What Channels are on YouTube TV?

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List of Channels Available on YouTube TV

Like Fubo TV and Sling TV, YouTube TV is a live streaming service that’s a better alternative to cable TV. With a YouTube TV monthly subscription, you won’t need to pay extra for the included channels, as you would with cable TV. 

What’s more, unlike cable TV, which requires you to have a TV in your home, you can stream YouTube TV on just about any internet-ready smart device out there, including desktops, gaming consoles (PS and Xbox), laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart projectors, and TVs, etc. 

In addition, if you have a Google TV smart projector or TV setup in your lounge, YouTube TV integrates with Google TV, so the live sports, movies, and TV shows you’re watching on the platform will appear on your home screen.

In this review, we’ll first examine how much the various YouTube TV bundles cost and check out the channels in each bundle. Let’s go!

How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

The Basic YouTube TV plan costs $64.99 monthly for over 85 channels, but you can get it for $10 off for the first three months. The basic plan includes unlimited DVR recording, up to six users per household, and three concurrent streams.  

In addition, YouTube TV is one of the few live streaming services with a seven-day free trial, so you can try it out to ensure it’s something you want to pay for in the future.

If you speak Spanish, you can add the Spanish bundle, which has an extra 28 channels for $35 per month. Thanks to a partnership between T-Mobile and YouTube TV, T-Mobile customers also get $10 off their monthly plan. 

Which Channels are Available on YouTube TV?

YouTube has various channels in various sectors, including kids’ shows, live and sports, news, movies, and TV shows. Among the 85+ channels, there are about 45 lifestyle channels, 15 news channels, nearly 20 sports channels, and about 10 kids channels. 

Let’s do a breakdown of these channels in their respective fields: 


What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

Over 65% of YouTube TV’s catalog comprises entertainment channels. These entertainment channels include

AMC (American movie classics),

BET (Black Entertainment Television),


Comedy Central,


Court TV,

Cozi TV,

Discovery Channel,


Game Show,

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries,

IFC (Independent Film Channel),

Justice Central, MTV (Music Television),

MNT (My Network TV),

National Geographic,

National Geographic Wild,

NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation),

OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network),


Paramount Plus,

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service),



SYFY channel,

TBS (Turner Broadcasting Service),

TCM (Turner Classic Movies),

Television Land,

The CW,

TGC (The Great Courses),

TNT (Turner Network Television),

VH (video hits one) ,

We Television. 

Kids Channels

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

Animal Planet,

CN (Cartoon Network),

Disney Channel,

Disney Junior,

FF (Freeform),

Nickelodeon Cartoons,

Nickelodeon Channel,

Nickelodeon Junior,

Nickelodeon Teens,

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) kids,

Universal Kids.

Live Sports

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System),

ESPN 1 and 2,

ESPN Sports News,


FS (Fox Sports) 1 and 2,

IW (Impact Wrestling),

MLB (Major League Baseball) Network,

NBA (National Basketball Association) TV,

NBC (National Broadcasting Corp.)


NFL (National Football Association) Network,

Olympic Games Channel,

SNY (SportsNet New York). 

News Channels

ABC (American Broadcasting Corp.),

BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.)

America and World News, CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel),

CNN (Cable News Network),

ESPN News,

Fox Business News,

Fox LiveNow,

Fox Weather,

NBC (National Broadcasting Corp.)

News Now,

NBC Universal,

News National,

TYT (The Young Turks),

TWC (The Weather Channel). 

Premium Channels

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

Note that YouTube also offers numerous premium channels. These channels require an additional fee in addition to the $64.99 monthly fee. The great thing is that premium channel subscribers get uncensored content on YouTube TV.  

Billing for these channels is handled directly via YouTube TV; you don’t need to look for a channel’s portal to make payments. All premium channels appear on the YouTube home screen, although you can only access those you’ve paid for.

The following are some of the premium channels available on YouTube TV:

AMC+ (American Movie Classics) ($6.99/mo.)

Acorn TV ($5.99/mo.)

Cinemax ($9.99/mo.)

CD (Comedy Dynamics) ($4.99/mo.)

CS (Curiosity Stream) ($2.99/mo.)

Docudrama ($4.99/mo.)

Dove ($4.99/mo.)

Entertainment Plus bundle ($19.99/mo.)

Epix ($5.99/mo.)

Fandom ($3.99/mo.)

Fox Nation ($5.99/mo.)

Hallmark Movies Now ($5.99/mo.)

HBO (Home Box Office) ($14.99/mo.)

HBO (Home Box Office) Max ($14.99/mo.)

IFC (Independent Film Channel) Films Unlimited ($5.99/mo.)

MLB (Major League Baseball) ($26.99/mo.)

NBA (National Basketball Association) League Pass ($39.99/mo.)

Pattaya ($5.99/mo.)

STARZ ($8.99/mo.)

We TV Plus: ($5.99/mo.)

In conclusion, these are the channels available on YouTube TV. You get so much for a fraction of what you typically pay for cable TV. So go ahead, open the YouTube TV page, and sign up for live streaming. 

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