5 Best Internet Providers in US

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Best Internet Providers in the US – Overview

Are you looking to change your internet service provider (ISP)? If the answer is yes, then you don’t need to make it complicated. Still, choosing the best ISP providers in the US is difficult when you have many options. This article will help simplify the selection process.

We checked and reviewed services from multiple leading ISP providers in the country. As a result, we have listed the five best ISP providers in the US and highlighted their unique service points to help you select the best-suited ISP provider in your region.

5 Best ISP Providers

1 – Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity is the leading ISP provider in the US and ranks first on our list of the best ISP providers. The company operates in 41 states across the US, and they provide internet connectivity in your area.

Xfinity offers high-speed internet connectivity, with network speeds ranging between 50 Mbps to 1200 Mbps. You can easily subscribe to Xfinity internet plans, starting at only US$ 29.99 per month.

The most affordable internet plan from Xfinity is 100 Mbps for US$ 29.99 a month, significantly more affordable than paying US$ 29.99 per month for a 50 Mbps service. In addition, Xfinity allows you to use various service bundles to offset certain costs.

Besides this, Xfinity also offers their customers to become Xfinity Mobile subscribers. Xfinity uses Verizon towers to offer unlimited calls, tests, and data for just US$ 45 per month. If you want a limited data plan, you can buy 1GB for US$ 15, 3GB for US$ 30, and 10GB for US$ 60 per month.

With that being said, Xfinity has consistently mediocre customer service. You may have problems with Comcast, which has a reputation for unsatisfactory customer support.

You can visit the official website to learn more about Comcast Xfinity ISP services.

2 – AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet is offered by one of the oldest telecom companies in the US, which is known to keep things simple. The company offers ISP services through three plants – Internet 300, Internet 500 and Internet 1,000.

As the name shows, Internet 300 offers a package speed of 300 Mbps, and so on. You can get the highest speed – 940 Mbps – with the Internet 1000 plan.

AT&T Internet offers its most affordable internet plan at US$ 35 for the first 12 months, so you can enjoy high-speed internet connectivity without paying anything extra. You can also choose the AT&T Prepaid MasterCard when you order online plans above 25 Mbps.

In addition, AT&T also offers 50 Mbps plans if you want less speed. Besides this, the company is the choice of more than 15.7 million broadband users and over 3.1 million fiber-optic connections across the United States.

You can visit the official website to learn more details and price plans for A&T Internet.

3 – Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum keeps things simple by offering three distinct data plans for users. The starter pack, priced at US$ 49.99 per month, includes a 200 Mbps data connection, a modem, and no data caps. So for a 200 Mbps plan, you only need to pay an extra US$ 20 per month. In addition, the high-speed 940 Mbps data plan is available for an additional US$ 60 per month.

The best thing about Charter Spectrum’s internet service is that there are no limits to data usage. The company also provides you with a free modem and anti-virus software to keep your data protected.

Spectrum also gives access to its Spectrum Mobile services to its data customers. It also uses Verizon towers to provide internet connectivity. The Spectrum unlimited data plan is available for US$ 45 per month. Apart from this, you can also choose to pay for every GB of data.

This company is renowned for providing good internet-only plans, which makes it somewhat inflexible. To know more about Charter Spectrum internet plans and packages, visit the website.

4 – Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications is the leading internet service provider (ISP). The company offers cable, fiber and DSL internet connections and covers regions with fewer options.

The Frontier Communications internet pack starts at US$ 27.99 per month for a 6 Mbps speed and can go up to US$ 44.99 per month for a maximum of 45 Mbps connections. It is a good option if you live in a rural area. The company also offers FiOS plans in certain states, such as Florida, California and Texas.

Apart from this, you may experience slower internet speed the farther away you are located from urban areas with Frontier. The company does offer a free Yahoo Email account and no-limit data connectivity.

For more details, such as serviced areas and price plans, feel free to visit Frontier Communications’ official website.

5 – Verizon

Verizon was among the first and best internet service providers (ISPs) that offered optic-fiber internet connectivity in the United States. Verizon FiOS offers three different internet-only plans.

For instance, you get a 300 Mbps connection for US$ 39.99 per month, a 500 Mbps connection for US$ 64.99 per month, and 940 Mbps for US$ 89.99 per month. In addition, you also get some bonus features with these internet-only plans from Verizon.

For a limited period, all plans come with a 1-year subscription to Disney Plus for no charge. When you buy the 940 Mbps plan from Verizon, you also get free router rental and 2TB of Verizon cloud storage. As a result, you can save as much as US$ 20 per month with a Verizon internet connection.

Besides the extremely competitive pricing and service quality, Verizon FiOS is renowned for good customer satisfaction. The company is also significantly versatile and ideal for business owners.

Find more details of Verizon’s internet service and pricing plans by visiting the official website.


Comcast Xfinity, AT&T Internet, Charter Spectrum, Frontier Communications and Verizon are the five best ISP providers in the US. These companies offer the most reliable connectivity at affordable price ranges. Check their pricing plans and features on their respective websites before buying a plan.

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