How to Connect AirPods to Laptop

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Connecting AirPods to a Laptop

Pairing your AirPods with a laptop involves a few additional steps compared to connecting them to Apple devices such as iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and Mac desktops. However, the process remains relatively straightforward if you’re familiar with it.

AirPods come with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, enabling them to connect to non-Apple devices, including gaming consoles and laptops. Before attempting to connect your AirPods to a laptop, ensure your laptop’s Bluetooth driver is up to date, as an outdated driver can prevent the Bluetooth option from appearing.

This guide will show you how to connect 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation AirPods to a laptop.

The Setup Process

1. Click on the taskbar on the right side of your screen to open a menu.

2. Click ‘All Settings,’ identifiable by a gear-like icon.

3. Select ‘Devices,’ next to the ‘System’ and ‘Phone’ settings.

4. Click on ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices,’ which is typically selected by default on the left side of your screen.

5. Choose ‘Add Bluetooth or another device‘ at the top. Make sure the Bluetooth switch is toggled on; otherwise, connecting AirPods or any Bluetooth device will not be possible.

6. Select ‘Bluetooth‘ at the top of the menu to display a list of Bluetooth devices ready to pair.

7. Place your AirPods inside their charging case, close it, and wait a few seconds.

8. Open the AirPods charging case and leave it open with the earbuds inside throughout the connection. Ensure the earbuds have at least 20% battery.

9. Hold down the button on the AirPods charging case until the LED light starts flickering. The LED light is inside the case for older AirPods generations, whereas for newer generations, it’s at the front. Wait until the light turns white.

10. Once your AirPods appear under Bluetooth devices ready to pair, click on them and allow time for the connection to establish.

11. A message indicating that your AirPods are ready to use will appear on your laptop’s screen.

12. Click on ‘Done‘ to exit the Bluetooth devices menu. You can now use your AirPods to listen to music, podcasts, or watch movies.

Your laptop will remember your AirPods, making future connections quicker. Sometimes, your AirPods may automatically reconnect.

How to Disconnect AirPods from a Laptop

You might encounter difficulties connecting your AirPods to other Bluetooth-ready devices after pairing your AirPods with a laptop. If you prefer your AirPods to automatically connect to devices like your smartphone, it’s advisable to disconnect them from your laptop.

1. Open the Windows Start menu.

2. Click on ‘Settings‘, which has a gear-like icon.

3. Select ‘Devices‘.

4. Choose ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices‘.

5. Find your AirPods listed under ‘Audio’ devices.

6. Click on ‘Remove Device‘.

7. Confirm the disconnection by clicking ‘Yes‘.

My AirPods Won’t Connect to My Laptop; What Should I Do?

Ensure The AirPods Charging Case Is Fully Open: Your AirPods will only connect to your laptop if the charging case is fully open. Press the setup button until the LED light turns white.

Switch off Bluetooth on Other Connected Devices: If your AirPods are paired with other devices, such as your smartphone, this may prevent them from connecting to your laptop. Disable Bluetooth on these devices temporarily.

In conclusion, connecting your AirPods to a laptop is straightforward, akin to pairing any Bluetooth audio device. Should you wish to disconnect them, simply place them back in their charging case and close it.

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