Sony ps5 Release Date Features and Price


Sony ps5 Release Date Features and Price

Amidst the entire buzz around Sony’s next-gen gaming console PS5, the gaming giant has recently revealed that the PS5 will be highly efficient on energy.

This rightly came from Jim Ryan, CEO, and President of Sony, who was quoted saying the above mentioned in one of his online blogs.”

The PS5 will be coming along with a gaming suspension feature which consumes less energy than its predecessor, PS4.” he said.

There hasn’t been any official name yet for the next-gen gaming console from Sony but the PS5 is certainly on its way with some bigger, better and cooler gaming features for millions of its fans.

PS5 Release Date

Sony has not created any exclusive official launch window for PlayStation5. No one has any idea when the new PS5 will arrive.

It can come just next month or next year. We have reports which confirm that the officials from Sony gave some strong hints in April, that the PS5 is not about to be launched any short of twelve months.

Hence, we can certainly say that the next-gen gaming console is possibly arriving anytime by April month of 2020.

After the release of the E3, Sony has not disclosed anything about any development of the new PS5. This makes it harder to assume any release date. But, many are expecting that the Sony PS5 would be released in 2020.

The hardware features specifications of PS5

Sony hasn’t yet disclosed any details about the ps5 but there have been certain leaks about its possible design on board.

The leaks have shown that Sony hasn’t made any big changes with its design, buttons or shape but anything could be possible before its rumored launch next year.

It has also been said that the ps5 will be based on the technologies of AMD. The eight-core processor of the new PS5 will be powered by the third-generation Ryzen processors of AMD and the advanced 7 nm Zen 2 architecture of the AMD.

Whereas, the GPU of the PS5 is rumored to be of a design custom made from the Navi line graphics cards of the company.

The GPU is rumored to support real-time ray tracing, a completely marvelous rendering technique from the competitor of the AMD, Nvidia in the year 2018.

But, it is yet to be confirmed by Sony whether the GPU of the new PS5 will have the ray tracing features which are entirely hardware-based.

Sony is currently swearing on the fact that the latest gaming console will be supporting the resolutions up to 8K and the rate of the frame is promised to be 120 Hz.

On the other hand, the PS5 will consist of a custom-made chip for 3D audio, which will let the PS5 provide an immersive sound, that creates a complete gaming mood with the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

It will give a visual treat for the gamers who are entirely disc-based. The surprising part is the PS5’s most significant upgrade over the gaming consoles of this generation is a solid-state drive rather than the traditional hard drive, designed just for gaming.

This will significantly decrease the load times and encourage the game developers to create more extensive and more complicated games.

Will PS4 games be compatible with PS5?

Yes, you can rest assured of the fact that you do not have to throw away the PS4 games that you own. This is major because PS5 is based more on the technologies of PS4.

You can leave a sigh now; your PS4 games are not going to be obsolete. But, there is no official news released on the backward compatibility of PS5 with PS4 games. Nor did they say a word of what part of the library will be compatible with PS5.

Will Cloud Gaming be supported on PS5?

This section has unconfirmed rumors. Sony has not confirmed anything about the compatibility of PS5 with Cloud Gaming.

The lead system architect for both the gaming consoles PS4 and the upcoming PS5 revealed the first information about the PS5, he never really indulged in any conversation about whether the PS5 will be supporting Cloud Gaming.

How much will be the cost of the PS5?

You will notice that any hardware maker, generally avoids giving out any pricing detail unless it is too close to the release date of the game.

So, if the new console is to be released in 2020, it is better not to expect from Sony that the price will be announced any time soon than next year. Any pricing that any website gives out or calculates will be just speculations and a rough estimate.

The officials of Sony are still busy figuring the pricing of the hardware. It can be said that the hardware and the components will be the main factors behind the price of the upcoming console.

Sony launched the PS4, last time at $399, which was a cheaper deal than any other console available in the market. But the PS3 was launched at the cost of $499 with lesser features and technologies.

The competitor of the Sony PlayStation has already started its new console, but it is still hard to guess the price of the new console Sony.

The games to be launched with PS5

Well, Sony, along with its third-party publishers, has been tight-lipped on what games are under development and to be released with the PS5. But, it’s not hard to guess some game titles like the Death Stranding from the house of Kojima Production are rumored and expected to be launched with the PS5.

If you take into consideration the sizable internal studios of Sony, it is unfortunate that tech gurus have confirmed only some names that are in development from the PS4 projects such as, The Last Part 2 from Naughty Dog and Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions.

Well, it is needless to say that every gamer across the world is eyeing for the new PS5. It is sure to surprise its fans.

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