5 Best PS5 Sports Games

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Best PS5 Sports Games

When it comes to sports gaming, you won’t find a better platform than the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the list of PS5 sports titles is relatively small at the moment, which means that the console’s game library as a whole hasn’t been filled as of yet.

However, there is a host of PlayStation 4 games you can check out, and they are a handful of sports experiences designed specifically for the console.

It’s quite unfortunate that the PlayStation 5 no longer has a web browser, so if you want a different type of sports experience, you can’t open sports betting pages anymore.

However, if you want to play sports simulation games, the PlayStation 5 is the way to go. That said; let’s look at 5 of the best sports game available on the PlayStation 5.

1. Dirt 5

Best PS5 Sports Games

Best PS5 Sports Games – Dirt 5

This legendary off-road racing franchise returns with the grandest edition of the series yet. Dirt 5 offers breathtaking action with over 70 routes in ten worldwide locations.

Hit the road with a wide variety of cars in a range of settings, from Brazil’s twisting favelas to Italy’s marble mines; this game even features ice racing in New York City.

Highlight-reel moments lie ahead in a wide variety of types, including point-to-point Rally Raids, the return of Gymkhana arenas, and winding Land Rush circuits.

What’s more, you can build your dream racing episode in the ‘Playground Arena Creator’ mode and take the fun online.

2. FIFA 24


If you didn’t know, FIFA is the most renowned sports video game franchise globally. FIFA was introduced a couple of decades ago when athletes had boxy heads; it didn’t feel as real as it does today.

Over the years, FIFA has sold more than 350 million copies, and this year EA has introduced the latest jewel in their collection. FIFA 2024 brings a host of new features and visual overhauls.

Of course, FIFA 2024 is supported on new-gen gaming platforms such as PS5. In addition, it offers several interesting features such as Career Mode, enhanced gameplay and physics, Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Volta, and so much more.

3. Madden NFL 24

Madden NFL 22

This is an American football game, and EA (Electronic Arts) thought it wise to call it Madden NFL to avoid confusion.

Many people are shocked that this franchise has existed since 1990. It’s by far the most renowned gaming franchise in the United States.

Over the years, this game has sold over 130 million copies, and for a good reason.

For starters, American Football has plenty of physical contact, and it’s harder to recreate in a game; this is why this game has few to no competitors.

Madden NFL 2024 comes with some of the best-looking graphics you’ll see in a sports game and some impressive updates in its features.

For instance, they integrated a ‘Franchise Mode, which is fun to use, as well as ‘The Yard’; truly, this is an impressive game you’ll enjoy on PS5.

4. NBA 2K24

Best PS5 Sports Games

Best PS5 Sports Games – NBA 2K22

If you’re a basketball fan, NBA 2K24 is the perfect game for you. And with nearly 100 million copies sold, NBA 2K24 is the best-selling basketball game in history.

However, unlike most titles, the 2K franchise doesn’t have exclusive rights from the NBA, so other basketball titles exist.

However, that doesn’t impact their 2K’s player base; it’s the best and most realistic simulation of basketball that you can get. What’s more, you can play with various power forwards.

Presently, 2K24’s biggest competitor is NBA Life, although it’s lagging when it comes to in-game features, graphics, and the general feel of the game.

2K24’s latest version was released not long ago, and they introduced several updates to their most-used game modes like MyCareer mode, MyTeam, and WNBA, among others.

5. UFC 4

Best PS5 Sports Games

Best PS5 Sports Games – UFC 4

With over 3 million copies sold, this is the fastest-progressing game on this list. Over the years, the UFC franchise has become one of the fastest-growing games. It grew from a few million, and now this franchise has 1.1 billion fans in 163 countries.

Of course, such a massive sport deserves the attention of the best game developers; luckily, EA is here to save the day.

With some impressive lifelike movement and physics, you can compete in the octagon as you try to stay alive.

UFC 4 has new cutting-edge mechanics, impressive graphics, an overhauled clinch system, and updated takedowns; you can see an athlete’s sweat.

This game doesn’t have an official PS5 version, but since this console is backward compatible, you can use the PS4 disk.

Final Thought

PS5 has a host of sports games, some of which we have illustrated above.

More games are likely to debut in the coming days, including refreshes of the games we’ve discussed in this review. So make sure you watch this space to find out more.

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