How to Mount Blink XT2 Camera

How to Mount Blink XT2 CameraHow to Mount Blink XT2 Camera

How to Mount Blink XT2 Camera

Mounting the Blink XT2 camera may seem like a challenging task at hand initially. However, by simply reading this post regarding ”how to mount Blink XT2 camera” until the end, you can get through the given task without any issue.

The Blink XT2 camera can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you a wide range of surveillance options. Besides, no camera cables or battery wires are required during the Blink XT2 mounting process.

Still, before going any further, you first need to screw the camera’s base to the selected frame. Once done, proceed with the steps mentioned below.

Recommended steps regarding How to mount the Blink XT2 camera

Step 1. Set up the Blink XT2 device at the desired spot

Blink has released several new factory mounts that work with the XT2 packages or can be purchased separately. These mounts come in a plastic body, and you may clip them using a ball-type joint.

There are numerous mounting points, and an additional spacer is included if you want to relocate the device at the desired angle.

It’s easy to set up; slide it into place before your get to hear that gentle click sound. It’s simple to adjust, and you may tilt it to your preferred viewing angle.

It feels and appears to be more durable than the previous versions, and it’s only a question of moving it off.

The black mounts will go well with all blink security cameras, so if you already have any and are looking for adapters, this may come as a perfect option.

For a hassle-free setup, simply use the supplied screws and optional spacers in the camera package.

Step 2. Power on the device and check for its proper functioning

Once the Blink XT2 has been properly mounted, power on and check whether all of its features are working accordingly.

It can be done by using the Blink app on your smart device and ensuring you have signed up to it with all the required details beforehand.

Afterward, conduct a demo surveillance drill to see if the device is working right according to your needs and preferences.

How to Dismount a Blink XT2 Camera?

As you have learned about how to mount the Blink XT2 camera, the dismounting process won’t come as much pain.

The process is similar to what you used to follow in the case of the earlier version of the Blink XT camera. Just loosen the one screw that holds the camera to the flooring, and it’s done.

You may even remove the device from the base, which is still attached to the wall. Besides, it just needs to be unclipped right off the board.

Handy tips regarding how to mount Blink XT2 Camera

  • To retrieve from the device’s mounting surface, you could use a mount riser. It also lowers, allowing for a wider flexion and extension while putting the device in place. If you’re trying to set up the Blink XT2 on a certain surface, double-check the screws.
  • Leave the Blink XT2 camera in the location you wish to install it and perform a Live Shot beforehand by tapping on it. It allows you to verify if the sensor has good vision and a strong signal in that region. The most accurate motion tracking occurs when a person walks around the device’s field of view. Please keep this in mind while choosing a location.
  • Be creative while mounting up the Blink XT2 device. Try going for spots that cannot be easily tracked and located by the onlookers. While you cannot compromise with the desired field of view, you can always be imaginative with the camera’s viewing angle.
  • Mount the Blink XT2 camera at a height appropriate enough to monitor the desired area or region in or around your place.

Bottom-line for how to mount Blink XT2 camera

The steps and suggestions mentioned above can help you to mount the Blink XT2 camera simply and straightforwardly.

Nevertheless, it would help if you remembered that Home safety is much more than installing a security camera.

Still, if you know where and how to install the Blink XT2 camera, you are halfway through in the same direction.

Do read other related posts on our page, and you can learn about creating a perfect home surveillance system in the most precise manner.

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