How To Use Canon Flexizone-Multi Autofocusing On Canon EOS 80D?

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Canon EOS 80D Autofocus

The Canon Flexi zone- multi Auto is a setting on your camera. The focus is indicated by framing marks, and you can quickly figure out the framing and focus points. There are so many configurations on your Canon EOS 80D camera. If you get the below steps right you will be able get correct focal point using canon flexizone feature. The important thing is that no matter what the object you are focusing, the focus on the central point remains the same.

How To Use Flexizone – Multi Autofocusing On Canon EOS 80D Flip Screen Camera? 

Step 1: You must decide what object or area/thing you want to focus upon. Once this has been decided, move the autofocus frame over the object you plan on clicking the photo. You can do this, two ways of moving the frame to that location. The first way is to use the Multi-Controller and direct the autofocus frame to the desired object. The second way, which might be a lot easier, is touching the object on your screen you want to focus on. The Auto Focus Frame will instantly move to that location.

Step 2: Now, you will be on the desired object; you need to stay there. This is a more crucial question, after all, given that you are using this Auto Focus to remain on the object or the picture no matter how the rest of your shot changes. There are again two ways of doing this. The first way is to hold the shutter button down halfway. When you do this, the focus will get locked, and no matter how you move the canon eos 80d camera, as long as the object in question is in the frame, it will stay in focus.

Step 3: The next way of doing this is by clicking on the Auto Focus (AF) on Button. Then, opens a menu wherein, you must click on the lock focus option, and the frame will stay over the object of interest. In either way, the result is that you will get photos which are in focus, specifically on purpose you desire. This gives you the freedom to move around your shot further allowing you to get as creative as possible, without having to adjust your focus every time. This is even more useful when you are recording or vlogging.

Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Operation with Canon Flexizone

  • The camera for many reasons will sometimes not be able to focus on the object you want to focus on. In those instances, the frame will turn red, indicating that the camera is not able to focus on the purpose. Then you could try to adjust the lighting or the exposure to help the camera focus on the object.
  • This is a rather useful feature if you want to experiment with angles and shots of the same object, without having to refocus every time. It will save you time and energy. To make using it even more comfortable, here is a tip:
  • If you want to change to shop you have focused upon, but do not want or click multiple times to get to that point, you can click the set button or the trash can (Erase) button. That’ll take the focus back to the center of the screen.

It remains focused on the focal point. A photograph or picture must have a focal point. It is a lot of work to refocus of your photo every time you try to change the surroundings. The solution to this is called the Canon FlexiZone. Single Autofocus, and it is available on your Canon flip screen DSLR.

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