Which Security Cameras Have Free Cloud Storage

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So, which security cameras offer free cloud storage

Cloud-based security cameras are carving out their niche in advanced security devices. These services encompass video recording, storage management, alerts, cybersecurity, and more. Consequently, many businesses and residential areas embrace cloud solutions, including free cloud storage.

How do security cameras function with cloud storage

Modern camera cloud storage systems utilize the internet to store encrypted recordings from IP cameras using storage software. This cloud server software enables users to view, playback, delete, and download recordings from the cloud IP Camera through available network connections. Typically, Cloud Security Camera monitoring and recording systems are designed to cater to organizations of all sizes, requiring only an internet connection, an IP Network camera, and a subscription. These subscriptions are usually available in various paid packages.

Importance of free cloud storage

The following advantages prompt some users to opt for these systems:

– The ease of setup with minimal upfront costs for cameras that provide access to free cloud storage.
– Many businesses do not need paid subscriptions unless the video clips exceed a certain length, making the systems cost-effective and straightforward for owners and managers.
– Users gain essential insights and accessibility, serving as an end-to-end solution at minimal costs.
– These systems offer real-time performance monitoring and trend analysis for business practice modifications.
– They provide a smart solution for enhanced video footage and data security at reduced costs.

Businesses enjoy improved data protection with cloud-based camera solutions. The absence of mandatory subscription fees makes these security cameras an attractive option for enhancing safety and efficiency.

List of security cameras with free cloud storage

Which Security Cameras Have Free Cloud Storage

List of security cameras with free cloud storage

1. Ring Spotlight Cam

This camera provides a live feed anytime and sends phone notifications upon detecting motion. It comes with a monthly subscription plan starting at $3.99 for 60 days of cloud storage. However, this professional home monitoring system offers free cloud storage for 24 hours.

2. Nest Cam Indoor

This device supports Nest Cam owners with free cloud storage, allowing them to watch clips for up to 3 hours. Various subscription plans are available for additional cloud storage, each offering a 50% discount for additional cameras. The free storage includes continuous recording, time-lapse alerts, and the ability to set activity zones.

3. The Canary View

This camera limits video clip length to 30 seconds and locks certain features behind a subscription, including two-way communication. Live streaming, connecting video from the camera to a computer, and unlimited video downloads are among its features, making it quite versatile. Membership costs around $9.99 a month, but smart free storage provides access to certain features for a full day without a subscription.

4. Amazon Cloud Cam

This camera exceeds expectations by allowing access to full-length video clips stored in the cloud for 24 hours. Users can subscribe to the Cloud Cam plan for extended storage, starting at $6.99 per month.

5. Wyze Cam

It provides free cloud storage for over 24 hours as a smart home security system. Video clips stored in the cloud are capped at 12 seconds and may disappear after 2 weeks. This model is more affordable than others, and with a 32GB micro SD card, it can record continuous videos for two to three days.

6. Blink Indoor Camera

This security camera system offers up to 2 hours of HD footage storage for free, regardless of the video length, providing free storage for over 24 hours with fewer restrictions. Though it can be used without subscriptions, purchasing the smart plan is beneficial for recording longer clips.

Summing it up

This review has provided a list of the best security cameras with free cloud storage, offering recorded videos and notifications for free up to a specific period. However, for those seeking extended benefits, it’s advisable to consider subscription plans in the long run.
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