How Much Canon AE-1 Worth?

How much is Canon Camera AE-1 worth?

How much is canon camera ae-1 worth? Let’s review Canon AE with its one-thirty-five metric linear unit single-lens. Here is the review on Canon ae-1 worth.

The Canon ae-1 was a groundbreaking and revolutionary SLR camera. Since its presence, the ae-1 contributed to Canon’s reputation whole far more than any other Canon camera.

What is so special about Canon ae-1 and why do its worth and value never get old?

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The Canon AE-1 may be a thirty-five metric linear unit single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera. This camera is to be used with interchangeable lenses. it had been created by Canon Camera K. K. (knowns as Canon Incorporated today) in Japan in 1976.

Canon AE-1 Features

Canon ae-1 has AN magnet horizontal and electronically controlled artifact focal plane shutter with a speed vary of two to 1/1000 second.

And flash X-sync and Bulb of 1/60th second. The camera’s height is 87mm, dimension is 14mm, depth is forty-eight metric linear units, and weight is 590 g.

Most of the parts of the camera are black with chrome trim, however, some are all black.

how much canon ae 1 worth

how much is Canon ae-1 worth

The AE-1 may be a legendary SLR as a result it has been the primary microprocessor-equipped SLR and conjointly, as a result, it had been the most effective marketer of its time.

Because of a significant effort, the AE-1 was sold-out over a meg unit. Its huge sale volume created it AN unexampled success within the SLR camera market.

The camera includes a Canon FD breech-lock lens mount that accepts any FD or New FD (FDn) lens.

Even if adapters created by freelance makers will be found, it’s not compatible with Canon’s later Canon EF lens mount. In 1971, Canon introduced the first FD lenses.

However, they failed to rotate within the mounting method. Instead, it had been done by turning a lockup ring at the bottom to connect the lens, which was slower than the bayonet mounts of the rivals’ cameras.

On the opposite facet, the counterargument assured that because the lens failed to rotate, the crucial distance from the lens to the film plane wouldn’t be tormented by the damage.

In 1979, the New FD series of lenses were introduced. They revolved the entire outer lens barrel to lock. because the inner lens barrel remained stationary, the pins and signal levers still failed to rotate.

During the late Nineteen Seventies, there have been over fifty Canon FD lenses offered for sale.

They ranged from an optical lens FD fifteen metric linear unit f/2.8 SSC to an FD 800 metric linear unit f/5.6 SSC, and special purpose lenses sort of a 7.5mm circular optical lens, and a 35mm Tilt & Shift lens.

Canon AE-1 Review

The AE-1 stands for automotive vehicle Exposure One, is one of the foremost widespread cameras for those learning the fundamentals of photography.

Even if the advancement of camera technology has affected folks off from this camera to abstruse cameras, operating with the Canon AE-1 offers you the homesick feeling of returning to your childhood town.


how much is Canon ae-1 worth – Canon ae-1 price

The truly great thing about this camera is its simplicity which disguises the innovative inner operation of its style. It includes a compact and lightweight profile with classic colors.

Controls on the highest panel are simply accessible, as well as the shutter-speed dial and also the bulb.

The ASA choice dial is adjusted by a propulsion-informed shutter speed dial, which permits metering for film speeds between five and 3200.

The mechanism lever is fitted with the customary rubberized tip, the battery indicator button, and the swinging self-timer lever at the side of the shutter-release button.

The battery compartment is additionally one of the differentiation and process parts of the AE-1.

For the user, this camera may be high-end practicality and flexibility at the side of a reasonable tag. The AE-1 permits the approach for future electronic cameras while remaining its positions and distinctive options.

Canon ae-1 price scale – what proportion will a Canon ae-1 be worth?

How much is the cheapest Canon camera? Research on eBay can get you completed listings with final merchandising costs.

A typical AE-1 with a 50mm lens is often worth $40 to $65. betting on the extra lenses that are enclosed, there will be up to an extra $50 for every lens.

If you have AN exotic lens, the value will increase slightly bit additional.

One of the issues is that the previous Canon FD mount lenses don’t mount onto fashionable Canon optical device SLRs (both digital and film).

So, the lenses are solely helpful on previous and ancient Canon cameras.

At the time it had been introduced, the Canon AE-1 was undoubtedly a superb performing artist and one of the bestsellers.

However, now, it’s over three decades later, lots of these previous cameras have problems with unhealthy light-weight seals, plant life in lenses, stuck shutters, etc. This situation makes getting a used Canon AE-1 somewhat riskier unless the camera has been recently repaired.

It might conjointly facilitate if you tested the camera by running a roll of film through it to choose however well or if it still works properly.

2 different factors job against obtaining a decent price of cash from a Canon AE-1. Firstly, the general public has switched to digital.

Secondly, there are lots of fine-used film SLRs and lots of used AE-1s out there within the camera market. Thus, it’s not a very collectible camera.

Otherwise, it would be safe to estimate the worth of the AE-1 body, presuming on good condition at concerning $50 to $75.

Listings that simply closed nowadays on eBay were for $49, $33.32, $61.03 (with lens), $41.00 (with flash and lens), $145 (with zoom lenses), etc.

However, why anyone would pay $150 on Craigslist still seems to be mysterious in my opinion, whereas you can purchase three of them on eBay for identical value.


To put it in an exceeding shell, the Canon AE-1 was a decent camera in its time, however, it’s not valued that lot any longer.

Yet, it should still value quite a bit additional to you. If you’ll get smart photos out of it, the camera can be invaluable.

The Canon AE-1 had a long-lived bequest within the camera business, as makers introduced progressively advanced electronic focusing and metering systems. curiously enough, folks still notice themselves shooting in manual mode.

It’s not concerning the particular results you’ll get by doing with such a lens; it’s the expertise and rewards gained by operating with a camera of such a legendary standing.

I hope that with this post, you’ll perceive what proportion will a Canon AE Camera worth!

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