How to Secure Wifi? 6 Powerful Wifi Security Methods

How to Secure WifiHow to Secure Wifi

How to Secure Wifi?

In this modern era of technology, we can’t ignore the magic that the internet has brought into our lives. With that said, almost every house has at least a wifi connection.

Resultantly, it increases the risk of cybercrimes and internet robberies.

As per a statistical report, around 47% of individuals in the USA reported feeling that their data and personal information was vulnerable to hackers as of July 2019.

Knowing how to secure wifi is an important thing but first, make sure to check your existing wifi security settings.

Every internet user should learn all the working tricks of securing a wifi connection from thefts, hackers, and all those who want to listen to your chats unknowingly!

Ways of Securing Your Wifi Connection:

Here, we are listing the six best ways of securing a wifi connection.

How to secure wifi - Ways of Securing Your Wifi Connection

How to secure wifi – Ways of Securing Your Wifi Connection

1. Change the Wifi Network Name

Hackers can easily detect the wireless networks of your area with free software tools available on the internet.

They do not even need to know your network name to hack you since all the Wifi networks come with a familiar name known as SSID.

Frequently, router producers save brand names with the SSID. So, if you have purchased the wifi router yourself, there are 99% chances of the router brand name and model as your connection’s name.

Hence, it’s always a great idea to change the SSID name if it contains a model or brand name in it or any of your personal information. Changing the network name can save your wifi from being hacked.

2. Always Put a Tough Wifi Password

Setting up a cumbersome password for wifi might be a little problematic for you to remember, but it makes a hacker’s life more challenging than yours!

Putting wifi passwords such as “1234567890” or your name such as “jack” is accessible for hackers to guess and muddle through.

Avoid using easy-to-guess passcodes. You can always recall your wifi connection passwords by writing them in your diary.

3. Make Your Wifi Network Hidden

Do you know what good news is? That you can permanently hide your wifi! Wifi connections don’t require showing their SSID. This way, your wifi connection becomes a secret network, or it will appear as a “Hidden network”.

How can one hack your wifi when they don’t know that you have a wifi connection? Apply this trick and live peacefully.

Presuming that your friend or family wants to access your wifi, you can unhide the network, let them access it, and hide the wifi network again.

Have you ever thought how to secure wifi was this easy? Let’s move into the next trick.

4. Use the Best Wifi Encryption

Hackers can hack your wifi with ease if you’re using weak encryption. There are three trusted wifi encryptions used worldwide. These are as follows:

  1. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
  2. Wifi Protected Access (WPA)
  3. Wifi Protected Access 2 (WPA 2)

Among them, WPA 2 is the best wifi encryption. One should be using the established version of WPA 2, i.e., WPA2 AES. Go to your wifi settings, choose WPA2, then tap on AES. Now, your wifi connection is impossible to be cracked.

5. Update Passwords and Routers Frequently

Make a habit of changing your wifi passwords more often. It can secure your wifi from many problems happening in the cyber world. Also, keep your router connection updated.

Check for router updates available on the manufacturer’s official website and update it as soon as you see it.

It’s easy to follow the tricks about how to secure wifi if you have scheduled dates for updating the router and changing the passwords. For instance, update the passwords on the fourth of every month.

6. Check for Wifi Related News

It will help if you read all the news related to wifi security. Often, viruses spread because the company does not know about them, while hackers identify them way earlier and use them as weaknesses.

These security weaknesses are termed exploits. When manufacturers identify these problems, they immediately deliver security advice and updates so that users can stay safe.

How to Secure Wifi? Conclusion

Securing your wifi is essential nowadays due to the increased risks of hackers, malware, and viruses in the industry.

How to secure wifi is all about how you can guard your wifi against internet thieves. Applying the tricks mentioned above can make your life way more accessible than you have ever imagined!

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