Best Cellular Trail Camera – Spypoint Link-S

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Best Cellular Trail Camera – Spypoint Link S

Best Cellular Trail Camera – Spypoint Link S is an easy-to-use and long-lasting cellular path camera.

This user-friendly portable camera automatically detects movement and captures the object in its path. The trigger mechanism of the device captures a picture based on the motion of an object or with the help of heat detectors.

Spypoint Link S operates on a cellular network allowing the user to retrieve the images using the Spypoint app. The user can also access the photos by visiting the company website

For maximum utilization of the camera, the user must have at least three bars of cellular reception to access the photos. The user must have at least three bars of cellular reception to access the photos.

Best Cellular Trail Camera – What is it?

A cellular trail camera is a device that is used by a photographer in areas where the physical presence of a photographer is not possible.

These areas include tight spaces, areas with limited access, or another angle so that the photographer can simultaneously take pictures from another angle.

Best Cellular Trail Camera – An Overview

While there are several trail cameras available online but Spypoint Link S is a top-rated trail camera with the best features in the market.

Two reasons making this camera better than the others are – the onboard solar charging system and HIT flash system.

The camera has integrated solar charging and an onboard lithium battery making it easier for the camera to stay powered for months.

Photo transmission technology reduces the frequent visits to the camera for checking photos or replacing batteries. This ease of access helps in saving time, money, and keeps your scent away from the woods.

Best Cellular Trail Camera – Power Specifications

This camera operates using 8 AA batteries. However, the Spypoint officials recommend lithium-ion batteries instead of alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

Li-ion batteries are suggested as the latter does not maintain stable and high voltage power to the camera.

If the camera is taking 15 pictures day and night each, the camera would be operational for 5 months. The memory and power source for the camera are:

External Power: DC 12V input

Power: 8 AA batteries, rechargeable lithium battery pack

Memory Card: SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB

Best Cellular Trail Camera – Camera Specifications

Along with the integrated battery, the fast trigger speed and a hybrid flash system allow the camera to take more photos with less disturbance to the game.

The camera is equipped with a 12 MP camera operating at a shutter speed of 0.07 seconds allowing 6 pictures per detection.

The hybrid flash system in the camera allows the user to customize the flash according to their needs from invisible no-glow to blur reduction.

The faster trigger speed allows the camera to wake up quickly and capture the maximum game in the surroundings.

Photo Resolution: 12 Megapixels

Flash Type: Red Glow IR

The daytime photos from the camera possess bright color and decent clarity allowing maximum exposure in the pictures.

However, the quality of nighttime photos may vary depending on the IR mode in which the camera is used. The trail camera has three modes with which we can control the night image quality. These are:

  1. IR Boost: Flash range is maximized but more blurry images and whiteout on close animals
  2. Blur Reduction: Less flash range but the quality of images of moving animals increases
  3. Optimal: This mode is a compromise between the two modes above

The images that are sent to the application are highly compressed and the full-resolution pictures are available on the external SD/SDHC card.

Spypoint Link S camera also comes with a 2” display that allows the user to check the pictures in the camera.

Best Cellular Trail Camera – Physical Aspects

The 42 LEDs paired up with the 12MP camera allow a flash range of 80 feet (24 m). The camera also comes with a time-lapse mode and continuous mode.

The quality of the photo changes depending on the time of the day, and it is colored during the day and infrared at night.

The new Spypoint Link – S is comparable to the previous models but it has received several noticeable enhancements.

The latch has been buffed up as compared to the older models and now comes as a one-piece construction. The battery department comes with an eject button that opens the cover easily.

Spypoint Link- S has a python bracket on the back and a ¼” x 20 threaded slot at the bottom for a slate river mount. The body of the camera looks solid; however, the antenna is slightly on the flimsy side.

Motion Sensor: 1 sensor covering 5 zones detection

Dimensions: 3.8” W x 6.9” H x 3.9” D (9.6 cm L x 17.5 cm H x 9.9 cm P)

Distance Detection Sensor: Up to 100 ft (30m)

Best Cellular Trail Camera – How to Setup?

User has the option of operating the settings from the camera and the Spypoint app on their smartphone. Earlier the trail cameras were confusing to operate, but now even an average Joe can set up the camera.

On receiving the camera, the user must switch on the camera and download the app on their phone. The user is then asked to connect the camera to the phone and make an account on the app to gain access to the camera.

A user then gains the access to camera settings, battery status updates, cell reception, and access to the SD card to check the images.

Within the settings, the user can specify the time and days on which they want the camera to be operational.

The camera does not have the feature of sending photos on command, and the GPS is not a live tracker. The app is very easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Best Cellular Trail Camera – Data Plans

The first month after the purchase gives you unlimited photos for free, but after that, you have to choose a plan from the app.

The free data plan offers 100 pictures a month for free, year-round. Other plans offered by the company are:

Monthly PlansFreeBasicStandardPremium
Photos Per Month1002501000Unlimited
Month to MonthFree$5 per month$10 per month$15 per month
Annual SubscriptionFree$4 per month$7 per month$10 per month

Spypoint Link-S Conclusion

With features like high shutter speed and a long-lasting battery, Spypoint Link-S has received a good rating from many of its users.

Keeping in mind the features it offers as compared to the competitor cellular trail cameras, it can be a good purchase.

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