How to Gameshare on PS5 | A Step by Step Guide

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Gamesharing on PS5

Gone are those disc-sharing days, where you would need to wipe your dirty discs and look through an entire shelf to let your friend borrow a game. Physical copy lending is becoming a thing of the past. With a game share, you can give anyone access to your PS5 console’s games and media and vice versa, but both consoles must initially be online to set up sharing.

Additionally, you can share PlayStation Plus subscriptions with others on your primary PS5 console. It’s a great way to add to your game collection or give and try titles you might not otherwise have a chance to play.

On the PS5, you must explore the options and go into a different PlayStation Network account to configure gameshare.

In essence, you’re connecting an account to your PlayStation 5 console for any other account to access and play its games. Similar to the “main console” feature on the PlayStation 4, you should consider this. You don’t need to tinker with the setting once it is enabled.

For instance, if a friend’s PlayStation 5 has Console Sharing enabled, you can log in from your PlayStation Network account and let them play any games you have already downloaded to your console.

You can still access your PSN account and play your games on any system as long as you are logged in, and others can also play your games on your primary console without needing to log into your account. One PS5 at a time can be set as your primary console to enable Console Sharing and Offline Play for any user on that console, but you can change which console is your primary console if needed.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how Console Sharing works if you want to activate it:

How to Turn On PlayStation 5 Console Sharing

1. The first step is to ensure that your PlayStation Network Account, likely your account, is always open.

2. Next, go to the PlayStation 5’s dashboard and choose Settings.

3. Tap the triangle to access the gear icon in the screen’s top right corner.

4. After that, choose “Users and Accounts.”

5. When that menu appears, select Other by scrolling down.

Engage Offline Play and Console Sharing

Offline Play and Console Sharing are the first choices under Other. If you choose this, Sony’s Console Sharing and Offline Play data screen will be displayed. Here, you may find out if the function is currently activated on the PS5 you are using, get more details about the feature, and choose whether to switch it on or off. If it isn’t already, turn it on.

Authenticate Using a Different PlayStation Network Account

If you skip over this crucial step, you risk making a mistake.

1. You must log into the account from which you want to access digital games. To accomplish that, tap Switch User while hovering over your account picture in the upper right corner next to the settings gear symbol.

2. Press “Add User” under that menu. The choice you used in the previous step won’t appear if you don’t choose “Get Started” under “Add a User to this PS5,” instead, the PSN account will only be momentarily logged in. You’ll need the secondary account’s email and password to do this.

Since the function has been turned on, you may now download games from your collection and make them accessible to anyone else using a PlayStation 5 console while that device is offline. The feature can be turned off using the same procedure when ready.

PS5 Gameshare: Advantages and Drawbacks

You must download the games from the secondary account while logged into it to use it to play them. After completing that, you can return to your primary account and play them at will.

A key consideration is that while games shared from a secondary account to your primary PS5 can generally be accessed by other users offline, accessing shared games from a non-primary console requires an online connection. Your primary account must be online for the PS5 console to access its games because we linked it to a secondary account.

To maintain access to shared games, ensure that your PS5 is your primary console for game sharing, and verify the setup if any issues arise with access to shared content. Once you’ve completed these steps, everything should function normally once more. Put your concerns about losing any PS4 games to the side because this method does not affect the PS4’s console sharing.

Additionally, even if just one account has access to the service’s library of free games, you will still receive the advantages of PlayStation Plus.

Gamesharing is two-way, as you may have already realized; anyone with access to your PSN account can enter your game library and you through their game library as long as you are connected to your PSN account if they have their console sharing and offline play enabled. The PS5 Game Share feature can be activated in the ways mentioned above.

We sincerely hope that this information was extremely useful to you in meeting all of your informational needs regarding enabling game share features.

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