How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV?

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How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? – Overview

How to screen mirror iPhone to Sony TV? – This is the era of modern technology and new-age devices.

Further, when it comes to connectivity, wireless technology has taken the world by storm. People have become dependent on new technology.

Meanwhile, they find it comfortable, as everything is available right in their palms.

Now, you have a smart TV equipped with a plethora of features. Secondly, there is the iPhone which is a top-notch Smartphone.

Connecting both the devices is done on the fly with mirroring and other options. One can stream content from iPhone to the smart TV and enjoy the same.

Further, it is not rocket science, just following the steps will ensure a better experience.

Mirroring iPhone to TV – Compatibility

We talked about sharing your iPhone screens with a smart TV. However, it depends on what model of TV you own. The new models of Sony Smart TVs do support this feature.

But, what about the older TV models? Do they support this feature fully? Let us see how the pairing takes place between your iPhone and Sony TV.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? - Know the Doubts First

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? – Different Possibilities

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? – Different Methods

You might need to set up the mirroring, and it depends on which device you choose.

Further, the TV should support AirPlay for mirroring content on your screen. Meanwhile, the other options are buying an Apple TV box, or making use of third-party apps.

Adding an extra device will add to the cost. However, we make sure that you get the best and most affordable solution.

Airplay to Mirror iPhone Screen

When it comes to buying a new Sony TV, the AirPlay feature will be included right out of the box.

Meanwhile, once you set up your TV, make sure to update its software or operating system. It will ensure better connectivity with the iPhone. Look at the steps for configuring AirPlay with Sony smart TV to make the mirroring a successful one.

Step 1: First of all turn on your smart TV

Step 2: From the Input selection, pick the AirPlay option while using your TV remote control

Step 3: Now, select AirPlay & HomeKit settings

Step 4: Turn on the AirPlay feature on your TV

Now, the steps focus on how to pair and mirror the iPhone to Sony TV.

Step 1: You have already turned on your TV. Do make sure that both your TV and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Step 2: From iPhone’s screen, drop down to access the control panel

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option

Step 4: From the screen mirroring popup, a list of AirPlay devices is shown, pick your Sony TV from there

Step 5: The process is secure. Therefore, you need to enter the AirPlay passcode to proceed further. Enter the passcode in your iPhone as shown on your TV screen.

Step 6: Once the passcode is entered, both the devices will connect and your iPhone starts mirroring content to Sony TV.

Note: Once you have enjoyed watching a movie, and played some songs, it is time to turn off mirroring.

You can follow Step 2 to Step 4 by accessing the control center, then tapping on screen mirroring. From that popup that you see, tap on the ‘Stop mirroring’ option.

Apple TV for Mirroring iPhone Screen

What happens if you do not have the newest model of Sony smart TV? You do not get the AirPlay option right out of the box. Here, investing in Apple TV will make a difference.

However, once the box is purchased, you have to set it up to make it work with your iPhone as well as your Sony TV.

Here we look at how to mirror iPhone using Apple TV. The setup of Apple TV is skipped for this section. Make sure to get one HDMI cable for connecting your Apple TV box with Sony TV.

Step 1: The first step is to connect the Apple TV box with your Sony smart TV using an HDMI cable (sold separately)

Step 2: Turn on both the devices – Apple TV and Sony TV.

Step 3: Pick your TV remote, and press on ‘Input selection’

Step 4: Select the HDMI port where Apple TV is connected and follow the instructions. You will also need to configure both devices for the same Wi-Fi connectivity.

Now, it is time to connect your iPhone to Apple TV for screen mirroring.

Step 1: On your iPhone, drop down to access the control center.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Screen mirroring’ option

Step 3: From the screen mirroring popup, select ‘Apple TV’ as shown in the list of devices available

Step 4: If the connection is secured with a passcode, do enter the same on your iPhone. It should be the same as shown on the TV.

Step 5: The iPhone is now connected to Apple TV and you can enjoy the content on a big screen.

The third option is by making use of third-party apps. You have to choose this option if you do not feel like spending on an AirPlay powered smart TV, or choose Apple TV. 

However, one should make sure before downloading and installing the apps. Meanwhile, some of the apps have paid options, or else end up using a trial with limited features.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? - The Different Possibilities

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV? – The Stepwise Guide

Wrapping It Up

There you are. Got an iPhone, go and connect it with your smart TV, and enjoy content on the large screen.

Sit back and relax, watch movies, videos, and much more. Mirroring your iPhone screen to smart TV was never much smarter.

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