Canon EOS M5 Review and Price

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Canon EOS M5 Review

Best mirrorless camera by Canon to date

With the introduction of the EOS M5, Canon has just taken a step ahead by offering a mirror-less model, which is expected to give big competition to its entry-level DSLRs and other interchangeable-lens competitors.

The camera is loaded with all the specs and features, which are more than enough to surpass the rivals like EOS Rebel T6s/760D, almost at the same price.

It seems like an implicit acknowledgment that even when the entry-level DSLRs are still in demand, with a price range of less than $600, Canon is still adamant about making it into the next price tier.

The package will involve the body and kit with the EF-M 15-45mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM lens.


  • 24 MP amazing resolution
  • Swift autofocus
  • 8.2fps continuous shooting
  • Tilted touchscreen LCD
  • Built-in flash
  • Sharp EVF
  • Compatibility with all Canon accessories
  • WIFI enabled


  • Video quality is limited to only 1080p
  • No weather sealing
  • Autofocus falters in dim light

Our verdict on Canon m5 wifi

The Canon EOS M5 DSLR is undoubtedly the best mirrorless camera made by Canon to date. However, it still makes you feel the absence of certain features that are available in other cameras at the same price range, like the Sony A6300 (best-priced at

The Sony A6300 gives it a stern competitor with faster continuous shooting with a stylish autofocus system, the ability to shoot 4K video, much better battery life, a solid body, and support to a larger set of lenses without needing an adapter.

Still, the Canon EOS M5 scores a victory over Sony’s A6300 camera with its hybrid optical stabilization system, with the latter sticking to its optical-only system for that camera.

canon eos m5 review and price

canon eos m5 review and price

Design and controls of Canon m5 Wifi

Canon EOS M5 Sensor

Quite often, Canon has received several complaints about its previous mirrorless models (like the M3) regarding their sluggish performance.

Canon has brought the Dual Pixel CMOS into the M5, similar to 80D, which is primarily expected to deliver a faster autofocus speed and tracking performance than the existing hybrid CMOS in the M3 and T6s/760D.

The Camera also comes loaded with M5’s competitive continuous-shooting rating, 7 fps, further facilitated by autofocus and auto-exposure features. Moreover, Canon has claimed its image quality is undoubtedly on par with the 80D. The sensor of Canon m5 is 22.30mm in width and 14.90mm in height.

Canon EOS M5 Design

canon eos m5 review and price

canon eos m5 review and price

Even though Canon EOS M5 isn’t a DSLR, its design and appearance would undoubtedly give you the feel of a perfect DSLR. It is also the first mirrorless camera by Canon, which comes with an in-built electronic viewfinder and natural grip.

Moreover, the touch screen display can tilt down easily to let you take all those selfies easily.

Canon EOS M5 Review – Features

Canon has followed Olympus’ traditional and unique capability of utilizing the back LCD as a touchpad once you use the viewfinder to select autofocus areas.

It has followed Nikon’s strategy to incorporate Bluetooth to maintain a continuous low-energy connection between the camera and your phone, which will eventually wake the Wi-Fi for a faster remote shooting and file transfer process.

Sensor: 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C)

ISO Range: 100-25600

Focus: Dual-pixel CMOS AF

Continuous shooting: 7.0 fps

Processor: DIGIC 7

Canon EOS M5 Review for Image Stabilization

While introducing the Canon EOS M5, Canon joined the entire mirrorless manufacturers offering a hybrid (optical plus sensor-shift) stabilization feature with a 5-axis compensation.

Canon EOS M5 Review for Autofocus

Let’s suppose we have to talk about one of the biggest highlights of Canon EOS M5. In that case, it has to be its latest image sensor, which perfectly supports Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology compared to the outdated Hybrid CMOS AF III system.

The cutting-edge Dual Pixel CMOS AF facilitates a swift and smooth phase-detection autofocus of around 80% of the image area.

Also, Canon has stated that the M5 will deliver the fastest autofocus performance of any EOS M-series camera.

The system comes with a working range of EV -1 TO 18. There’s also an in-built LED autofocus assist lamp to support all low-light shots.

Canon EOS M5 Review for Viewfinder

The Electronic Viewfinder is the latest addition to the Canon EOS M5 Wi-Fi, and all the earlier models in the M series were only supported by a clumsy electronic Viewfinder accessory.

The viewfinder in the M5 is built and based on a 0.39-inch OLED panel with an approximate resolution of 2,360,000 dots. The feature allows the user a depth–of–field preview function and three on-demand grid overlays to assist with accurate framing.

Canon EOS M5 Review for Performance

We can indeed say that Canon EOS M5 wifi delivers on the performance part and came up with some significant improvements compared to Canon’s previous offerings in the M series.

Canon has further rated the startup time of Canon EOS M5 as one second and quoted it as 66 % faster than its predecessors. Moreover, the difference is quite visible in burst shooting performance.

While the M3 was limited to 4.2 frames per second (with focus and exposure locked for the first frame), Canon EOS M5 can deliver 7 per second per capture with autofocus enabled between the frames. Additionally, the numbers surge to 9 frames per second when you lock the autofocus and auto exposure for the first frame.

Canon EOS M5 Review for Video Capture

Even though the Canon EOS M5 lacks the 4k capture, it can shoot high-definition movies at up to 60 frames per second with 1920×1080 pixel resolution.

Quite interestingly, the camera has developed a new combination of IS modes for movie capture, including the latest lens-based optical stabilization and five-axis digital image stabilization.

Surprisingly, even if your lens is incapable of optical stabilization, the EOS M5 can still tackle the shakes with its five-axis digital stabilization.

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