How to Connect Phone to Samsung Smart TV?

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How to Connect Phone to Samsung Smart TV – Overview

How to connect the phone to Samsung smart TV? – Talking about the phones, they have become much smarter with time.

Now, with the advancement of technology, televisions are getting hype with smart functionality. Gone are the days when you used phones with black and white screens.

Secondly, televisions have changed a lot since their inception. From CRTs to LCDs, and now with LED and curved displays everything is available.

When it comes to connecting your phone to smart TV, there are plenty of options. Secondly, pairing your Smartphone to smart TV gives you the best of both worlds.

One can easily view media from their phones onto the televisions. This media can include photos, videos, watching movies, listening to music, and much more.

Furthermore, it depends on how the phone connects to a smart TV. Whether it is an Android Smartphone or an iPhone, both connect differently.

Here we talk about different ways of connecting your Smartphone with your Samsung smart TV. The process may vary on which way you are pairing your device with the TV.

How to connect phone to Samsung smart TV - different ways

How to connect the phone to Samsung smart TV – wireless connectivity

How to connect the phone to Samsung smart TV? – Connecting Your iPhone

First, we look at the steps of connecting the iPhone to the Samsung smart TV. You can know more about the ways to pair your phone to the smart TV.

The methods or ways include Airplay, using the AV adapter, and wireless mirroring.

Using Airplay for connection

iPhone and iOS devices have a unique way to connect with smart devices – Airplay. Now, the feature has been upgraded to Airplay 2.

Talking about Samsung TVs, many of the newer models support Airplay 2 technology.

For connecting your iPhone to Samsung smart TV using airplay, follow these steps.

  1. The first step is to ensure that both the devices – iPhone and Samsung TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. The second step is to check that Airplay is enabled on your iPhone. On iOS 12 and newer, you can see the Screen mirroring option on the left of the Control center. As of now, it is the new name of Airplay.
  3. As your smart TV supports Airplay 2 technology, it will show up in the devices section. Tap on it and connect.
  4. Now, on your iPhone, open the media streaming app, photos app, or Apple music that you want to stream.
  5. Tap the Airplay icon. The content will be a mirror from your iPhone onto the Samsung smart TV.

Note: To turn off Airplay, from the control center on iPhone, tap on the Screen Mirroring button. Now, tap on the Stop Mirroring text shown in that popup.

Method 1: Using Lightning AV adapter

A simple solution for connecting iPhone to Samsung smart TV. The AV adapter connects the iPhone to the smart TV using lightning and HDMI cables.

Not only iPhone but also this product is also compatible with iPads too.

Look at the steps of physically connecting a phone to a smart TV.

  1. First of all, connect the AV adapter to your iPhone with the inbuilt lightning connector.
  2. Secondly, connect your smart TV to the adapter using an HDMI cable (sold separately).
  3. Now, in the TV settings change the input source to the adapter. Your iPhone’s screen will be mirrored to the smart TV.

Do make sure to get an extra HDMI cable to physically connect the phone to the smart TV.

Method 2: Using Samsung Apps

Yet another wireless solution with the ability to use Samsung apps on iPhone. Using the Smartview app from Samsung, one can mirror iPhone to Samsung TVs.

Follow the steps to use Samsung smart view app on iPhone.

  1. First of all, make sure to connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Open the Samsung smart view app on your iPhone. Enter the code that appears on your Samsung smart TV.
  3. Once you enter the correct code, both the devices connect wirelessly.

Other than the above-mentioned ways to connect your iPhone, there are some apps with mirroring capabilities.

YouTube is one app that offers the same and one can watch videos right on the smart TV.

How to connect phone to Samsung smart TV - enjoy media on TV

How to connect the phone to Samsung smart TV – using HDMI and adapters

How to connect the phone to Samsung smart TV? – Connecting your Android Smartphone

Considering iPhone, we have seen the ways to connect it to a Smart TV. Now let us know a little bit about connecting Android Smartphones.

Note: We share the steps and ways of connecting a Samsung Smartphone with a Samsung Smart TV here.

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Method 1: Mirroring with the Samsung SmartThings app

  1. The first step is to always ensure being connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Now, open the Samsung SmartThings app on your Samsung Smartphone. From the app, select your TV name.
  3. Once your TV is selected, from the more options (three dots action reflow button) tap on the Mirror Screen option.
  4. Your phone’s content is displayed on the TV via mirroring.

Method 2: Screencasting of phone content

For this method, one requires a screen-casting device such as Google Chromecast. You will have to set up the device along with installing the Google Home app on the phone.

  1. Plug the Chromecast device into your smart TV, and set the source to the HDMI or Chromecast.
  2. Open the Google Home app on your phone and set up the device, set up the room, etc. You will require using Google Mail for configuration.
  3. Once set, open any app from your android Smartphone, and tap the Cast button. Apps such as YouTube, Netflix, etc are excellent for casting your phone content onto the smart TV.

Method 3: Samsung SmartThings App

It is the same app you used for iPhone, however, now the app is upgraded to the SmartThings app.

You can install this app on your Samsung Smartphone. It helps in mirroring the phone’s screen onto the smart TVs.

  1. The first step is always to ensure your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Drop down the notification shade from your phone’s screen. Further, you will find the Smart View option.
  3. Now tap on your Samsung TV, which is shown in the app’s popup. The app will mirror your phone’s screen to the TV.

Wrapping it up

There you are. We have shared the steps of connecting iPhone as well as Android phones to a smart TV. Most of the ways are free to use.

Meanwhile, the lightning adapter is good hardware for connectivity. Hope you follow the steps and enjoy media on your Samsung smart TV.

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