The best thing about motion detection cameras is that they only wake up after detecting any unwanted movement around.

Well, that will also be the only time when they will be using your internet network to transmit the message.

Summing it up

A wireless security camera does slow down your internet speed, but you can manage the same while looking at the recommendations mentioned above.

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