How to Reset Spectrum Router?

How to Reset Spectrum RouterHow to Reset Spectrum Router

How to Reset Spectrum Router – Getting Started

Internet connection problems are ordinary even when you have an ISP as good as Spectrum. The intensity of the issue may vary from time to time. However, apart from a few instances that require a technician, you can fix most issues on your own.

Clients jump to conclusions and reach out to their ISPs for minor issues most of the time. But you can take charge and either restart or reset your spectrum router.

Reset and reboot are two different things, although people often confuse them. A reset will wipe all the data from the router, including the SSID, passcodes, and other settings. On the other hand, a reboot is switching your router off and then on to troubleshoot minor issues.

A reset will fix more severe issues, and if your router has been online for quite some time, you need to disconnect it from power.

Spectrum urges clients to check on the following prior to performing a reset:

1. Blackouts: If you have power in your home, but there is a blackout in the surrounding areas, your spectrum router might not be the problem.

2. File download and upload software: Programs such as bit torrent consume a lot of bandwidth which causes your speeds to be low.

3. Malware: If your PC or smartphone is experiencing low internet speeds, download and install a security suite first to see if malware is the issue

How to Reset a Spectrum Router While It’s Offline?

1. Start by unplugging the power cable from your Spectrum router. If you have any extra devices connected to your router, such as WiFi extenders, disconnect them.

How to Reset Spectrum Router

2. Allow your router to cool down for about a minute.

3. Plug all the cables back to their respective ports

How to Reset Spectrum Router

4. Locate the reset button on your router; it’s on the back of most Spectrum routers. The button is in the shape of a pinhole. You will need to find a needle or a SIM ejector tool to press it. Next, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds to reset it.

6. Press Start to boot the router. After a reset, it takes a while for the router to boot

7. Wait until the indicator lights become stable. The router will assign all linked devices new IP (internet protocol) addresses when they are stable.

How to Reset a Spectrum Router While It’s Online?

Spectrum makes it very easy to perform the process online if you don’t want to perform a reset manually. When online, you can reset your router and even be able to view the status of your internet components.

1. Commence this process by signing in to your account on the ‘My Spectrum App.’

2. Go to the account summary page and click on the ‘Services Tab.’

3. From the drop-down ‘Services and Equipment‘ menu,” click on ‘Internet.’

4. Next, pick the router you want to reset and click on ‘Experiencing issues

5. Then, click on ‘Reset Equipment.’

6. Plug the power cable back into the router.

7. Allow the router to boot for at least two minutes.

8. Verify the status of your connection by trying to load something on any linked device.

How to Reset a Spectrum Modem and Router Combo?

If you have a router and modem combo, the process of resetting both gadgets includes:

1. Start by unplugging the power cable from the modem and taking out any batteries.

2. Unplug the power cable from the router.

3. Let the device rest for a minute.

4. Plug the modem router power cable.

5. Allow the modem router to boot up for at least two minutes.

6. Finally, the notification lights should stop flickering.

Spectrum Router Not Okay After Reset, What Next?

If you have reset your Spectrum router and still don’t see a change in your link speed, Spectrum recommends you check your router or modem router combo user manual. If this doesn’t help, you can call for tech support, and maybe you’ll even get an in-house visit.

How Often Should You Reset Your Spectrum Modem or Router?

Ideally, resetting your Spectrum router is vital even if you don’t have a pressing connection problem. There is no regulation as to how often you should reset your router. But Spectrum recommends you reset your router once every two months.

Resetting your Spectrum router often helps to beef up your security. Hackers can easily access your WiFi connection easily by using malware. You can momentarily upset any malicious software embedded into your network by resetting the router.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, having internet connectivity problems can be frustrating, to say the least. However, you can bypass these issues by resetting your spectrum router using the steps listed above. Therefore, make it a habit to reset your router.

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