Teckin Smart Plug Setup

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Teckin Smart Plug Setup – Overview

Smart home enthusiasts understand the value of smart plugs in transforming non-smart devices into smart ones, allowing for unprecedented control over virtually any home appliance. Among the most versatile smart plugs available is the Teckin Smart Plug. This guide will cover everything you need to know about setting up this essential device.

Teckin Smart Plugs are available in three primary designs, with square and round being the most common. Square plugs are rated at 16 amps with a maximum load power of 2200W, whereas round plugs are rated at 10 amps with a maximum load power of 2300W. The third design, the Teckin Mini (or Teckin Smart Plug Mini Wi-Fi), features a sleek design that allows two plugs to fit on a single power outlet.

Linking a Teckin Smart Plug to a compatible app via the internet is straightforward, though challenges may arise for those unfamiliar with the process. This guide will detail the connection process and the capabilities of the plug.

Do You Need a Hub to Set Up the Teckin Smart Plug

One notable feature of the Teckin Smart Plug is its hub-free design, eliminating the need for additional components to connect to the internet. This direct control simplifies setup, requiring only the Smart Life app for Android or iOS.

The Setup Process

1. Upon unboxing, scan the QR code in the manual to install the app, or manually download the Smartlife App by Tuya Inc. from Google Play or iOS.

2. Plug the Teckin Smart Plug into an outlet and connect a lamp.

3. Launch the Smartlife App and tap the plus (+) button in the top right corner.

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

5. Select ‘Electrical Outlet.’

6. Unplug and replug the Teckin Smart Plug, holding the power button for a few seconds to reset it.

7. Confirm the rapid blinking of the reset button. Select ‘Confirm Indicator Rapidly Blink.’

8. Enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted to connect to your home network.

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

9. Click ‘Done’ to complete the setup.

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

What Can You Do with a Teckin Smart Plug Once Set It Up

Control It Remotely

The Teckin Smart Plug can be accessed remotely, allowing you to turn on connected lamps as a security measure when you’re not home.

Create Scenes

Within the app, create scenes to control multiple devices simultaneously. For example, an ‘Evening’ scene could automatically turn on the lamp and heater.

Monitor Energy Usage

The app provides energy consumption data and history for square plugs, which helps track the energy use of specific appliances.

Set Timers

Set timers via the Smart Life app to automatically turn off connected appliances after a specified duration.

Final Thought

The Teckin Smart Plug is a valuable addition to any smart home. It offers a simple setup process and versatile control options. You can quickly integrate this device into your home by following the steps outlined above.

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