How to Improve Internet Connection?

How to Improve Internet ConnectionHow to Improve Internet Connection

Change Your WiFi Username and Passcode

Are you experiencing low internet speeds? If your answer is yes, it’s vital that you know you’re not alone. Slow internet speeds affect virtually everyone.

Slow internet speeds can be caused by various factors such as connection downtime, too many devices connected to one network, inadequate bandwidth, WiFi dead spots, etc. 

You don’t want to experience slow internet when working on time-sensitive projects, surfing the web, or watching your favorite movies and TV shows online. 

Fortunately, you can improve your internet connection with some DIY tips and others that require help from professionals.

In this review, we’ll mainly look at the DIY tips, but we’ll also briefly look at a couple of professional internet improvement tips. 

Change Your WiFi Username and Passcode

How to Improve Internet Connection

How to Improve Internet Connection

If you have poor internet, maybe you have a weak WiFi password, and your neighbors are snooping on your connection. Change your WiFi passcode, and don’t use something predictable; mix up the characters but ensure you remember the password.

Check for Firmware Updates

Networking equipment manufacturers issue updates for their devices from time to time. So you can experience poor WiFi reception if your devices don’t have the latest firmware.

Check for firmware updates, update your device and reboot it. 

Increase Your Bandwidth

How to Improve Internet Connection

How to Improve Internet Connection

Sometimes the only way to improve your internet connection is to increase the bandwidth you buy from your ISP (internet service provider).

Maybe your needs have outgrown the 20 Mbps or 50 Mbps you pay for each month. This is especially the case for people who have smart homes; virtually all the devices in their homes are connected to the internet. 

So if you have many devices connected to your WiFi and are experiencing poor connection around your home, you need to call your ISP and upgrade your internet bundle.

The good thing is this is a sure way to improve your internet connection. 

Move Your WiFi Gateway

A WiFi gateway is what’s commonly known as a WiFi router. It’s a device that emits signals to WiFi-ready devices such as PCs and smartphones connect to. 

If there is anything barring these signals from reaching your WiFi-ready devices, for instance, appliances, distance, walls, pillars, etc., you will experience a poor internet connection.

Not only that

but your WiFi connection can also be impeded by other devices that emit signals, such as microwaves and smartphones. So it’s vital that you move your router to a central location not hampered by any of these factors.

Purchase a WiFi Extender or Configure an Old Router

How to Improve Internet Connection

If moving your WiFi gateway to a central or higher location hasn’t helped improve your internet connection, you can buy a WiFi extender or configure an old router.

A WiFi extender helps provide internet to WiFi dead spots in your home, such as your basement, albeit it needs a wired connection to work.

Configuring an old router into a repeater can also help cover dead spots, albeit the range is limited, unlike when you buy an extender.

Also, configuring a router into a repeater can half your link speed, but it’s the best option to cover dead spots without spending money. 

Reboot your Networking Devices

How to Improve Internet Connection

How to Improve Internet Connection

Networking devices for most people include a modem and WiFi router, but for others, these devices are combined, creating what’s known as a modem router combo.

You can try restarting these network devices to see if your internet connection improves.

Switch off both devices and wait for about a minute before turning them on.

This might seem like a fundamental thing to do, but power cycling your network devices erases the memory on your devices which helps clear any bugs and gives the devices a new start.

Networking device manufacturers recommend you power cycle your devices from time to time. Maybe try and power cycle them every three months. 

Upgrade Your Networking Equipment

How to Improve Internet Connection

How to Improve Internet Connection

If you have a modem and router in your home and either of them is outdated, you’ll experience poor internet and WiFi reception in your home.

If you lease a modem from your ISP, you can request a technician to come and assess the device.

But if you own the devices, you can shop for a modem and/or router on Amazon or any other platform.

For routers, only buy those with WiFi 5, 6, or 6E. Consider upgrading to a mesh WiFi 5 or 6 system if you have a big home.

Final Thought

In conclusion, poor internet or WiFi reception is an issue anyone can experience. But that doesn’t mean you should be content with this problem; you can utilize the tips listed above and even reach out to your ISP if you can’t fix the problem. 

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