NETGEAR Partners With Async Art To Add Dynamic, Programmable NFTs to The Meural Library 

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NETGEAR’s Meural Smart Canvas Platform gets a new Art Gallery from Asynchronous Arts. The company has announced that they have added a curated lineup of Async Art NFTs to this new platform of NETGEAR. The partnership between these two giants will strengthen the NFT market which is already booming in the present times.

If we talk about Async Art, it is the world’s most popular company for cryptoart. The company uses advanced technology to design programmable arts for its clients. The platform uses Ethereum Blockchain to create its artworks.

technology to design programmable arts

technology to design programmable arts

If you are engaged in the crypto market, then you must have heard about the latest trend of NFTs in the Cryptomarket. Async Art is adding new functionality for the users which can make programmable changes to their existing NFTs. Instead of choosing the final image, clients now can use this smart art. These arts can be changed as per the client’s or public demands so there will be a great relief for the clients.

With Meural’s support, the company has designed these special artworks for the Cryptomarket. This is the first time an agency has created such a masterpiece. The company aimed to bridges the space between the NFT and the physical market through these special artworks.

Async Art’s CEO and Founder Conlan Rios said in a statement, “Our two teams cannot be more excited to launch a dynamic, interactive artwork experience for Meural. This has been one of the best examples of merging cutting-edge technology with an art community to bring a completely new way to experience digital art.

Meural has been designing smart home products for NETGEAR since 2018. NETGEAR is one of the most reputed electronics giants in the world with a huge range of smart products. The company has introduced a new range of smart home appliances recently. They are now stepping into the world of Crypto by parenting with the Async Arts to bring revolutionary changes in the Cryptomarket.

Async Arts

Async Arts

The company’s vision is pretty simple, to connect everyone through smart technology. Since they are already designing quality smart home appliances, they will now work with this agency to create masterpieces for crypto users.

The premium smart canvas offers a realistic art-viewing experience that comes with multiple control options. The frame can be controlled by smartphones, voice assistants, mobile apps, computers through gestures. Yes, the Smart Canvas Frame supports gesture control for a hassle-free experience.

Talking more about this Smart Canvas, it is designed to empower the users by interacting with their arts. The frame will give access to over 30,000 licensed artworks for the users. Async Art is utilizing this feature for its NFTs. The digital arts on the Smart Canvas will change as per the time and the user’s needs. Users will be allowed to customize the artwork as per their needs.

premium smart canvas

premium smart canvas

Moreover, users will be allowed to add their programmable artworks with which they can interact and get the best experience of using the platform. It will be an entirely new experience for the existing users.

Meural was built for this moment,” said Poppy Simpson, Senior Manager of Content and Curation at NETGEAR. “From its inception, the Meural platform has been building solutions for digital art, artists, and collectors. NFTs are the latest innovation in a world where the Meural display and content platform is the undisputed leader, and this exciting partnership with Async is another step towards driving forward a new era of art appreciation.

How to get started with it?

Those of you who have already bought NETGEAR’s Meural Canvas and WiFi Photo Frame can have full access to all the artworks of Async Arts for free. The users of these smart frames will be given free access to the entire library.

Interestingly, the artworks will keep on changing automatically as they are programmable. These artworks are updated every hour so that they can evaluate the time.

Async Artworks Subscription Fees

The extensive library of Async Arts with over 30,000 artworks comes with an annual subscription plan. Users will have to purchase the yearly subscription fee of $69.95.

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