How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV?

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TVHow to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV? – Overview

The Nintendo Switch is a handheld and house console, meaning you can connect it to your Smart TV just like a PlayStation 5 or Xbox. So, how simple is it to connect it to your smart TV when you’ve become so comfortable with playing games when holding it?

This is a hybrid console specially engineered to be used in a couple of ways. First, when in handheld mode, you can use the Joy-Cons attached to the side of the screen to play.

You can also use the tabletop mode to place this console on its kickstand and remove the controllers for group or solo gaming. The docked mode, on the other hand, allows you to convey video feed directly from the console to a television. But, of course, the big benefit of this mode is that you can play your favorite titles on a screen they deserve.

After all, the screen on the Nintendo Switch is 6.2 inches only with an average 720p resolution. This makes it ideal for gaming on the go or gaming from your couch, bed or while traveling.

Get Your Cables Ready

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV: Get Your Cables Ready

When you get a Nintendo Switch, it comes with a gray-black dock. Initially, you need to open the cover on the back to reveal the dual cable ports.

The topmost port is for the AC adapter, which connects to a power outlet to supply power to the console.

The bottom port is for an HDMI cable with a single end connecting here and the other end connecting to your TV.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch can’t convey content wirelessly to another gadget, so you’ll need a cable to do the trick.

Get Your Console Ready

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV: Get Your Console Ready

Once you’ve connected it and reinstated the cover on the back of the dock, you’ll have to place the console inside the dock. So, slide the console from the top of the dock with the display facing outside (where you can see the Nintendo logo). You will see a tiny connector point at the bottom of the dock that connects to the console, which is simple to slide onto.

Detach the Joy Controllers

Detach the Joy Controllers

If you haven’t detached the Joy-Con controllers, it’s high time you do it. These controllers detach from the sides of the dock; you’ll be able to reach them.

What’s more, if you leave them attached when the console is docked, they’ll charge, which comes in handy.

To remove them, just hold the tiny ‘release’ button on the back of each controller and push it upward, thereby detaching it from your console.

New Nintendo Switch consoles also come with a controller grip to which you can attach the controllers. In addition, you can use the Nintendo Pro controller or even use a solo Joy-Con turned on its side.

Wake up Your Switch Console

Wake up Your Switch Console

At this point, you’ll need to turn on your Nintendo Switch console. You can do this using the controller that you’ve connected to your console, either the Joy-Con or Pro controller.

Turn On Your TV and Set It to the Correct HDMI Channel

Turn On Your TV and Set It to the Correct HDMI Channel

Now switch on your TV and locate the correct HDMI input. Most TV remotes have a ‘Source’ button or have an input menu in their settings.

Some TVs can be switched on by simply pressing the home button on the Switch controller. This will turn on the display and jump straight to the correct input.

Note that your TV will have to feature at least Full HD (1080p) resolution for you to see the graphical difference. If you have a 4K TV, your Switch console is capable of outputting this.

Start Playing

Start Playing

That’s it, nothing left for you to do but sit back and enjoy your gaming setup. When you dock your Switch console, the display turns off, but you should see its content on your TV.

A couple of games wouldn’t be enhanced with the TV setup. So you need to search for the list of the best Nintendo Switch games to find the top ones.

If you’d like to detach your Switch console from your TV when you finish gaming, reverse the steps illustrated above. Next, you can connect the dock to the power outlet. Then, reconnect the controllers and place your console in the dock to charge it alongside the controllers.

Note: You can play games with your Joy-Con controllers when separate, connect them to wrist straps or the grip. Also, you can connect them to the charging grip which enables them to charge as you play meaning they won’t run out of juice.

Final Thought

Connecting your Nintendo Switch to your TV is relatively easy, as illustrated above. Once the device is out of the box, and you connect the HDMI cable to the console on one end and your TV on the other end, you’re all set to go.

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