Night Owl Security Cameras Review and Specs

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Night Owl Security Cameras

Night Owl security cameras have been one of the most popular brands of security cameras in the market.

Their wide range of services and cost-effective options have won many hearts. Here is why night owl security cameras are so popular in the market.


Night Owl is a great brand, and it has been around for a long time. It has customers from all over the world who have trusted their systems and love them.

They are very reliable and easy to install and use, so people prefer them over other brands.

Night Owl security systems offer several key benefits, including:


Night owl security cameras are known for their affordability. A night owl camera provides all the basic features that you need in your surveillance system with a wide range of models to choose from.

They also provide a variety of accessories to enhance the quality of your surveillance system. This makes it easy for everyone to choose a suitable model according to their needs and budget.

Ease of Use

Night Owl Security Cameras are a great security solution for businesses and homeowners alike.

Most of their models are equipped with the latest technology, which, to the untrained eye, can appear complicated.

However, they’re pretty easy to set up and use.

The user interface of night owl security cameras is very simple and easy to use.

The installation process is also quick and effortless and does not require any professional help or technical knowledge to set up your surveillance system.

Remote Accessibility

You can connect Night Owl security camera systems to your TV directly using the included HDMI cable or your VGA port.

This gives you a live view of what’s happening at your home or business even when you’re not there.

You can take advantage of remote access using your smartphone, tablet or laptop to keep tabs on your property when you’re not at home.

Affordable Equipment

Night Owl sells its cameras for about half the price charged by many other brands. The company’s DVRs are particularly inexpensive — they cost as little as $150.

A four-channel system usually costs a few hundred dollars, which is much less than what you’d pay for comparable systems from most other manufacturers.

Night Owl also sells wired and wireless cameras individually, so you can expand an existing system without buying a completely new set of equipment.

Free Mobile App

Many manufacturers charge fees for remote viewing apps that allow you to check on your home from anywhere.

Night Owl’s app is free and doesn’t require any subscriptions, so you can use it on as many devices as you like at no additional cost.

The app also supports push notifications, so you’ll receive alerts if the system detects motion or sound at your home when it isn’t supposed to be occupied.


Night Owl has one of the widest selections of security cameras available.

They offer an 8-channel indoor/outdoor system with five 800TVL cameras, and they also have more advanced systems with up to 16 channels and 1080p high-definition cameras.

In addition to their standard bullet and dome cameras, Night Owl also offers night vision cams with built-in microphones and Wi-Fi capabilities.


While there are plenty of pros to using Night Owl cameras, there are some cons.

Quite Costly

The biggest downside is that these surveillance systems can be expensive, especially if you need multiple cameras for your property or home office space.

The price tag may seem daunting at first glance but consider what other companies charge for similar equipment: Night Owl offers some of the best prices around!

Low-quality Footage

One of the most important things to remember when looking at different night vision cameras is that they will only produce as high-quality footage as the amount of light they receive.

In other words, no matter how many megapixels or lenses a camera has, if there isn’t enough light on an image, it won’t be able to provide the high-quality images you expect.

Bottom Line

The Night Owl security camera system is an 8-channel real-time recording system that you can view remotely, providing access to the Internet.

The cameras are all weatherproof and include night vision up to 100 feet away. They also have a built-in microphone so you can hear and see what’s going on.

No matter what kind of Night Owl surveillance system you choose, you’ll be able to see and hear everything that’s going on around your property with crystal-clear clarity.

You can even add an audio component to some cameras so you can communicate through your security system when necessary.

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